Pet peeves

N has a super annoying habit of using a new glass for every single beverage he has over the course of the day. I spent a good hour yesterday morning picking up glasses half-filled with water, coffee, or tea, scattered around the house. And the yard. And the shed. And the terrace.

I believe that because N doesn’t wash the dishes, he doesn’t consider the cost of producing so many dirty glasses when he goes to get a new glass from the cupboard.

N, being a sensible person, agrees.


And, we’re compromising people. He has a water glass in all of his work areas now, just one, that I’ll wash every few days or so and replace. On my part, I’m removing about 85% of the cups from our cupboards (we are accumulators of crap we don’t need) to eliminate the feeling of surplus, which I believe is contributing to this insanely annoying habit.

Pet peeves can either be dealt with or can fester on forever.


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