Header: tasteful or smutty?

So I worked on a few ‘headers’ for this blog today. The one I like is in place right now.

I think it looks tasteful: a blot of ink on a writer’s website.

He thinks it looks smutty: a splooge of cum on an erotica writer’s website.

What do you think?


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7 responses to “Header: tasteful or smutty?

  1. With the right mindset, one can make ANYthing out of an inkblot 😉

    FWIW, seems fine to me… but then you should check out MY header! LOL


  2. ‘…a blot of ink’; a dash of splooooooooge…and thine…’ ;~ t

    Wonder what Rorschach would have to say. Personally…I LIKES it. Will leave the pseudo-psychology to those with more quals…

  3. I must have such a clean mindset then – I just saw the blot of ink 🙂 Either way, simple and striking

  4. @KaziGrrl – good point. And, lol, yeah I guess even with the potential for thinking it is *not* an inkblot, my header could be a lot more explicit! 🙂

    @Clive – we both have such innocent and pure brains!

  5. Gareth

    I’m with KaziGrrl – an inkblot can mean anything .. it is simple and stylish too.

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