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Bad Girl Good: Reviewsies

WashMy latest domestic discipline novel, Bad Girl Good, has collected a number of nice reviews. Thanks, reviewers!

Here are some snippets:

Friends become lovers with an added domestic discipline dimension – it’s a must read! … This spanking short story is recommended to domestic discipline lovers. Todd is a keeper!
La Crimson Femme (website)

Sadey Quinn has done it again. Great easy reading writing style. Sadey is great with her character development, you feel as if you know them.

I really like Sadey’s style of writing and she doesn’t disappoint with this gem.

Fast-moving, sexy, AND I really liked the hot domestic discipline (DD) vibe. Just fascinating to me. In fact, this story really helped clarify some of the “psych” of DD for me.
Sheri Savill (website)

Sex and Spankings were nicely done and fit with the story, not just thrown in.
Lady J

Todd sounds like a great lover and disciplinarian. Look forward to reading more of this author’s books.
Jade Snow

I’m so thrilled people have enjoyed the novella! It was a really fun one to write.

Also, I love how much readers *love* Todd. He really is a dreamy gent. Sighhhhhh…if only the world were filled with hot, amazing alpha males ready to spank…




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I Like Being Spanked (And Other Less Obvious Things)

spankingromancereviewsI’m over at Spanking Romance Reviews today talking about labels, why I write what I write, and my spankeriffic sexuality. This is my first ever author interview! Exciting!

I’ve also got an author page now at Spanking Romance, so check that out, too.

Other newsies:

  • After the overwhelming ‘Why The Hell Would You Do This?!’ reaction to my masturbation moratorium, I decided to take y’all’s advice and, well, not do that. Mister Hitachi is still comfortably and conveniently located right by my bed.
  • Reader reactions to Bad Girl Good are great, so far! The most recent review is 5 Stars, from Tina:

    Sadey Quinn has done it again. Great easy reading writing style. Sadey is great with her character development, you feel as if you know them. Chloe has some very self destructive behaviors, Todd uses discipline to get her on track. Steamy sex scenes, spanking and punishments. This is a great book for those who just like to read about BDSM, dabble in it or even for those in a D/S relationship. Sadey’s writing leaves the story open, you have no idea where it can go. I too want more!!

    Thanks, Tina!

  • My latest workout routine is via an app on my phone. You know, I didn’t even have my own cell phone until a year ago, and I’ve only had a data plan since November. Now I’m freakin’ attached to the thing and use it for everything.
    The workout is called You Are Your Own Gym. It’s a series of exercises using body weight as resistance. I like it. I still can’t do a normal push-up, but I feel myself getting stronger, which is a very good thing. After the accident I lost pretty much all the strength in my right arm. It feels good to be getting that back.



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New Release: Bad Girl Good

bad girl good


It’s Release Day! Happy Release Day to ME!

Bad Girl Good is available for the Amazon Kindle.

SQUEEEEEE!!!!! I’m so excited about this novella! It’s got lots of sex, lots of spankings, a little humiliation and some minor anal play. It’s fun, light-hearted, and I had an absolute blast writing it.

The excerpt is here, the link to buy is here, and the smile? Well, that’s located on my face, and there’s no link for that. Yet.

Enjoy the weekend!



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Where in the World is Sadey Quinn? (part 2)

That’s right. Ohio.

So, I’d like to be able to say I’m here for patriotic reasons, as the photo suggests. Ohio is the state that always votes for the winner. Like…always*.

However, I am not here for the noble cause of casting my vote in this fine, fine election. It’s too late to register here, anyway.

I’m here to write, fuck, and be merry.

It’s working out pretty fucking well so far.

AND OMG OMG OMG TOMORROW NANOWRIMO STARTS OMG! NaNoWriMo is the month where all the nutjobs who think they’re writers, and all the crazies who have hopes to be writers, sit down and write an entire fucking book in one short month.

It’s fun! It’s intense! It’s…well, it’s actually what a lot of writers do every month. What I theoretically should have been doing the last…um…six months. But, do what can you do, right?

What can you do?


Join me if you want. I just checked my profile and it’s pretty unspectacular…but if you’re registered on NaNoWriMo.org, add me as a friend. I’ll try to add a photo and novel info shortly.


*Yeah I totally don’t check out facts before I publish blog entries. See the comments for more details. :)


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Under Order: Free August 21-25

I’m doing one last promotion for Under Order before pulling it from the special Amazon program and publishing it with other outlets. If you want a free copy, head on over to the Kindle store and download it. :)

Someone asked me, in regards to the promotion for Cream of the Crop: Disciplined Sex, why authors/publishers give their books away for free.

There are a few reasons, but it mainly boils down to the simple fact that I need readers in order to have readership!

Last night a new, kind of hysterical review for Under Order showed up on Amazon. I like it. A lot.

Any wannabe `subbie’ should read this first and be sure they check for details! (never sign anything unread, press for answers, etc.)


Anyway. Free book. Here.

Social Service will be free August 26-30.

Spanktastic will be free August 31-September 4.

If you wanna help an author out, click the “like” button under the title of the book on Amazon. And of course, reviews and feedback are always amazing.



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