New Cover: Under His Roof

Under His Roof is my latest novella, due for e-book release in a month or so. Rachel, our protagonist, hires a professional disciplinarian to give her what she needs: a long, hard spanking. However, her disciplinarian, David, has feelings for her from the start. And she feels the same way about him.

It’s a book with lots of spankings and very little sex. This is an interesting shift from my normal books, and I kind of like how it flows.

So, here’s the cover. If you don’t want to nibble on that perky little nipple, I’m not sure you’re human…

The cover was designed by Willsin Rowe.


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5 responses to “New Cover: Under His Roof

  1. There’s a whole lot of nibbling material there from what I can see, holy cow! lol Looking forward to checking this out – also thanks for posting the 30 days of kink meme, I just might have to delve into this one myself, maybe post it up as journal entries over at fetlife.

  2. I will have to take your word for it on the nibbling urge (for obvious reasons), but the cover is actually really good. Perfectly sums up story and general genre. Well done Wilson and Sadey!

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