Two Nights With Mistress Tracy (Part 4)

Continued from Two Nights With Mistress Tracy (Part 3)

Just joining us? Go to the beginning of the account: Two Nights With Mistress Tracy (Part 1)

I slid out of the coat. We drove for about fifteen minutes in complete silence. Mistress Tracy was probably happily imagining the ways in which she would torture me. I was nervously anticipating the exact same thing.

I haven’t been to many ‘sex shops’ in my life, but the ones I have been to are what I would nicely describe as dingy. Dusty shelves filled with cheap, plastic-encased vibrators. Hanging wracks of poorly made overpriced costumes that surely wouldn’t last for more than a few wears. These are the images that fill my head when I think of ‘sex shops’. Nate and I usually order our toys online from reputable dealers.

We do not buy them in grimy stores.

So I was less than enthusiastic about our field trip. When we pulled into a fancy-ish strip mall in a nice area of town, I looked at her, surprised.

She parked as far away as possible, then led me across the parking lot to the store. Her, fully clothed in appropriate black slacks and a green sweater. Me, the tramp of the hour.

I forgot about our outfits when we walked inside. This store was awesome. It was clean. I recognized a few of the product manufacturers—the stuff was quality. There wasn’t a single cheap vibrator in the place. It was like Utopia’s toy store for kinky folk.

Paddles and straps lined the wall. Restraints of various materials—leather, metal, tape, etc—filled the shelves. Leather and vinyl wear, along with costumes of various sorts, were on hangers and dressed on mannequins.

“How did I not know about this place?” I whispered as we walked around in mostly silence. There was just one other couple in the store. Besides them and the young man who sat at a desk near the back, we were alone.

“It’s pretty new. I told Nate I’d take you here and we’d check it out. I’ve never been, either.”

I was flooded with relief when I realized that this might not be a shopping trip. We were just checking out the newest toy store in town.

I heard a whack of a paddle against skin and peeked around the aisle to see the couple testing out a few of the spanking implements. They were both around thirty and attractive. The woman wore a short skirt and was bending over with her hands on her knees. The man was turning the paddle over and testing its weight. Then he patted her butt and gave her another good whack.

“Ouch!” she cried. Her hands flew to her mouth and she turned red. I could tell she’d been hoping to take the spank in silence.

I turned to Mistress Tracy and saw her lips curl into a cruel smile.

This was not good.

“That packs a punch,” she said loudly as she approached the couple. Mistress Tracy is not a shy woman. She boldly walked up to them and took the paddle from the man’s hands. “Come here, Sadey. Let’s see how it feels on you.”

The man was clearly intrigued. His girlfriend or wife or whatever she was tried to stand up to watch but he gently pushed her back to position.

I bent over beside her and shot her a worried, sideways glance. She gave me a small smile.

Mistress Tracy gave my butt a good smack with the paddle.

“Fuck!” I gasped.

“Watch your mouth,” she said before whacking me again. Then she handed the paddle back to the man and said, “I like it. Nice weight to it. C’mon, Sade.”

My face was just as red as the submissive woman’s beside me and I gratefully stood and scurried off with Mistress Tracy.

We left without buying anything—neither of us really need any more toys—and she drove us back to her place. There, Mistress Tracy got cross with me when I did not immediately strip out of my whore costume when we entered her house.

“What did I tell you about what slaves wear inside?” she snapped.

I saw a sheen in her eyes that made me shiver. Her evil glare combined with her tone made me instantly nervous. And, admittedly, excited. I pulled off the outfit and the shoes and stood naked near the front door. Ready for a quick exit, if necessary.

“Better,” she said. “Follow me.”

We went to her bedroom again, then to her bathroom, and she turned on the shower. “Get in,” she said.

She let the water run cold for a full thirty seconds, pushing me directly under the shower and laughing at me when I yelped and shivered. I watched her undressed but could barely pay attention. I really, really hate cold showers. Finally, she said, “All right. Make it warm,” and she got in the shower with me.

I have never showered with a woman before and I rarely shower with Nate, so this was an odd experience. Also, I distinctly remembered her hair being wet when I arrived at her house that morning and I couldn’t help but wonder what she was going to do to me in the close quarters of her bathtub.

“Wash me,” she commanded, handing me a sponge and soap. I obeyed, of course, and took my time washing every part of her. I washed her pussy last, rubbing her as sensually as I could with the soapy sponge, and she handed me the hand-held shower head to rinse her off.

When she was all cleaned, she pressed firmly on my shoulders until I lowered myself to my knees in front of her. She adjusted the shower so that the water sprayed directly onto my head, over my face, and I squeezed my eyes shut to protect them. Using her hands, she positioned my lips right next to her cunt. I could smell her, and in spite of the fact that I’d just washed her, Mistress Tracy smelled like sex.

I tried to lick her but it was more like she was riding my face. She didn’t start slow, didn’t ease in, no… she just held me still and rubbed her cunt all over me. I stuck my tongue out and lapped at her when I could but finally I just help my tongue there, my mouth open, and relaxed while she fucked me.

I could hear her moaning and felt oddly proud of myself that she was getting so turned on by using me. I grabbed her ass with my hands and squeezed her cheeks hard, and when I did that she screamed out loudly and she came, her wetness slicking all over my face.

She stepped back, steadying herself against the walls of the shower, and looked down at me. Water was still running all over my head and my face, and I must have looked like quite a mess. She smiled and I felt relieved.

“Good girl,” she said.

“I aim to please,” I replied.

… continued at Two Nights With Mistress Tracy (Part 5) …


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8 responses to “Two Nights With Mistress Tracy (Part 4)

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  2. Jetti

    Sadey, would love to hear about Nate’s ‘motivational’ techniques to getting authors to write! If it’s true that your real life experiences helped to create the torments Heather endured, then what an interesting life you lead! On that note, I loved both of Heather’s books. I was so upset after reading the first book that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I ended up doing the same with the second, trying to relive events to better understand the characters. You made the stories real to me and that takes a lot of talent. Thank you, and many blessings on all future writing endeavors.

  3. I would love to hear the details, of course you already know that. 🙂

  4. I’m motivated to catch up on the earlier posts!

  5. Carol from New Zealand

    Hi Sadey, very hot story. Thanks for sharing them with us. I totally agree with Jetti and am also looking forward to the Slaves book due out shortly. All the best… Carol

  6. I love to read about people who are living this lifestyle everyday. I would of course like to know the motivation 🙂

  7. Oh, I’ve GOT to hear this

    BTW – very hot, very well written account Sadey. Looking forward to reading more.

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