It’s Raining… Free Books!

I just sent out 59 e-books to the winners of the Hot Summer Nights Bloghop. Whew!

I love giving away books. As a relatively new author, I’m more excited to have people read my words than to have people buy my words (though don’t get me wrong, I– and other authors– appreciate every single cent readers spend on novels).

What can you do to help new authors, besides buying their books?

Write Reviews. On Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble; where ever. Your reviews mean a lot. They mean even more in the erotica genre, because so few readers have kink-friendly accounts! If you have a kink-friendly account and you have a few minutes, you now know how to make an author’s day. 🙂

And, if you don’t have a kink-friendly account, that’s no big deal. Notes in an author’s inbox about how much a reader loved a story? Amaaaazing.



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7 responses to “It’s Raining… Free Books!

  1. Black Hippie Chick

    For my Naughty Nights blog hop, I’m going to let the winner choose which of your books they’d like….I love being able to gift prepaid books ;)!

  2. Black Hippie Chick

    Aww, thank 😉

  3. Susan W.

    Thanks so much for the book!

  4. Thanks so much, I just saw your this in my inbox today! I’m excited to read more of your work :).

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