Cold Hands, Warm Bottoms: Winter Spanks Bloghop

This hop is off the hook. Comment here–with your favorite cold weather fantasy–for a chance to win one of the great prizes below. Be sure to check out the other blogs participating for other opportunities to win!

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Prizes of Greatness:

My favorite cold weather fantasy? So, I’m staying in the blizzardy midwest right now, and I suspect my fantasy might change the minute I get back to Austin…however, at the moment, my favorite fantasy is snuggling in front of the fireplace, after a long, hard pounding, exhausted and happy and warm. 🙂 Simple enough!

Here’s the rules for this blog hop:

Follow the links to read the blogs–comment on the blog to prove you were there (or answer the participant’s specific question, if they have one). COPY AND PASTE COMMENTS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! Each comment earns you one entry for the grand prize. You must provide your email address for your entry to count. Individual pages may also have their own form of entry (Rafflecopter, etc) for additional chances to win prizes. Enjoy all the free stories, posts, & fun!

Hope everyone is staying nice and warm!


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p.s. For ease of the folks running this giveaway, I won’t respond individually to your comments here. 🙂 I’ll read ’em all though!


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53 responses to “Cold Hands, Warm Bottoms: Winter Spanks Bloghop

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  2. Hi there, My favourite cold weather fantasy would be, log cabin, proper fire, snow outside and spanking inside. Where we live this is definitely a fantasy:(
    love Jan.x

  3. Your question is very appropriate for the northeast today. It’s cold and snowy. My favorite cold weather fantasy is sending the kids to bed early (or off somewhere else) and snuggling up with the hubby.


  4. Brittany Wendtland

    My cold weather fantasy is snuggled up with a warm blanket after some fun with the hubby and reading a good book!!!

  5. I used to like snow and cold but since living in fl. It’s warm year round. We have three temps. Hot, hotter and hottest. It’s great for reading.

  6. I wonder about hot tub outside when there is snow. I’ve never done it.

    lacrimsonfemme at gmail dot com

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  10. I do not like the cold. At all. I think the best I could manage is sex in a car, steaming up the windows cause Baby its Cold Outside (uh wait, did I just reference a rape song? Crap). 😛

  11. I would have to say that my perfect cold weather fantasy would have to be at a cabin in the mountains with a hot tub and my wife. Lots of champagne and hot chocolate of course!

  12. bn100

    It’d be reading in front of a fire

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

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  15. ghwasd

    Cold weather outside means its nice to cuddle inside! ghwasd at gmail dot com

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  18. LOL Sadey…favorite cold weather fantasy? Actually it’s my reality right now…cuddled up under a quilt with a cup of hot spiced cider and reading stories online. 😉 My favorite fantasy would be to be on a tropical island in a hammock with a cold drink and a hot man! 😉

    Cat catsbrighteyes at gmail dot com

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  21. tarafinneganromance

    Cold weather in this climate usually means tons of cold driving rain, so my favourite is to stay warm and dry indoors in front of a fire – unless there’s snow, that brings us all out for a while for some winter fun

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  23. His First Mate

    Cold weather fantasy? I think it would be fun to hot tub while it is snowing!

  24. I have to agree, Sadey- I’m in Michigan so I want to be somewhere warm.

  25. Leigh Smith (aka Sunny Girl)

    I no longer live in a cold weather climate and never intend to again. But reading the above comment made me remember Colorado and going out in our hot tub, watching the stars. I loved watching when we would get out and the steam would be coming off our bodies and the outdoor temp would be somewhere around the teens.

  26. amy bowens

    My favorite winter fantasy is being with my husband on a super soft rug by the fireplace in a cabin all alone (kids are always around!) thanks and have a good day!

  27. Sadie – you must be phyic because that’s my fantasy along with hot, steamy happenings.
    I don’t know whether my name will come up as Laura or Hotdiggitylaura. But for this blog hop it should be hotdiggitylaura. Thanks.

  28. Sadie – your fantasy is mine along with hubby and hot and steamy goings on.
    I am having a problem getting the correct name to come up for the blog hop. It should not be Laura but hotdiggitylaura so I am not disqualified.

