Wake-up call

This morning N woke me up in a … special way.

I was laying on my stomach and suddenly felt him throw off the blankets, straddle my back, and SMACK!

If you’ve ever been spanked in this position, you’ll know it for putting the spankee in a very vulnerable spot. You can’t reach back to block the onslaught, and if the spanker is at all stronger than you, well… you’re stuck.

N spanked me for about five minutes, all the while I cursed him and tried to wiggle away. Then, down went the panties.

“Five more minutes. Watch the clock, Sade.”

Minutes six through eight I continued to struggle, but by minute nine I was exhausted. I just lay there, whimpering, taking the spanking.

After he was done, N hopped up, grinned at me, kissed my forehead, and said, “That was for your new blog! You have something to write about today!”


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