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Seriously, you’d think I’d learn.

I made the first half of edits to Under His Roof part Trois (yet unnamed, because goddamn it, I’m bad at titles, too). About a third of the way through the edits, I started jotting down pretend dates, just to be sure things lined up. This novella covers Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birth, and a wedding. As I was reading it, I realized that there’s no way it could work the way I’d written it.

Damn it.

Luckily, I’m used to this, because every book I write has this exact same problem. You’d think I’d learn. After getting slightly more frustrated than I should’ve, I closed my laptop, walked around the block, took a few deep breaths, and then returned. Ordered a refill coffee, sat my ass back down, spread out the pages, and fixed the things.

I pushed around an accident, killed a scene, and changed some minor details. I think it’s squared away now.

The next book I write, I’m gonna try to actually outline. Think ahead. If I pretend I’m capable of that, and maybe it’ll work?

Fake it ’til you make it, baby.

(Hey GUESS WHAT?! I worked today! It was glorious. Almost three whole hours. Boom.)




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Relationship Advice [Should Not Be Coming From Me]

I can think of a handful of reasons why I’ve had failed relationships (platonic and romantic).

Maybe more than a handful, actually. Whatever.

Anyway, the main reason, I think, comes down to a lack of focus on self-improvement, and an unconscious assumption that the other person is obligated to make me happy.


I do not fully agree with the above, but I do agree with it for most of the time. :) Just, sometimes I need to be taken care of. Sometimes others need to be taken care of. There are exceptions. There are emotional meltdowns (uh, usually on my end), there are logical meltdowns (usually not on my end), etc etc.

But meltdowns aside, most of the time I think we should be working on making ourselves happy and awesome. Our friends and partners will do the same, and we can motivate each other to be better people. Zoom.

So, in the self-improvement realm, I’m gonna start Starting Strength and get me some muscles, because I’ve never been able to do a push-up and that’s just stupid.

Also, I’m going to continue editing Under His Roof 3 today, even if it’s only a few pages. I haven’t picked it up in two weeks. I am afraid of it. Time to get over that.

Twenty-one days until the New Year, which is resolution time. I have one main resolution (fix my fucking head) but I’ll make some small easy ones too. Any fun ideas for good New Year’s resolutions? Resolution success rate is pretty awful, but it goes up significantly if we share our goals with each other. Get support in taking care of you!



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End Of Writing Hangover (Plus Random Things!)

When I finish a project (in this case, Under His Roof 3, still untitled), I push it aside for a week or so (almost there!) so I can start editing with fresh eyes.

This week is Hangover One. Hangover Two happens after publishing.

Hangover is perhaps a misnomer, because hangovers are bad, they hurt, and they are generally icky for productivity. Still, though, there are parallels. For example, a fun night out with drinks and merriment can lead to a low in the morning–all that excitement gets balanced by non-excitement.

When I write write write write write and boom done, I don’t know. I’m lazier in the morning. I’m writing slightly less.

I’ve been working on this new story, which will be part of a collection, and it’s BDSM, and it’s reminding me how much I enjoy writing BDSM. The story is stylistically different than most of my stories, which means it’s super fun to write but also means it’s likely kinda sucky, because new things are experimentations and first experiments don’t typically result in successes, but whatever. It’s hangover time. I’ll allow it.


  • Check out Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman, they did an AMA on reddit. I like that they’re open about their open relationship. As Amanda noted in the AMA, it’s not as if people in open relationships are ostracized in the same way as the LBGT folks, so it’s not like ‘coming out’ as open is a huge deal, but it’s nice when people in the spotlight can shed some light on alternative relationships. Also, she did a fun Open Letter To The Daily Mail (nsfw). Also also, she did an amazing TED talk. Also also also, Neil Gaiman gave a great commencement speech in 2012, totally inspirational, it’s here (scroll down for the video). Can you tell I’m a fan? I’m a fan. Of them both. And I love that they’re married, it’s a fairy tale.
  • Reading binge! My writing hangover is a nice excuse for binge-reading. It’s weird, I’ll go a month or two without reading a drop of fiction, and then I’ll pick up a book and suddenly it’s two days and three novels later and I have to remind myself I live in the actual, non-fiction world. Right now I’m halfway through Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk. Incidentally, he did an AMA on reddit recently, too.
  • For writers attempting NaNoWriMo, Chuck Wendig has been creating some inspirational dialogues on his blog. He’s a good follow, recommended.
  • Fatal’s post, ‘Deal With The Devil‘, reminded me of a personal fantasy, though mine is less hooded. Mine involves a blindfold, headphones, and rope. I’ll let you know how it works out, because It Will Happen. (Eventually) Her blog is hot, also recommended.
  • Lastly, the new Questions page has elicited interesting stuff so far, but I’ve yet to finish an answer. I have three drafts of answers but damn, y’all ask tough questions. They’re coming.





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And The Next Book Is…

Under His Roof #3.

I can say that with confidence because I’m finishing up the last chapter so I actually know I’m going to really truly finish it.

Erm, knock on wood. :) I’m 99% sure it will be my next release, though there may be a non-novella, non-novel release sooner. Under His Roof #3 will take a while to edit, so crossing fingers that goes smoothly.

Yay! I love how the story worked out. Mostly everything that happens was pre-planned, but a couple things happened that surprised even me.

I need a title. I have a few that I’m considering. It has to be within the same frame as the first two, ____ his ____. And, due to Amazon’s new restrictive policy on covers, titles, and descriptions, it can’t be dirty. That also has to do with common sense, although I think Sucking His Cock would sell well. Or Banging His Bones. 

Humping His Hard-on.

A-hem. I’d love to hear any great ideas…



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