Wet and Wild Bloghop: Big Giveaways!

wildhopIt’s time for another bloghop!

Summer is close. So close, I can almost feel it. Here in Austin, the cool nights have given way to warmth, and I’m fearfully anticipating the summer heat. Just how hot will it get?

I’ve been warned. It will get really really hot.

But hot days mean time in air-conditioned cafes, writing spicy fiction, spinning naughty tales. Austin has a humongous natural spring, too–the water kind of spring, not the season–and Austinites flock to the cool water, getting relief from the heat. I’m looking forward to afternoons there, taking quick dips, soaking up the sun. Yum.

This hop is filled with fantastic prizes. One lucky commenter will win a $100 gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret. Second prize is a digital gift basket of five sexy books.


On top of the grand prizes, every participating writer is having a giveaway of their own. On my blog, I’ll be choosing three winners! The prize: a digital copy of one of my books, winner’s choice.

Sadey Quinn Books

To enter on my blog, and to be entered to win one of the grand prizes, simply leave a comment below. I’ll grant additional entries into my personal raffle for any readers who follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and/or subscribe to my blog. Be sure to mention in your comment if you’ve followed (or you’re already following) me on a social network.

(For winners who already own my collection–and I mostly know who you are–I’ll send ya a print copy of your choice: Social Service, Under Order, or Spanktastic. Signed and sent by moi)

Be sure to cruise around to the other participating blogs for more prizes and more opportunities to win that Vikki’s card!



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  1. Travelnurse

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a great prize. I look forward to reading!

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    Wow….what an awesome giveaway! Thank you very much. I follow via email, FB – Jessie Mora Llewellyn & Twitter – @jessie1811

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  4. Great giveaway! Thanks for being a stop on the hop!
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  7. I love your books, Sadey, and I’m glad you finally released Odyssey. I’ve been waiting. I already follow your blog, follow you via FB, and Twitter.


  8. Great giveaway! Thanks for being a stop on the hop!


  9. Thanks for the great giveaway!
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    I’m so excited to enter this hop! I have all of your books on my wishlist! FB: Corinne Alexander Twitter: @sassychassy333
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    Hi Sadey! Already following you on TEH Twitter. 🙂
    Hopping right along here. First hop. Cherry popped. Ow, bad rhyme. Sorry.
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    Looking forward to a hot and steamy summer!

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    All this talk about summer, I just want it to stay spring forever!

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    I’m loving this Hop! It’s a great way to discover and get to know authors. Thanks for being a part of it!

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    Cool! Another new-to-me author to look into, your books look great!

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