This is all very interesting…

My entire book has become insanely different then it was during my first draft.

Better-different, though.

This is my first novel. I’m a published author (print, even!), but most of what I write is the non-fiction variety… articles, reviews, etc. So, this novel writing business is new to me. And the entire process has been quite enlightening.

Three things I’ve learned about writing novels are:

  1. Writing an entire novel is fun. Much more fun than writing non-fiction. Even though I keep telling myself, “Ok, Sade, relax. It is, after-all, just a sex book,” I’m finding myself completely enamored with my characters and what they end up doing. It’s almost as though my fingers are just a tool for these characters to use in order to get their story told. When I’m writing, I get into the flow where I feel as though I’m actually reading the story as it happens. Pretty damn trippy. And I think that in spite of this novel being ‘just’ erotica, the story I’ve developed is entertaining.
  2. The editing process takes just as long as the writing process. It is slightly tedious, but rewarding just like the writing process. I’ve found myself making huge diagrams of the timeline of my story, setting apart chapters, flipping chapters around, adding foreshadowing for something that ended up happening near the end, etc. Etc. Etc.
  3. Writers need to read. Especially us beginners. I’m constantly thinking about other books I’ve read and learning about the style, the rhythm, the character development. I was approximately 15,000 words into my novel before I picked up some erotic fiction we just, eh-hem, happen to have in our house… And re-reading these books really helped me develop my own process. I think that a lot of people have the desire to create, the desire to write. But browsing some of the free erotica on the web tells me that some authors don’t spend enough time reading (though I will admit that a lot of quality, free erotica is definitely available).
So in spite of about five million unforeseen problems and unrelated adventures that have come up this month, I’m still hoping to have the first book available by late July. Yay!

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