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Obedient Bitch


Obey! by ~Rhynn

I’m not a bratty submissive. I do what I’m told.

This isn’t to say I’m a doormat, or that I’ll do anything a dominant guy tells me to do. I’m fiercely independent, almost (almost!) to a fault, and I won’t do stupid shit just for the sake of ‘obeying’ some guy I’m temporarily attached to.

Within reason, however, if I’m in sub mode, I’ll do anything asked of me. I’ll try to, anyway, and I won’t purposefully disobey.

As of late, I’ve been with men…and women…who care about my pleasure as much, if not more, than their own, so doing my dominant’s bidding has been mostly filled with fun. And orgasms.

Who doesn’t love orgasms??

Hmm. I do love them. I love pleasure. I love coming over and over again, to the point of exhaustion. Legs trembling, mind spinning. Orgasms are fucking rad.

But I also love…

Orgasm denial. Torture, unbearable, exquisite, begging and pleading for release…

I love beatings. Slow, steady, fast, harsh, whatever comes my way. I love that strange mental hurdle of my masochism, the one I strive toward, where all pleas for mercy subside and my brain relaxes and I just take it. That’s a fun moment. The pain becomes cloudy, a blur, it’s pleasure but it’s not, it’s just beauty.

There was a time, many years ago (I’m 30, so I now say things like, ‘many years ago’), where I’d do wrong just to have more.

“Don’t move, or we’ll start over,” he’d say, getting ready to paddle my ass ten times.


I’d shoot up, out of place, pretending the pain was just so bad that I couldn’t help myself, I had to move out of position!

And we’d start over. In other scenarios, I’d find a way to disobey, to earn more pain, because pain brought pleasure…and I loved the idea of being punished for my offenses.

Now, I’ve morphed into this honest person who can’t lie, even if the lies are small and even if I can tell that the dominant wants me to falter.

I don’t really know what this means; I actually don’t think it means much at all. Except that when I want a hard beating, or torture, I have to ask for it, not earn it.


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Body Language and Power Dynamics

All of us are aware of body language. We may not realize, however, how much our body language affects the way we act–and interact–with others.

This TED Talk is really interesting. Especially when thinking about dominance and submission in a BDSM context. I have some thoughts about it, but haven’t quite formulated them coherently.

Basically, we are who we are. And if we want to be something else? Well…we can fake it. And then become it.



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Coming Together: Hungry for Love

Here’s another little reminder about Sommer Marsden’s new collection, Coming Together: Hungry for Love.

(So I just scrolled through my blog and realized my last post on this very topic was two entries ago…I’m gonna update more, ‘k? Promise.)

To share a little about the book, some of the contributors have been writing up their ‘Story behind the story’. Check them out; they’re fantastic, and all on Sommer’s blog–you just need to scroll through some of her recent entries.

Here’s mine:

I love power dynamics. Kink, bondage, and all the glitter aside…what really gets me going is domination, submission, and the intricate mental gymnastics related to power exchange. I love power hungry, arrogant doms, and I love calm, cool alphas who subtly take control. I love bratty subs who push limits just as much as I love the subs who truly, to their very core, want to obey.

Often, my writing reflects this passion (obsession?) of mine. So, naturally, when I sat down to write ‘Zombie Goddess’–my story for Sommer Marsden’s collection of zombie erotica–I played with the theme of power, control, and what might happen in a BDSM scene starring a human and a zombie.

Another concept I messed around with for this story is making the typical antagonist–the decrepit, brain-hungry zombie–into my protagonist. I wanted my zombie to feel amazing, empowered, and…well, I wanted her to feel hot. So my star is a sexy, newly un-dead zombie woman. She’s not after brains to eat. Instead, she’s learning to enjoy finding minds to fuck.

An excerpt from my story, Zombie Goddess, is here.

More soon, neglected readers of awesome!


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