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Spankings and Bruises and Pain, Oh My!

I live a weird life where I bounce between unlucky events and lucky events…I’m in a pinball machine.

Bounce bounce bounce.

I got to see Mister Blue a few days ago because he happened to be flying through an airport nearby. Hugs! Airport snuggles!

Now I’m in Chicago, visiting a friend, Ethan. We had this exact conversation:

Ethan: “So, what do you want to do?”
Sadey: “I want pain.”
Ethan: “Okay.”

Spankings. He started slow. I think he was worried that I’d go crazy or something. After a bit, he stopped.

“So, how was that?” he asked.

I raised my eyebrows.

“More, then?”

“Yes please.”

Now, I have the most amazing, deep bruises ever. I don’t think I’ve been this bruised since my very first spanking…wow, that was like, nearly a decade ago. It hurts to sit. I love it.

I’ve had many weird emotions this last week and a half. But now I’m back to mostly happy. Woot! I go back to Austin soon, and will stay with a friend for a few days while I look for an apartment. Moving on, moving the objects. Onward, Hoes!



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Insanity and the Art of Vaginal Orgasms

Big news!

News Number One: I finished Insanity–the workout program everyone seemed to know about but me. I will assume you already know about it, and leave you to Google if you don’t.

Results? Eh. Fit-wise, I’m pretty pleased. I even beat out Tania* in one of these, though I forget which:

I lost exactly zero weight which seems odd. Probably I have more muscle though. I will do it again and see what happens in eight more weeks.

The best thing about Insanity had been the consistent feel-good endorphin rush I get every day. My mood will not necessarily be all that great during the workouts, but after them I know I feel better than I did before. Yay, endorphins.

News Number Two:  ~~~TMI ALERT~~~

I’ve discovered vaginal orgasms**! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!

I’m thirty. I realize this might qualify me for several ‘late bloomer’ awards. What. Ever.

This shit is life changing. Probably as life changing or more so as getting a smartphone, to put a quantitative measure on it. Let’s go with more so.


*Tania is this super smiley chick who is ALWAYS kicking ass. Sometimes I’m all, “Wow, Tania, you’re inspirational.” Other times I just want to tackle that bitch because she smiles when all I feel is pain.
**Thank you, Mister Blue. :)


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