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Ding Dong

The bitch is dead.

While death is not normally a cause for celebration, our planet is a smidgen less evil today, and that’s a good thing. And I don’t think any other person has done more for promoting the dangers of fundamentalism than Mr. Phelps, and for that, I’m thankful for his stupid, hate-filled life. Adios, asshole.

Another reason to celebrate is on a completely different topic: My copy of Twisted: Bondage With An Edge arrived in the mail! I love seeing my stories in print, and this is the first time I’ve been published by a major real-deal publishing company. Woot!




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Twisted: Bondage Erotica, Anyone?


A billion months ago, I wrote a little bondage story and sent it over to Ms. Alison Tyler–who is, as it happens, the editor of the very first book of erotic stories I read as I was starting to write smut. I love her stories, and love her compilations. She works a lot with Cleis Press, so if you’re in the mood for some kinky fiction, check out her stuff and Cleis Press in general.

My story was accepted for publication, and I just realized that the book actually got published–woot! Twisted is available for Kindle, and will be released in paperback in February.

The Sadey story is called ‘Justice’, and sets a scenario in which prisoners are sexually tortured by a mechanical robot, at the hands of paying voyeurs.

Because that’s how I roll.

The list of other contributors is here. A nice line-up, I’m happy to be part of it!




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Reading Smut On Road Trips

Had lunch with a good friend today.

She recently went skiing in Utah with a group of pals. On the way there, in a car with three other women, she read Bad Girl Good.

Out loud.

Passing the book amongst themselves, they all took turns reading.

Out loud.

So, this is freaking awesome. I know domestic discipline isn’t for everyone, BDSM isn’t for everyone, and erotica isn’t for everyone. I hesitated before sending her the book, because I know she’s a sexy lady, but she’s also very independent. I didn’t think she’d get offended, because she’s about as open-minded as they come, but I wasn’t a hundred-percent sure that she’d enjoy reading DD.

One of the women reading, my friend remarked, is very reserved. Yet still, when handed the book for her turn, she read it.

This friend of mine is one of my favorite people, because she is caring and empathetic and understanding and also hilarious.

“A guy came along too,” she said, “but he rode in a different car. I bet, though, if he imagined what the four of us were doing, he would’ve thought, ‘Oh, yeah, they’re probably reading erotica together.’”

(Or making out. Choose one!)

“When we got to Utah, we hadn’t quite finished yet, so we all went down to the hot tub and read more. I bet he would’ve imagined we were doing that there, too.”

“I’m totally gonna blog about this,” I said.

She told me that the four of them concluded, regarding the various sexy parts of the book, that not all things were for them, but they could see how some people would enjoy it. I think that’s pretty nice.

We also discussed Happily Ever Afters. I have a distaste for them, but I see the utility. :)

Here’s to living and letting live and reading erotica on road trips!



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And The Next Book Is…

Under His Roof #3.

I can say that with confidence because I’m finishing up the last chapter so I actually know I’m going to really truly finish it.

Erm, knock on wood. :) I’m 99% sure it will be my next release, though there may be a non-novella, non-novel release sooner. Under His Roof #3 will take a while to edit, so crossing fingers that goes smoothly.

Yay! I love how the story worked out. Mostly everything that happens was pre-planned, but a couple things happened that surprised even me.

I need a title. I have a few that I’m considering. It has to be within the same frame as the first two, ____ his ____. And, due to Amazon’s new restrictive policy on covers, titles, and descriptions, it can’t be dirty. That also has to do with common sense, although I think Sucking His Cock would sell well. Or Banging His Bones. 

Humping His Hard-on.

A-hem. I’d love to hear any great ideas…



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