Life on a farm

Life on a farm is at times, tranquil. But the thing is, when you live like this, occasionally you must be able to put all other work aside and just do what needs to be done.

So, this week, that’s what both N and I have been doing. We had a sick hen and an injured dog, so we had the vet up to help (both are fine now). Our shed roof has a major leak; on trying to fix it, we uncovered termites. So we have pulled it off, and friends are helping us re-roof. Almost done with this. And, lots of fruits and vegetables are being harvested which is a great thing – but among other stuff we need to get done, we also need to hurry up with preserving (drying and canning, and a bit of fermentation) to make sure we don’t lose any of our precious bounty.

Not a sexy week for sure. But it has been nice to get away from the computer, get offline, and enjoy solid manual labor. It has been fun to be around friends, cook them meals and give them homebrew for their efforts, and enjoy their company.

Shingles are here, gotta go! happy friday!

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