Spanktastic Gets Physical

That’s right. We’re in print, baby!

Sadly, my original Spanktastic cover, which featured a very nice looking butt, didn’t have a high enough resolution for the non-virtual world. But when life gives you lemons, you make a new cover. And I think I actually like this one better.

Here’s the front:

And the back, or ass of the book, if you prefer:

And, spread ’em for the spread:

The photo on the front is by Marcus Ranum, an excellent photographer.

I’m pleased that I’m able to offer Spanktastic in print for just $8.99. I did some different formatting tricks to the interior of this bad boy. While it’s got fewer physical pages than Under Order ($10.99), it actually has more total words. Fewer pages = less expensive.

But it’s still readable. I’m a big believer in using readable, mid to large print for erotica books.

Because, well, you know… a reader shouldn’t have to squint in order to read while…

Well, you know.



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3 responses to “Spanktastic Gets Physical

  1. Flogging Mommy

    Love the new cover!

  2. That looks SO DAMN GOOD!! Good for you girl! Love it!

  3. The cover is……..yes, its very nice cover

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