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You Are A Unique Snowflake!

NaNoWriMo is coming to a close. Soon, there will be thousands of novels, ready for editing and revising and rewriting and then someday, publishing. That is a big YAY.

There’ve been critics of National Novel Writing Month, because anything that’s big enough to know about is big enough to criticize. People say, “There are enough writers in this world. Boo to you aspiring fuckers, isn’t there something better you could be doing with your time?”

The answer to that? Sure. There perhaps are better things to do with time. But out of all our choices (for those privileged enough to live in a world with grand choices), creating stuff is pretty sweet. Whether that be writing, or painting, or making movies or telling jokes or playing music, creation gives us internal satisfaction and external rewards. We get to bounce ideas off one another, we get to group-think, we get to add our own selves to our own stuff and then stand back and say, “Well, damn. It worked, and it’s pretty good.”

Or we say, “Well, damn. It didn’t work this time. But I see something here, and here, and over there, that I could use again and zomg I have a great idea, let me try this instead!”

Humans are so cool. We do so many interesting things, because we are smart, we work together and apart, and we’re quite creative bipedaled beings. If taking a month to create something, to contribute to the mountain of Other Cool Shit out there, is a bad thing, then…well, fuck. It’s just not a bad thing. Not at all.

The act of creating is countered by the act of absorbing. I don’t know about others, but my life is best when I’ve got a nice balance of the two. I absorb novels, articles, movies, art, and innovative ideas. I create stories, foods, non-fictiony stuff, etc.

NaNoWriMo is awesome, because it provides an excuse to try to create something new. Whether or not this results in a published book is really beside the point. An endeavor to create will always result in a change, for the creators and the absorbers, no matter how small. NaNoWriMo inspires me to think about different ways I can create and contribute to this magical world of ours. I am the only person who can see things from my perspective, and I’m the only person who can do things the way I’ll do them, because I’m me, you’re you, and we’re all unique and amazing. We all have something to offer, and all of our somethings are different.

Those differences in our somethings? That’s the magic we’re able to absorb. Whenever I’m tempted to be bored or idle, I seriously want to knock my head with a hammer and say, “DO YOU NOT SEE THIS? Look around you! Look at this INSANELY COOL WORLD!” Apart from the improbability and beauty of life in general–just life, the mere act of breathing and heartbeats–we have what we’ve created. Books, poems, songs, majestic buildings and sculptures and theater and so on. It’s so incredible it’s overwhelming. I’m thankful that all of these creators didn’t say to themselves, “Ah, there are enough artists in the world, I’ll just do something else instead. Surely there’s a better use of my time.”

Someday I hope to measure up. :)

To those who are well on their way to finishing NaNoWriMo, congratulations. You are making something that you, uniquely, are able to make.

Neil Gaiman on, “Are there enough artists in the world?”

This is a picture of my desk*. The object of note is the bulletin board, which I realize has no actual bulletins, since I haven’t gotten around to buying tacks. The quote! Look at the quote! It’s Dr. Seuss, one of the more brilliant creators of all time:



*You may notice that my desk is less of a desk than it is a Collection Center Of Crap. You’d be correct.


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End Of Writing Hangover (Plus Random Things!)

When I finish a project (in this case, Under His Roof 3, still untitled), I push it aside for a week or so (almost there!) so I can start editing with fresh eyes.

This week is Hangover One. Hangover Two happens after publishing.

Hangover is perhaps a misnomer, because hangovers are bad, they hurt, and they are generally icky for productivity. Still, though, there are parallels. For example, a fun night out with drinks and merriment can lead to a low in the morning–all that excitement gets balanced by non-excitement.

When I write write write write write and boom done, I don’t know. I’m lazier in the morning. I’m writing slightly less.

I’ve been working on this new story, which will be part of a collection, and it’s BDSM, and it’s reminding me how much I enjoy writing BDSM. The story is stylistically different than most of my stories, which means it’s super fun to write but also means it’s likely kinda sucky, because new things are experimentations and first experiments don’t typically result in successes, but whatever. It’s hangover time. I’ll allow it.


  • Check out Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman, they did an AMA on reddit. I like that they’re open about their open relationship. As Amanda noted in the AMA, it’s not as if people in open relationships are ostracized in the same way as the LBGT folks, so it’s not like ‘coming out’ as open is a huge deal, but it’s nice when people in the spotlight can shed some light on alternative relationships. Also, she did a fun Open Letter To The Daily Mail (nsfw). Also also, she did an amazing TED talk. Also also also, Neil Gaiman gave a great commencement speech in 2012, totally inspirational, it’s here (scroll down for the video). Can you tell I’m a fan? I’m a fan. Of them both. And I love that they’re married, it’s a fairy tale.
  • Reading binge! My writing hangover is a nice excuse for binge-reading. It’s weird, I’ll go a month or two without reading a drop of fiction, and then I’ll pick up a book and suddenly it’s two days and three novels later and I have to remind myself I live in the actual, non-fiction world. Right now I’m halfway through Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk. Incidentally, he did an AMA on reddit recently, too.
  • For writers attempting NaNoWriMo, Chuck Wendig has been creating some inspirational dialogues on his blog. He’s a good follow, recommended.
  • Fatal’s post, ‘Deal With The Devil‘, reminded me of a personal fantasy, though mine is less hooded. Mine involves a blindfold, headphones, and rope. I’ll let you know how it works out, because It Will Happen. (Eventually) Her blog is hot, also recommended.
  • Lastly, the new Questions page has elicited interesting stuff so far, but I’ve yet to finish an answer. I have three drafts of answers but damn, y’all ask tough questions. They’re coming.





