Making The Plans, Changing The Things

Ticket is purchased. It’s one-way, which is terrifying. Off on a new adventure, or, in this case, anti-adventure…

When I moved to Austin I had two bags. My roommate picked me up, and when I loaded my stuff into her trunk she turned to me and said, “Seriously? That’s it?”

Now I have stuff, which sucks, because I thought I was making a home. :( I am sad about that. I’ll come back to get my shit at some point. Moving is so fucking inconvenient.

To make the moving happy, I have a list of things I will hopefully do before flying far far away:

  1. See one last movie at the Drafthouse.
  2. Spend a morning or afternoon downtownish. I never go there, now, but I did a lot when I first moved here. It’s a nice place.
  3. See the Capitol! I’ve heard it isn’t as great as my home-state-Capitol-of-awesome, but it’s a landmark and it’s close. Boom.
  4. Go back to some of my favorite writing places from back when I did that. :) I have…humm…I guess there are three places. I likely won’t get to all of them. But maybe one. Or two. Aim high!

Just FYI, May is masturbation month. Get on it.



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4 responses to “Making The Plans, Changing The Things

  1. Wendy

    Best of luck, Sadey. It will be a good thing to be nearer family.

    An article in The Guardian reports that masturbation is the key to a long life. I expect I will reach 100. ;)

  2. mikey2ct

    Sounds like a plan, Sadey. I’ve moved many times Several moves involved leaving things behind; once a lot uf things, including wedding pictures and other irreplaceable snaps.Would it be feasible to ship the items ahead to your new home? Maybe on the same bus you take?

  3. GW

    If a bucket list is for thing to do before you die, then is this list of things to do before moving a teacup list? Good luck with it :)

    (and thank you for the FYI at the end)

  4. Moving is tough on so many levels – even a fun move. It is terrifying in a way. When we moved to Holland, I bought this card I still have that says ‘Life is an Adventure’. It is still in my kitchen. Our last move was great. This one I’m split on but it is an adventure. Good luck Sadey.

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