GTFOOHWTB: Twitter adventures continue

Last night, sleepily, before going to bed I noticed that someone had tweeted something with a weird hashtag:


So, I asked on twitter,

what the hell does #GTFOHWTBS mean?

Innocent enough. I immediately forgot about it, shut my computer and went to dreamland.

This morning, I checked my @mentions on twitter to discover that @DomSignshad mentioned me in a tweet:

@ladybugsadey Get The Fuck Out Of Here With That Bull Shit.

?! So Sad! Why would he say that? 😦

I quickly checked my recent tweets to figure out what I had said to make him angry, and realized he was just answering my question. Oops.

I’m pretty web-savvy, but social networking is kinda new to me. So the adventure continues!

Today N is taking me to ACity, the closest large city – a two hour drive. Should be both fun and a lot of work, since we usually only go to town with a huge supply list. And occasionally to meet up with friends.

Fun-Thursdays! Hoping to check out a new Lebanese restaurant! 🙂

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