Discovering hashtags

My first few days using twitter have been… educational.

Not only can I refer to an account using the @ symbol (I’m @ladybugsadey, by the way) – but I can also refer to specific topics by using a hashtag. Also known as a number sign.


So one of my tweets yesterday had to do with my current wordcount for a novel I’m working on (details soon!), and how I hadn’t quite met my goal by noon:

19920! words before noon. Too bad my goal was 20k. Hmm… maybe the author of bdsm erotica should get a #spank for missing goals! 🙂

To which someone replied:

@ladybugsadey you like a good disciplinary spanking?

!!! wow! Social networking is interesting. No wonder it’s all some people can talk about.

And, why yes I would, Mr. [Undisclosed twitter username]!

Any advice for me on twitter, facebook, and other social sites?

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