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Hiatus Over, Hello World!


I had a bit of a hiatus. I’m back now. Hello!


  • My computer is sick. It’s at the doctor’s. I’ll get it back soon. Against perhaps better judgement, I  got a back-up computer. The back-up computer is a total piece of junk but I like it. :) Also, I can’t run Scrivener (my writing program) and Chrome (my browsing program) simultaneously, which is a very good thing. As nearly every writer knows, having the Internet super-readily available is a total wordcount killer. This piece-o-junk may just become my default writing computer, if I can get used to the keyboard. I’ll use the other one for networking. And porn.
  • Bad Girl Good hit the top 100 ranks in Amazon Erotica today! I’m excited with the reception, and so happy folks seem to like it. Yay!
  • Mister Blue came for a visit. We did lots of fun stuff, but one of my favorite things (besides, um, the sex) was Hamilton Pool. Gorgeous.
  • I’m sick. I do not like being sick. My computer is sick and I am sick. Ughhhhh. It’s just a cold or something, but it isn’t sexy. I’m laying low, writing, curling up and watching Netflix, reading my Kindle, and being a lazy bum. Yesterday I made a pot of chicken soup with rice. I have popsicles. :) Sick life is not so bad.
  • Section 7 is fun. Ingrid is an amazing pain in the ass.

I hope you’re all enjoying the last bits of summer.



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Rough Drafty

Yesterday I finished up the rough draft of my newest domestic discipline novella. It’s yet untitled, but I have a couple ideas in mind.

Happy! Yay! I’ll let it sit for a week, then start revising, re-revising, cutting, adding, and editing.

I like the story a lot. I like my protagonist, and I like her dominant, strong lover. It was a fun one to write. :) There’s lots of spanks, lil’ bit of anal, some humiliation, and plenty of orgasms.

Next on the drafting board? I’m not sure. I have a 2,000 word-a-day minimum right now, even whilst revising other stuff, so I’ll think it through and start the next book tomorrow. I so, so want it to be Rock Creek. I think the whole Rock Creek thing is daunting to me. I love Under Order and Social Service. They’re my babies, my first novels, and I feel this pressure to make sure the next book is just as good, if not better, than those.

If I go with Rock Creek, it’ll be novel-length, and if I do my 2,000 minimum, it’ll be drafted by the middle of next month. We shall see, won’t we?

The man from the beach is back in town. More on that soon, I’m sure.

Happy Father’s Day!



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Watching my fucking mouth…

I’ve been spending loads of time with two very sex-positive friends. We play games like Cards Against Humanity, have crazy threesomes, dink around with fantasies, and…well, none of us really get offended if sex is mentioned.

But over Thanksgiving, I went to hang out with my family and realized I needed to apply heavy censorship around my relatively conservative relatives.

I mostly did okay. At one point, though, I was chatting with my mom and sister about weight loss. My sister wants to lose loads of weight, and I’m perpetually trying to lose ten pounds. We talked about how the holidays make it hard and how much peanut brittle we’d both consumed that day.

“Well, at least you went for a run,” she said.

“Yeah, but everyone knows it’s eighty percent nutrition and twenty percent exercise…” I replied. “Eating right makes you look good with clothes on, and exercise makes you look good naked.”

My mom sat straight up in her chair, threw her hands in the air, and screamed, “TMI!!!! TMI!!!!!!!”

I was simultaneously impressed that she knew the initialism for ‘Too Much Information’ and amused that I hadn’t even thought to bite my tongue.

This sort of thing has been happening lately…though I’ll admit the above example is pretty tame. But even around friends, I’m not sure how much I can say. Where do I draw the line on what information I share with people who might not be ready or interested in erotica and/or sex positivism and/or BDSM?

ALL THREE TOPICS ROCK! And they are all a huge part of my life. Admittedly, I don’t want to discuss BDSM with my mother, but I wouldn’t mind feeling comfortable sharing that I write smut.




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And the Winner is…

Thanks to everyone who commented and tweeted for a chance to win a copy of Under His Roof

The winner is…

Lorraine, who says:

New to this, never heard of the term domestic discipline… Methinks I need a chat with hubby… I’ve been lacking in the household goddess department….

Well, Lorraine, you have now heard of domestic discipline. Good luck to you if you have that chat with the hubster. ;)

Here’s one of my favorite recent reviews of Under His Roof from Amazon:

I couldn’t put it down I read the whole thing right after downloading…. It was sooo captivating that i wished David was a real character that I met in real life… The author demonstrated him as hot and wild yet strong and a professional disciplinarian… The character that many women having fantasy with! It also showed the many types of sub women who wants to get spanked and why exactly they feel they need it!

I loved the spanking parts and the way Rachel was falling in love with her authority figure! On the other hand, Rachel (the main character) is a down to earth woman that no matter how strong she appears around her coworkers.. She’s still weakened by a handsome wild man

That story is a delicious mix of pain and pleasure

For those who are curious, two of my projects right now are a sequel to Under His Roof (which I have now written TWICE…third time’s the charm, right?) and… fucking drumroll, please… another Rock Creek book! Yay!


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