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Hiding Sex Toys

A friend of mine is coming to visit today.

She’s staying in my room. So, I’ve put away the following:

  • Hitachi
  • Kegel balls
  • Penis dildo
  • Curvy g-spot dildo
  • Lube

Apparently I don’t need a boyfriend. I just need a variety of sex toys. :)

(That is one of the sadder sentences I’ve ever composed…)

Incidentally, the curvy g-spot dildo has been giving me some insanely amazing orgasms lately. Mister Blue gave it to me about a year ago. This was before I learned about vaginal orgasms. He had to actually show me how to use it.

I was a little bit…inexperienced, in that realm. :)

Now, though, holy fucking hell. Intense, long, crazy, leg-shaking climaxes. For some reason I’ve only used it during phone sex, which might have something to do with the orgasm intensity. Further solo experimentation is clearly necessary.

This (if you don’t have a curvy dildo…get one…immediately…):



What’s your favorite toy? Leave a comment if you’ve got something good. I might want to expand my collection at some point…



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Insanity and the Art of Vaginal Orgasms

Big news!

News Number One: I finished Insanity–the workout program everyone seemed to know about but me. I will assume you already know about it, and leave you to Google if you don’t.

Results? Eh. Fit-wise, I’m pretty pleased. I even beat out Tania* in one of these, though I forget which:

I lost exactly zero weight which seems odd. Probably I have more muscle though. I will do it again and see what happens in eight more weeks.

The best thing about Insanity had been the consistent feel-good endorphin rush I get every day. My mood will not necessarily be all that great during the workouts, but after them I know I feel better than I did before. Yay, endorphins.

News Number Two:  ~~~TMI ALERT~~~

I’ve discovered vaginal orgasms**! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!

I’m thirty. I realize this might qualify me for several ‘late bloomer’ awards. What. Ever.

This shit is life changing. Probably as life changing or more so as getting a smartphone, to put a quantitative measure on it. Let’s go with more so.


*Tania is this super smiley chick who is ALWAYS kicking ass. Sometimes I’m all, “Wow, Tania, you’re inspirational.” Other times I just want to tackle that bitch because she smiles when all I feel is pain.
**Thank you, Mister Blue. :)


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