Coming Soon…

Happy Christmas Eve!

As I write this, I’m sitting among tins and Tupperware filled with NINE different kinds of cookies. Nine.

Always the one to opt for a cocktail over cake, I’m mostly staying the fuck away from the mountains of sweets.

GREAT NEWS–I’ve got the cover for my newest release, Taking His Hand. This is the second novella in the Under His Roof series. I like it. I will let you know a secret: there’s sex in this one!

Hubba hubba.

Here it is. Beautiful man, beautiful woman, pre-banging in the bedroom. I like David’s abs a little better in the first cover, but I think the pose in this one is perfectly intimate.

taking his hand cover

Cover art is by the talented Willsin Rowe.

Taking His Hand will be available for the Amazon Kindle in January.



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4 responses to “Coming Soon…

  1. Kathy Lewis

    I’m excited for the new book!

  2. Congrats on the book. Happy Holidays.

  3. lulu

    When in January?????

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