C’mon, Catholics…

I went to see my physician today for a bunch of reasons, one being a quick check-up on the IUD. I can’t see my old ob-gyn because of insurance changes, so I just needed the new doctor to do a quick check and make sure it’s all good.

He asked, “Is your IUD for preventing pregnancy or for painful periods?”

“Preventing pregnancy.”

“Yeah, I can’t help with that. This is a Catholic medical institution.”

I chose this doctor because he was one of the very few nearby options with decent reviews. That is, I had no idea he was affiliated with a Catholic situation. But this kind of shit is like, warning label level of stupid. As in, put a goddamn warning label next to the doctors who are required to abstain from women’s health.

He shrugged, said, “It’s not a reflection of my beliefs, per se. This is just the only clinic in Austin that has a residency program. Doctors have been fired over this.”


Pope Francis is helping the situation, which is great. This just infuriates me. Not for the minor inconvenience I’ll have–I just have to go to a different doctor, no biggie. But for the major fucking worldwide effects of this battle against birth control–the negative consequences of diseases (HIV, specifically), and the blindingly ridiculous stripping away of a woman’s right over her body.

Just so much stupid.

Hey, but here’s a cool new thing from the desk of Pope Francis, which is pretty unrelated but neat nonetheless.



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4 responses to “C’mon, Catholics…

  1. I love Papa Francis. He’s made me temporarily reconsider my falling out with the Catholic Church… except for that whole pesky thing where I find it impossible to believe in a single, omnipotent God. But Francis is making… leaps and bounds for the church.

    It is unfortunate, the state of our country though. I say our country, because if you check out the stats, the US is a lowballer in all things women’s health, worse than some “third world” countries even. Crazy, right?

    Sorry about the inconvenience. I do hope you find a place that is close and comes well reviewed but without religious bias!


  2. Since when did religious beliefs win over the sanctity of health care? Church and State people, Church and STATE! Care, don’t judge.

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