  29. Favorite cold weather fantasy….hmmm…I think it would be somewhere in the mountains…snow everywhere…not another cabin in site. Huge Hot Tub on the deck and me and my sweetie enjoying ourselves!!

    tammyfaris1966 at gmaildotcom

  30. Renee

    Favorite winter fantasy – going away somewhere tropical on the beach while it is cold and snowy at home.

  31. My favorite winter fantasy—hot tub on a sunny winter afternoon. 😉

  32. It’s so HOT in Australia at the moment that if ai had a cold weather fantasy it would probably be just sitting in the middle of the snow and getting cool 🙂

  33. Favorite winter fantasy? Hmmm, snuggled up in a cabin with hubby. Fireplace, drinks, spankings and other “warming” activities. 🙂

    It’s a fantasy, bc we still have about 8 years before we can get away for something like that. LOL
    Katherinedeane40 at gmail dot com

  34. Favorite cold weather fantasy…. I like the idea of an outdoor hot tub in a cold, climate. I also love to sit by a crackling fire when it’s cold outside. Okay, I’m off to make some hot chocolate now….

  35. My favorite cold weather fantasy would be a trip away to a lodge full of kinky delights with my husband!

  36. Cathy

    My cold weather fantasy would be to be snowed in at a secluded cabin in the mountains…with my hubby, in front of a roaring fire.
    capefearlibn at gmail dot com

  37. Where I’m at we’re supposed to be getting 8 to 12 inches of snow; my kids are at my ex’s for visitation this weekend. There’s a fireman that I’ve been talking to for awhile & he’s promised me a spanking! I would love for him to come check on me during the storm, through a log or two in the fire place that I have yet to use. I would love for us to sit on a blanket in front of the fire & chat over a glass of wine. Hopefully, I would end up leaning over the couch with his bare hand spanking my ass & christening my new apartment , as I ring in my first New Year, as a single woman since I was 19. Of course, since he’s a great fire man he will make sure the logs never get as hot as me ;). A girl can dream, right?

  38. My favorite cold weather fantasy definitely takes places indoors in front of a fire with lots of spanking and other kinky stuff with my husband:) authorsuelyndon at

  39. Yes, cold weather fantasy? It’s 8 degrees out side right now and I’m tucked away in my quiet WARM office on a Saturday morning with my coffee and my laptop reading all these deliciously sinful snippets and stories…

  40. pooky120

    Cold weather fantasy? It is 8 degrees outside right now and I am holed up in my warm office with my coffee reading all these deliciously sinful stories!

  41. Binz

    Cold weather fantasy, about cuddling under a warm blanket in root of a fire place listening to Charlie Hunnam read my favorite book to me 🙂
    Lburger1908 at gmail dot com

  42. Cold outside and warm inside … curled up on the rug in front of the fire with a glass of something nice whilst watching a dvd 🙂

  43. Lynn Cannon

    mmmmm snuggling while it is cold outside is the best especially if there is a fire to watch

  44. Karen

    My fave cold weather fantasy is what I’m doing now. Snuggled on the couch in my fleece pjs, under a warm blanket and 3 large dogs:-)

  45. Cold weather fantasy. Since I live in Florida I love cold weather.
    Today it’s cold and raining and my tennis was called off. The temp. Is a cold 72 but will go back to the 80s. My fantasy is that it would stay at 75 year round.

  46. amber

    There’s a lot to be said for reading good stories by the fire while the snow’s falling outside.

  47. Tracey Horton

    well right now we are in a total sub zero freeze where I live, with a TON of snow. Believe me the fantasy is MUCH better than reality. LOL Mine would be a very masculine, dominant, southern drawl cowboy in a remote cabin in the Adirondack Mts. with a large bear rug, large fire, large hands and large sexual appetite and member!! Yup that would do it.

  48. kfemme

    My fav cold weather fantasy is a cabin with a hot tub out in the snow under the stars.
    kfemme at sbcglobal dot com

  49. Ed

    Cold weather fantasy…Hot buns from a hot woman.

  50. My favorite cold weather fantasy would be flying somewhere warm and not coming back home until spring!

  51. shadowluvs2read

    What a fantasy! I do like it! 😛 A good hard pounding, i could take that in any weather! hehe But laying by a fire and maybe playing with a bit of snow would be fun too! 😀

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