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NaNoWriMo NoGo

Happy November!

As many of you know, November is National Novel Writing Month–NaNoWriMo. I’ve participated the last two years. The first year, I wrote Slaves on Pertz. I think. That may not be right. I think it is, though, because I remember I wanted to do something different, and I figured sci-fi was different. Last year I was working on something. Clearly I didn’t finish it, since I don’t even remember it. I was too busy getting uber-fucked to get anything done.

This year, sigh. I’d love to do something different this year, using NaNoWriMo as the kick-in-the-butt inspiration I sometimes need, but I gotta postpone it a month or two. I’m smack-dab in the middle of a project, hopefully out soon (though making ZERO promises, because y’all know how I am). I feel happy with how it’s going, and I’m excited excited excited! I don’t want to take a break from it and start yet another new project.

That said, to all you participants, I’m cheering you on and I’m writing with you! Best of luck. May your final product surprise you.

Other stuff:

All of my books are now available for the Barnes and Noble Nook. Took me long enough! I’m working on getting distribution out to other venues as well–Smashwords, Apple Store, Sony, Kobo, Flipkart, etc.

I’ll leave you with the latest drawing from Desmodus, who’s practicing some skillz using Slaves On Pertz for inspiration. :)

slaves on pertz illustration


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Where in the World is Sadey Quinn? (part 2)

That’s right. Ohio.

So, I’d like to be able to say I’m here for patriotic reasons, as the photo suggests. Ohio is the state that always votes for the winner. Like…always*.

However, I am not here for the noble cause of casting my vote in this fine, fine election. It’s too late to register here, anyway.

I’m here to write, fuck, and be merry.

It’s working out pretty fucking well so far.

AND OMG OMG OMG TOMORROW NANOWRIMO STARTS OMG! NaNoWriMo is the month where all the nutjobs who think they’re writers, and all the crazies who have hopes to be writers, sit down and write an entire fucking book in one short month.

It’s fun! It’s intense! It’s…well, it’s actually what a lot of writers do every month. What I theoretically should have been doing the last…um…six months. But, do what can you do, right?

What can you do?


Join me if you want. I just checked my profile and it’s pretty unspectacular…but if you’re registered on NaNoWriMo.org, add me as a friend. I’ll try to add a photo and novel info shortly.


*Yeah I totally don’t check out facts before I publish blog entries. See the comments for more details. :)


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New Year, New Books

So apparently it’s 2012. Happy Year.

While I celebrated Christmas with all my might, I pretty much ignored New Year’s this year. Quiet evening at home, we had. More or less. So to speak.

And anyway, now that it’s a new year, I’ve been working hard on getting my two newest novels published. The sequel to Under Order is past the editing stage and now is just in desperate need of a little graphic design help before I can get it up to the Amazon store.

Perhaps I’ll whore myself out to a graphic artist. ;)

My other novel is still in the editing stage, but progress is moving along swimmingly. It’s a fucked up sci-fi/bdsm/erotica novel that pushes even my limits a little bit, and I’m the one who wrote it. It was my project for NaNoWriMo and I think the speed at which I cranked it out made it more intense than my normal stuff. The plot is so interesting to me that I’ve actually considered cutting some of the graphic sex out and making it a book that doesn’t need to be filed under ‘erotica’.

But that wouldn’t be right. Right?

2012 will be a good year. It must be a good year. Go, Sade, Go!

;) xoxo



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NaNoWriMo with N

N is doing NaNoWriMo too, so both of us are trying to write a novel in one month. Every morning we wake up around five so we can sit together, sometimes in front of a small fire, and write.

It worked very well for the first two days. Then we started annoying the hell out of each other.

“Hey, listen to this line, it’s great!” I’ll exclaim.

Or N will say, “Sade, how do you spell [insert random word here]?”

My point? We constantly interrupted each other, which led to both of us being distracted. What’s worse, we’d be distracted in the middle of cruising. Cruising is what I say I’m doing when I write a scene that just sort of flows from my fingers naturally.

So, our solution is a tube of chapstick on the coffee table. It lays flat until one of us wants to interrupt the other. When I have a question or something to share with N, I put the chapstick upright. If N notices and isn’t in the middle of something, he’ll let me know he can talk. Otherwise I just wait until he’s free and looks up from his computer.

It’s working well and we mostly follow the rule. Doing NaNoWriMo with a friend or partner? I highly recommend using a tube of chapstick if you start bugging each other.



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NaNoWriMo: I’m Ready!


This morning I finished up my rough draft of the sequel to Under Order. I’m seriously excited about this book. It has twists, craziness, fun and mystery. It has the unexpected! I really love it, so much – which is good, I suppose, since I wrote it. :) I can only hope my readers like it, too.

BUT, I’m going to set the draft aside for a month. I think it is wise to give myself a break from a long novel before editing it. Short stories? Sure, give it a few days and edit away. But this novel is topping at 120,000 words and frankly I need a break.

I was just in time finishing up the sequel so I can concentrate my efforts on NaNoWriMo. After I finished the draft, I made the outline for the book I’ll write during November, which is National Novel Writing Month. I decided to do something different for me, for learning’s sake. Who knows if it will be any good. :) I’m going to delve into a bit of Science Fiction mixed with a little bit of BDSM and I think it will be really fun. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll be sure to post excerpts!

Are any of you doing NaNoWriMo? Feel free to add me as a buddy; I just recently joined the site. I’d love to know what you’re working on. :)


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