Review: Under Order

A voracious reader, Ciara, kindly wrote a review of Under Order. Check out her review of my novel, along with her thoughts on other novels, over at her blog.

I sent Ciara my novel after reading her review of 50 Shades of Grey. I figured, hey, she’s eloquent! And someone who likes 50 Shades might like my books!

Then I read her reviews of other novels and began to get nervous… The woman is freaking honest. Which is a good thing, by the way. I’ve always told myself a review is less than shit if it isn’t honest.

Needless to say, I’m really happy Ciara enjoyed the book. It’s nerve-wracking to send books out to be reviewed. Most of the time people choose not to read, or don’t read for whatever reason, or maybe they do read it but don’t want to tell me they thought that it sucked.

Which leads me to tell you about my first bad review. If you were just reading this for Ciara’s review, click here. Because I’m about to digress…

The First Bad Review
It was a few months after publishing the book. I woke up one morning and noticed I had a new review on Goodreads! Oh heavens! The excitement!

Then I saw it. One freaking star.

My heart sank. My throat tightened. What, oh what did I do to deserve one horrible star?

I won’t say what book it was for, and I won’t say who the reviewer is, but I will say this: She slept on her review and changed it. To four stars (out of five). She was just so flipping angry with me for part of the book that she couldn’t do anything but hate the story.

This, folks, is a strange power that should be in the hands of no writer. Erm, or at least not me.

The woman who hated the book has become one of my best contacts for feedback and insight. I love it. I flipping love the interaction I have with readers. I love the dialog. I love that I’m starting to see a few of them as ‘friends’.

I love that Under His Roof is going to be a better book because of their help.

It actually makes me choke up and get all soppy.

Is soppy even a word?


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