The Recipes Test Post


I just wrote a very long blog post. Not a very nice one.


I want to curl up with my dead dog, except I want her to not be dead. She was a sneaky smarty. She followed me everywhere and got unreasonably upset during thunderstorms and had a way of leaning against me so that I’d lose my balance. So much sweet. Half-golden retriever, but you couldn’t really tell, except in sunlight you could see small flecks of gold in her otherwise jet-black coat.

I’m a soon to be member of two gyms, which is amusing since up until a few months ago I kinda thought gyms were icky. Now it is the only thing I do consistently! Hooray! I bike on the bike thing instead of real biking because real biking is fucking dangerous and I no longer own a bike. And I walk up the stairs over and over. And I lift heavy things up and put them back down.

Gymming makes me less horny. My body is too concerned about recovering to think about sex all the time. It’s a kinda nice change. I mean, I can still get horny. I’m just not always horny.

Searching for work is like the worst thing ever. Trying. Not. To. Panic.

I will tell you a secret: I’m writing this random post specifically to test a ifttt recipe. I really don’t have anything important to say.



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5 responses to “The Recipes Test Post

  1. Tom Miller


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  2. OK, I don’t know what your testing but I’m always a little behind. Owning a bike is dangerous!! I live in Holland and just got a new bike with the pedal breaks and OMG! I’ve almost killed myself and one of my kids twice and have embarrassed all of us on multiple occasion. I think that’s my special gift… :) I want to say hang in there but that’s a dumb thing to say. You’re not alone? Off to put the kids to bed. Hope you feel better.

    • IFTTT is a site that makes recipes for you and your online things…

      So, for example, when I publish a blog post, it’s automatically posted on facebook.

      I can set IFTTT up to do other useful things, too. Like putting any tweets I ‘favorite’ into a spreadsheet, or sending me the weather forecast in the morning. Worth checking out.

      Thanks for your comment, Natasha.

  3. I love IFTTT. I gotta catch up on your blog posts. Damn. But mainly I just wanted to say I never have anything “important” to say, either, but I still say it. Ha.

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