30 Days of Kink: Day 2

List your kinks.

Really? That’s Day 2? Can’t people just go check out my profiles or something?

Is there a checklist?


All right, then. Here we go. I can’t list all of my kinks, as it would take ages, but I can give the top ten:

#10: Face-fuckingI don’t particularly enjoy giving blowjobs. I don’t like the taste of splooge. And yes, I’m calling it splooge. Sorry, guys. Eck. It is slimy and I’m a texture person. Also, one of my ex-boyfriends ate asparagus for lunch once before I gave him head… kind of turned me off to the idea of eating cum.

But, holy fucking shit, being on my knees, backed against a wall, a hand wrapped in my hair and a cock using my throat? Yes, please.

#9: Anal play. This barely made the list. I don’t actually like things being in my butt. But (but!), that’s the thing: not liking something makes doing it more intimate. It makes the act of submitting quite real. And, the anus is a very secret body part. It is not meant for sex, or sex play… So, having a dominant man or woman slip their finger into my butt, or force me to wear a butt plug, or even–eek!–fuck me there… it makes me feel all submissive and tingly and happy. It scares me, but in a good way.

#8: Face slapping. This is one of the most personal things a dominant can do to me. And, it’s actually on my soft limit list for any dominant who I haven’t played with before. Having my face slapped gets my attention, pronto. A few days ago, I was freaking out about a package I was waiting for and was seriously hyper and driving Nate crazy. He grabbed me, held my ponytail firmly, smacked my face, and said, “Relax yourself.”

I stopped freaking out,  immediately. I also hinted that I could use a nice fuck, and was happily rewarded. :)

#7: Humiliation.  There is a huge, very important difference between erotic and non-erotic humiliation. I hate non-erotic humiliation. I cannot get enough of erotic humiliation.

A dominant once made the mistake of telling me to take my shirt off in front of his non-kinky friends. I did, because I’m obedient. But it made his friends uncomfortable, and it just wasn’t sexy to me. They weren’t enjoying my nakedness, and therefore I couldn’t enjoy the humiliation.

That said, when Nate humiliates me in front of our kinky friends, it’s a fantastic feeling. And when it’s just the two of us and he humiliates me in his own sneaky ways, it’s the best. Yum.

#6: Bondage. Tie me up, please. Tie me up and beat me. Tie me up and use me. Tie me up, sit me in front of a TV, and leave me alone. I don’t fucking care what you do after I have rope around my wrists.

#5: Pain. I’m a painslut. With the right dominant sadist, I can take a considerable amount of pain. One guy actually stopped hitting me because I wasn’t even feeling the pain anymore and he was worried he would hurt me. For those who have read Social Service, I’m a little bit like Ingrid– though I’ve never orgasmed from a beating.

#4: Spankings! My gateway drug into the world of BDSM. Like the rope of numero seis, I’ll take a spanking in just about any form you could imagine delivering. Belts, paddles, hands, floggers, canes, you name it. I love it. Spank my ass, my thighs, my breasts. Spank my pussy–but not too hard! A good spanking can be better than sex.

So, spanking is actually #3.5, and ties with the following…

#3: Sex as a submissive. Sex that isn’t for my pleasure but that I get so much pleasure from. When Nate wakes me up at three in the morning because he’s hard and wants to fuck me… and there’s no way I can say no… a-hem. I’ll just leave it at that.

#2: Discipline. This is one area where Nate and I don’t fit, which is sad, because it’s number 2. Luckily we have friends, and Nate doesn’t mind sharing me. :) I love being spanked and oh my god I love being punished for a reason. It’s an emotional thing for me; an ability to let go of any wrong-doings. Or, even if there aren’t wrong-doings involved, the ‘discipline’ aspect just does something for me. Being sent to the corner in between sets of spanks, writing lines, making up for a poorly done chore. Etc, etc. Maybe it’s because it makes me feel a little bit like a little girl, and I kind of like that. Who knows. I don’t like to dwell on my kinks too much.

#1: Hugs. OK, so this isn’t a kink, per se. But it is my favorite thing to do and I love hugs. I love hugs more than I love sex. I love it when Nate holds me while I go to sleep. I crave snuggles because it makes me feel cared for, and all wrapped up in a human blanket of love.

Well, this has been… revealing.

Onward? 30 Days of Kink Parts 3 and 4



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10 responses to “30 Days of Kink: Day 2

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  2. Butterfly

    a very hot read. Thanks!!

  3. Revealing is right! You’re just a happy little pain and abuse freak, aren’t you? Awesome.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. . good topic
    How do you feel about spitting.? . ie face or into mouth? I do not like it, but I am fine using spit as lube

    It is still pretty difficult for me to taste and swallow cum. . I find the texture really difficult to bear and I do not like the taste of it.

    I do not do well with any form of disgrace or humiliation. . I shut down

    • Serafina:

      Being spit on is kind of like the face slapping, but a little more personal. In my mouth–I can barely handle it, but take it when Nate doles it out. :) Ech.
      For lube, I couldn’t care less. I prefer it to nothing.

      I think it’s OK to shut down a little with humiliation… the thing is, there are varying degrees of humiliation. Maybe if you are in the right mental space, you’ll be able to accept a little bit of humiliation. And maybe not. It certainly isn’t for everyone…

      I’ll be discussing more about humiliation as I go through these thirty days. I hope you can read them, and if I remember, I’ll try to email you the posts that are specific w/ humiliation experiences (there have been a few for me that kind of ‘sealed the deal’ and let me know I’m, indeed, into it.).

  5. Carol from New Zealand

    brave girl, thanks for sharing these with us.

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