Why do you want to write erotic fiction?

I’ve been asked this question a few times since getting myself online and really starting to focus on my writing. Why do you want to write erotic fiction? 

I wasn’t sure of the answer; I’m still not, actually. It’s complicated. 🙂

There are many reasons I like to write. Writing for me can be sort of a form of meditation; I involve myself to a degree where I’m actually not involved in the story anymore. I get to watch it unfold. I become less of a creator and more of a spectator as I observe how characters interact, change, and develop throughout the story.

Sometimes I do get frustrated. The characters might present new challenges that I had not expected, or interact in ways that makes my original idea about the story melt away.  But the frustrations fade as I watch the stories unfold.

And that is part of why I like writing fiction. But why I like writing erotic fiction?

I think at least partly, I like writing erotica because of the freedom it represents. I love that, while erotica has existed since humans came up with words (and before then was, and still is, depicted in art), I can now read an erotic story in public without feeling ashamed or nervous.

I can read pretty nasty, taboo sex scenes while sitting on a bus next to a complete stranger.

With kindles, nooks, and other mobile reading devices, we not only have more in-expensive reading material at our disposal – we also have a new freedom to read whatever the hell we want. We took the cover off the book.

I remember back to when my young, teenage self was first discovering sex. I looked online to get information, to read stories, and to really help myself understand what sex means. Erotica was a big part of my personal understanding of sex. Erotica helped me feel like I wasn’t totally crazy because I wanted to experience some kinky types of sex. But, I always had to hide what I was reading. I had to delete the history on my browser, I learned how to look for the hidden files to make sure everything was deleted (which also led to the revelation that my brother was, like me, looking up unmentionable stuff on the internet).

Now, with so many options of mobile devices, with so many people having their own [password-protected] personal computers… erotica can be a part of our reading material.

And I like that. I like that a lot. 

So that’s part of why I enjoy writing erotic fiction. I also enjoy thinking about sex… and that might, *a-hem*, be a pretty big factor as well. 🙂


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