A Butterfly’s Joy on Under Order and Social Service

Joy from A Butterfly’s Joy (a great blog you should follow) recently wrote up some of her thoughts about Under Order and Social Service.

I got all emotional reading them, to be honest. She’s such a passionate writer. It’s an honor that she took time to share her thoughts with the world.

From her review of Under Order:

I find Miss Sadey’s book a little bit closer to the “French school” since she isn’t making kink too smooth and justified for the audience. The scenes are sexy in a brutal way. The tests are hard, and the pains are so raw.

I won’t quote directly from her review of Social Service because it contains some spoilers for those who haven’t read Under Order. But I’ll quote a little aside at the end of her review that I found particularly interesting:

Finally one comment on the Under Order. Today my thought wandered to Fifty Shades of Grey and how different my world is from it–even from the time I read it a year ago. One of the most powerful scenes in the Under Order  is when Mark beats Heather with his belt. I wonder what the Fifty fans would think about this scene–reading it in comparison with E.L. James making Ana to leave when things become real. Maybe that’s why Ana and Christian never grow up. They are Barbie dolls in that billionaire fairy-tale. We readers should know better than that.

Thank you, Joy! I’m happy we became friends on the e-mail/twitter planes of the internet. 🙂 Perhaps one day in real life too!





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2 responses to “A Butterfly’s Joy on Under Order and Social Service

  1. Butterfly

    So glad you like what I wrote. It was a great pleasure to read your novels and I was all smiling writing about them.
    And I look forward to meeting you in real life, Miss Sadey!

  2. Kimiko Lotus

    You have been nominated for several Blog Awards: http://blackhippiechick.wordpress.com/2012/10/03/1699/

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