Pros And Cons Time

I might be moving, again. Chicago, this time.

I like my little abode here in Austin, though, and I like Austin generally. So, in order to sort it out, I will do pros and cons!

Pros of moving to Chicago:

  • Closer to actual friends. I know people in Chicago. I have friends from high school, college, even from my stint with AmeriCorps. Turns out people need friends. Something about the social animal syndrome…
    Instant friends! I have two friends in Austin and see them so rarely they are kinda like mythical creatures. Kind of a bummer.
  • Closer to family. A train ride to see my brother, a bus ride to see my parents. Zoom.
  • People are taller in the midwest. I will be less of a freak.
  • People are fatter in the midwest, making me look thinner by comparison. :) Vain!
  • Chicago has far better public transportation than Austin. I will be less annoyed by riding the el than I am by riding the packed busses with gross people who trim their nose hair in front of me.
  • Chicago has really nice summers. Sitting by the lake, enjoying the sunshine, etc.
  • Rent is cheaper, amazingly. I’m not sure why this is. Perhaps because Austin is steadily growing at a rapid rate, and Chicago has less of an influx.
  • Culturally, Chicago is pretty stellar. Good museums, good amount of diversity, etc etc.

Cons of moving to Chicago:

  • It’s fucking cold in Chicago. Like, really really cold. I moved away from the midwest eight years ago because I do not like being cold.
  • I’ll have to move all my shit. Again. I counted, the other day, and in the last 18 months I’ve moved seven times. That is a lot of times for a year and a half. The last time I moved, I figured it would be the last for a bit, so I actually bought things. Which just means I have more shit to move.
  • Chicago is dangerous. It’s a big ass city, and has it’s own big ass problems. I’ll feel less safe in Chicago than I did in Mexico City, which I find funny. Overall the danger factor isn’t that big of a con, which just means I’m grasping at straws…

So besides the shitty weather and the inconvenience…I really have no reason not to move.

Well, fuck.



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12 responses to “Pros And Cons Time

  1. Erin

    Pro: Chicago Bears!!!

  2. G.W.

    A bigger population base generally means you have access to more and better facilities, including medical services. Bigger cities also have better opportunities for finding jobs, but they do make you scurry all over them to find the jobs.

    … Although I do feel compelled to point out that living in a city with their large numbers of people and limed exits does decrease your chances in the zombie apocalypse, whenever it comes.

    Having moved seven times you’re now an expert mover and could even show George Clooney’s Ryan Bingham a thing or two (and if it makes you feel better I’m about to move half way around the planet, moving to a new country in two suitcases is proving a bit awkward. Any tips?).

    But at the end of the day Friends are the thing that make a place liveable. If you have friends there, then that is the place to be. What you are really looking for is not so much a new city but a job that has an excuse to move south for the winter each year :)

    • I don’t know who you are but you’ve always been great with tips and comments! You’re totally right…friends make a huge difference.

      As far as moving with two suitcases; I moved, after splitting with Nate, 3,000 miles with one suitcase. Pack outfits to last you a couple weeks, and your general ‘essentials’. This included, for me, a french press, a couple of books, and that’s about it. Figure out what you don’t use daily and ditch it. Figure out what you can buy cheaply, and don’t pack those things. If you have sentimental items, select a few that make you most happy, and ditch the rest. Moving is relatively easy, provided you don’t have much stuff. :)

      • G.W.

        I’m a fan of your books (Rock Creek in particular. More please :) btw). Sentimentals were the easy bit, either packed away safely in storage because they can’t come or stored in photo form on the hard drive, which is most defiantly coming with me. The hard part is outfits, moving from an Australian winter to a US (southern at that) summer means there is going to be one airport that I’m badly over or under dressed for. Fortunately it is the US and everything else is easy to replace once I get there.

      • I have a new Rock Creek book that I’m nurturing in my brain, I think about it all the time…hopefully I can shape up and write it!

        Outfits: Pack for two weeks, everything else you can buy or have shipped eventually. When I moved away from N, I left two giant suitcases of clothes…haven’t needed them since, though I do miss them and still want them back. :)

  3. catsongea

    You are moving there at a great time, just before summer! I grew up in Chicago and I love going back to visit family – in September – when it is not to hot and not too cold. This year I am coming back in August – hopefully it will be ok.
    I used to get around on bicycle when I lived near Belmont – north side of the city. As long as you stay out of ‘iffy’ neighbourhoods you would be ok. it was great cycling to work along the lake. Even it winter it wasn’t too bad(streets though because of the snow and ice)..
    G.W. is right though – anywhere is good if you have friends.

  4. mikey2ct

    I.’ve lived in cities and towns with limited transportation, it is no fun. Chicago is nice in this respect. I hope your med provider choices are better also.

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