Ding Dong

The bitch is dead.

While death is not normally a cause for celebration, our planet is a smidgen less evil today, and that’s a good thing. And I don’t think any other person has done more for promoting the dangers of fundamentalism than Mr. Phelps, and for that, I’m thankful for his stupid, hate-filled life. Adios, asshole.

Another reason to celebrate is on a completely different topic: My copy of Twisted: Bondage With An Edge arrived in the mail! I love seeing my stories in print, and this is the first time I’ve been published by a major real-deal publishing company. Woot!




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Texting Fail

My lovely mother sent me a skirt in the mail.

She asked me how it fit, so I took a selfie in my mirror to show her that it fits great. Because I’m nice like that.

Then I sent her the selfie.


…then I looked at the picture and realized there are GODDAMN SEX TOYS IN THE REFLECTION.

Fuck fuck fuck please don’t zoom in, Mom. And please, for the love of God, don’t know what a Hitachi is, because that shit is obviously laying on my floor behind me.




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My Map of Perversions

I’m not as kinky as I thought. Look at all the unchecked things! Gah!

I actually had to look up a good handful of the words. Teledildonics is exactly what it sounds like. Sitophilia - sexual arousal from food. No, thank you, that sounds messy.

Then there’s frotteurism - which is where you rub your junk against a non-consenting stranger for sexual gratification. Lovely.

Dacrylagnia - arousal from seeing tears in your partner’s (or a stranger’s) eyes. This one actually makes sense because there’s the nurturing aspect of sex, yadda yadda.

Going through all the fetishes I have has made me horny. Sigh. Yesterday I came over ten times on webcam. This may not be the best job for a hypersexual person. Or maybe it’s perfect? I don’t know. I have mixed feelings.

Find out where I’ve journeyed
on the Map of Human Sexuality!
Or get your own here!


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Baby Got Back And Sadey Gotta Laugh

So today I was camming and was in the middle of a cum show when my Pandora account started playing this:

Could not stop laughing. None of the guys were too amused as I went back and forth from trying to make myself come and giggling my ass off.

“Are you guys NOT hearing this??? Seriously? Is this a thing people know about?”

Yeah. Find that Juicy Bubble. Baby got it goin’ on.




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Camgirl What?

A few days ago I started doing some internet modeling which is an extremely weird way to earn money, but also unsurprisingly effective. :) Basically I have a chatroom, and guys (and girls, but mainly guys) come in and we hang out and chatter on about sex and other random shit and they tip me for getting naked or orgasming.

Mostly the guys are just lonely and horny. I’m lonely and horny, too, so it’s a good fit for now. I could see it making me kinda sad though. One guy tipped me $50 because I reminded him of his ex-wife. His exact words were, “You remind me of my ex-wife. I’m really lonely.”

Sad. But also maybe it’s a Glad, not Sad, because hopefully his day got brighter.

I’m going to need to stock up on cute panties and dildos! Panties and dildos and lube, oh my!

Sometimes guys request a private show. I like those. If they have a cam, they can turn it on and we watch each other get off.

Blue, you’d be annoyed as fuck with all my goddamn dirty talk. ;)

Yesterday at the gym I was getting really faint and I had this fantasy of crashing to the floor, getting knocked unconscious, and slipping into a two week long coma. I think that’s the amount of time I wish would just go by without me having to be conscious. Two weeks, and most of the pain would be gone and all of that, which if I had a therapist (and I should) she would probably say, “But you have to experience the pain in order for it to go away,” and she would be right (see why would I pay someone to tell me shit I already know?), and then I realized I was actually going to faint so I got off the machine and sat down. I have a history of fainting so I know the feeling and I also know that whenever I faint I break my face (literally, I broke my jaw one time I fainted; another time I ended up with two black eyes and a bump on my head the size of an orange). I decided the coma situation probably wouldn’t work out the way I wanted it to and I don’t want a broken face because I can’t cam with that. :)

I’ve had a very weird week.



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Zoom, Zoom, Brick Wall

Been a while!

I don’t have a lot to blog about because I do almost zero things these days, but for fun, here we go…

  • Family came to town. We ate a lot of brisket, saw some music, did the Austin things. Good visit. I like my family, which is lucky, because you don’t get to choose family.
  • Yesterday I deadlifted 180 pounds! Once. I tried to do it twice (was shooting for five times, actually) but there was no fucking way. Try try again. Deadlifting is my favorite weight thing because it’s the only one where I get to put the big weights on the bar. :)
  • I have a new story idea that I like. We’ll see how it goes. Making the book happen means actually writing it, and that seems like a mountain of a goal. I wish I could click my brain back to where it was when I wrote Spanktastic and Social Service. I kicked those suckers out in like six weeks–both of them. I’d crank out a chapter in Social Service, then write a short story, back and forth.
    Back and forth forever:
  • Mister Blue is done with me. I am sad about that. It’s weird to be sad about something concrete instead of just overall sad. I wonder if I’ll ever have a life that doesn’t hurt.
  • Austin weather is bi-polar. A few days ago it was 80 degrees. Last night the pipes in my building froze because now it’s ridiculously cold and I can never remember to keep the faucet running because I grew up in the midwest where pipes are insulated and generally don’t freeze when it’s only slightly below 32… In a few days, it’s supposed to be sunny and 70. How do plants survive this? I feel like it must be confusing for them. And for the birds and things that live outside.
  • I watched part of the Oscars. I haven’t seen them since I was a kid, but I like the Ellen lady. I liked that everyone seemed to be having fun.

Fellow bloggers, I haven’t been keeping up with you. I will soon! And I hope you’re all well.





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I Literally Used A Broom To Sweep Up Condoms

While I was doing it, it didn’t seem so strange. But on thinking about it, I realized that probably 99% of the population has never done this.

I seriously swept condoms off my floor, collected them in a dustpan, and threw them away.

Today was a good day.

Safe sex, y’all.



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