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New Release: Bad Girl Good

bad girl good


It’s Release Day! Happy Release Day to ME!

Bad Girl Good is available for the Amazon Kindle.

SQUEEEEEE!!!!! I’m so excited about this novella! It’s got lots of sex, lots of spankings, a little humiliation and some minor anal play. It’s fun, light-hearted, and I had an absolute blast writing it.

The excerpt is here, the link to buy is here, and the smile? Well, that’s located on my face, and there’s no link for that. Yet.

Enjoy the weekend!



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New Release: Odyssey for Passion

odyssey for passion


Sometimes when I’m excited, scared, or surprised, I make a super high pitched noise. Examples, eh…let’s see…

When I’m riding in a car and the driver makes a sudden move, or swerves. I squeak.

When the air popper-of-popcorn goes crazy, and shoots out kernels, seemingly aimed directly at me. I squeak. I did this in front of my roommate the other night, who said, “That was weird. And really cute.”

When a package arrives! Oooh that’s the best. Squeak squeak.

And, when I [finally] publish a book I’ve been sitting on for nearly a year: SQUEAK SQUEAK FUCKING SQUEAKERY SQUEAKING!

Odyssey for Passion is available for the Amazon Kindle. I’ll be putting this baby into print soon, too, and of course distributing to other venues (Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and AllRomanceEbooks). For now, it’s exclusively on Amazon. I haven’t decided on the perfect excerpt yet, but when I do, I’ll post it.

For now, just couldn’t wait one more minute to say: IT’S DONE. And it’s fabulous.




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And the Winner is…

Thanks to everyone who commented and tweeted for a chance to win a copy of Under His Roof

The winner is…

Lorraine, who says:

New to this, never heard of the term domestic discipline… Methinks I need a chat with hubby… I’ve been lacking in the household goddess department….

Well, Lorraine, you have now heard of domestic discipline. Good luck to you if you have that chat with the hubster. ;)

Here’s one of my favorite recent reviews of Under His Roof from Amazon:

I couldn’t put it down I read the whole thing right after downloading…. It was sooo captivating that i wished David was a real character that I met in real life… The author demonstrated him as hot and wild yet strong and a professional disciplinarian… The character that many women having fantasy with! It also showed the many types of sub women who wants to get spanked and why exactly they feel they need it!

I loved the spanking parts and the way Rachel was falling in love with her authority figure! On the other hand, Rachel (the main character) is a down to earth woman that no matter how strong she appears around her coworkers.. She’s still weakened by a handsome wild man

That story is a delicious mix of pain and pleasure

For those who are curious, two of my projects right now are a sequel to Under His Roof (which I have now written TWICE…third time’s the charm, right?) and… fucking drumroll, please… another Rock Creek book! Yay!


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