Alliteration My Vocation

Nate is reading Odyssey for Passion, and sometimes he pauses to read a passage out loud. This one, in particular, was fun:

With one hand she caressed her breasts and with the other
she explored the folds of her smooth, slick slit.

Seriously, try saying “Smooth, slick slit” five times fast. It is not easy.



Filed under Book-speak, Musings and Reflections

4 responses to “Alliteration My Vocation

  1. mikey2ct

    Good start but I’d prefer for him to slurp her sweet, syrupy sustenance.

  2. I guess it’s better than slapping her sweaty snatch, although I can see the fun & beauty in that as well 😉

  3. adores alluring alliterations . . .

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