A day in the gardens

I dislike gardening. Except the harvesting part (aka the fun part). Therefore, N is left with the sweat inducing back-breaking labor of planting, weeding, and tending our acre or so of gardens.

Today, he made me join him. Meh. I whined a bit, but he assured me it was just to keep him company. My hands wouldn’t get very dirty.

I begrudgingly pulled on my overalls and boots and walked outside to meet him. He was rummaging around our garden shed. When he heard me approach, he turned around.

N wore a huge grin on his face.

This was not a good sign.

“Take off your clothes, Sade. I bought you a new gardening outfit!”

In one hand, N held a ridiculously frilly little half-apron. Lace rimmed the edges. Pink, with pale yellow polka-dots.

In the other hand, he held a sun-hat with a humongous rim.

I rolled my eyes and began undressing. “This is totally impractical,” I commented.

“Nah, it’s fun! I need eye candy while I work, or it can get kinda boring. Hurry up, hurry up!”

He helped me tie the apron around my waist and I put the hat on my head. Otherwise, I was completely naked. This is one of the many advantages (or, in some cases, dis-advantages) of living in the country. There are no pesky neighbors to complain about young women gardening nearly nude in their backyards. As long as we’re behind the house, no one can see us from the road.

So, I spent my morning on my knees weeding gardens with N. He loved it. 🙂 I didn’t mind it much. Which is good, since there is so much work to do, N can’t possible get it all done on his own… and being naked actually made it kinda fun. And led to some very… erm, dirty sex.

😉 Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Hahaha! that’s exciting!

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