Like 50 Shades? You’ll also like Under Order

My first novel, Under Order, is happily listed as a book readers may enjoy if they also enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey.

EDIT: When I first posted this, I forget to include the link to the list! Among Under Order are other great indie-books. Please check them out, a few in particular sound hot!

And yes, I know, I know. Mistress Tracy‘s saga continues soon. Promise.

Love, love!



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7 responses to “Like 50 Shades? You’ll also like Under Order

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    Check out this new book, for those who loved Fifty Shades

  2. Although 50 Sades is popular right now with the vanilla crowd, all the people that I know from the real world BDSM community that have read the series feel more like the title should be – 50 Shades of Disappointment . . .

    I guess it depends on what crowd you wish to write for, the sexually frustrated vanilla soccer moms or the real life leather crowd, but it’s not likely that a book’s going to appeal to them both, or else Macho Sluts would have made the NYT Bestseller list!

    • I think people can like both. Lots of leather people don’t like 50 Shades, and lots of vanilla people don’t like 50 Shades… *and* for a lot of supposed vanilla folks, 50 Shades gave them permission to play in our world.

      I don’t write for specific crowds, and I don’t think it’s fair to say one book isn’t appropriate for a group of people.

  3. I just finished Under Order. Damn Sadey, at the risk of sounding like a complete fanboy, I have to say I loved your book. The problem is that it means I have to read all your others too. TBR pile is so large it may actually sink into the Earth under its own weight. Will get a review up for it ASAP.

    You are one to watch in this genre. Take care.

  4. psst. Just finished Fifty Shades. It was good, but yours is better. ❤

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