Happy Posts Only! Kitchen time.

I really don’t want to become a bitching blogger. Thanks, though, for those of you who responded to my last post. :) I read your comments and they were insightful but now, by the powers vested to me by the Dashboard of WordPress, they’re gone.

Happy things only! I promise! From now on! Until the next annoying thing happens…

Today I am making turkey breakfast sausage. I don’t have liquid smoke. I wish I did.

One thing I’ve struggled with recently is food, because it’s seriously obnoxious to make three meals a day. I do have time to do it. I just don’t want to. So I drink RawMeal, and I make foods that will last a few days, package them up into tupperwares, and hope I don’t get sick of it before it’s gone.

There’s a pot of chili in my fridge that’s over two months old. I’m afraid to look inside of it. I kinda want the pot back, but I’m tempted to chuck it in the dumpster. Must make smaller portions of the foods.

I also made, today, for the first time, Bulletproof Coffee. I bought grassfed butter (the cows are grass fed, not the butter) from the nearby co-op and MCT oil from the nearby fancy grocery store. I used regular coffee because whatever.

It was really good. Very yum. Supposedly the MCT oil gives our brains more energy. I feel energetic, but could be placebo, or my ten hours of sleep. More testing this week. It’s 200 calories instead of 5, but I drank it three hours ago and I’m still not hungry, so maybe that’s okay.

I don’t understand why I can’t just use grassfed cream. Because…how do we make butter?

This post has no relevance. I just wanted a nicer post on my front page.

Thanks to the volunteers for beta reading! Everyone who has signed up is good to go, and I’ll accept a few more…I have some final touch-ups before I send it out to folks. I think I need to cut some scenes that are fairly irrelevant, but they’re scenes that I love because I wrote them, so humph. Must butcher book.

Happy weekend.



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4 responses to “Happy Posts Only! Kitchen time.

  1. mikey2ct

    Many moons ago, as a studly ( so I thought ) single guy, I used to make a 7 or 88qt. batch of chili. I never had problems as it only lasted a week.

  2. LOL your chili pains are my chili pains. I had a pot of chili in the fridge for longer than that and I seriously considered throwing it all out, but the pot was do damn nice that I got some courage under me and cleaned it out. Let’s just say I almost didn’t make it.

    Cooking for one is hard sometimes.

    Happy Saturday. :]


    • hahha…i know. I think the next time i get tipsy, i’ll get brave and conquer the pot. i dunno if my nose and eyes can handle it in their normal states. :)

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