Dominant software?

It is highly unfortunately that the machine which I use to write racy erotica is equipped with insane amounts of interesting procrastinating tools.

My daily ritual:

  • {sometimes jog}
  • Wash leftover dinner dishes from the night before.
  • Make coffee and breakfast for myself and N.
  • “Check in”. Checking in includes responding to business e-mails (20 minutes – 1 hour), responding to personal e-mails, catching up on blogs I follow, playing on twitter, reading on FetLife, and occasionally (very rarely), reading the news. This can take anywhere from an hour to, erm, all day.
If my computer had a program installed that would pop-up occasional reminders and the less-occasional commands, my productivity would increase a lot. I’m thinking something like:
Sadey you have refreshed twitter seventeen times in the last hour. CLOSE THE TAB.
All your e-mails will still be there an hour from now. GO WRITE.

Maybe the program would even have settings that would temporary block sites that I’m ridiculously addicted to.


Must learn self-discipline.

It is just so damn tempting to write a paragraph, then quickly pop over to FetLife. Or write a sentence and then spend an hour on Facebook.

Ok. I’m done whining about my lack of self-control. I am now ready to write. Go, Sadey, GO!

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One response to “Dominant software?

  1. Update: I did actually get to work after whining here. 🙂 2,000 words in 2 hours. Still hoping for a 5k saturday!

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