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New Release: Bad Girl Good

bad girl good


It’s Release Day! Happy Release Day to ME!

Bad Girl Good is available for the Amazon Kindle.

SQUEEEEEE!!!!! I’m so excited about this novella! It’s got lots of sex, lots of spankings, a little humiliation and some minor anal play. It’s fun, light-hearted, and I had an absolute blast writing it.

The excerpt is here, the link to buy is here, and the smile? Well, that’s located on my face, and there’s no link for that. Yet.

Enjoy the weekend!



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Under His Roof: Beta Version Released!

I just sent out the beta copies of Under His Roof to an amazing group of readers. I’m so excited to hear their reactions to this novella. Under His Roof is a fun story of a lovely, slightly bitchy woman who needs a little ‘correction’ in her life. ‘Correction’ turns out to be spankings, and this novella is full of spankings!

If you’re a reader who might be interested in beta reading, read this post and contact me. Try to include at least something enticing about your reading and feedback skills. I’ve gotten a few messages that are along the lines of, ‘Sadie I be good reader 4 u’… to which I respond, ‘thx Jeremy203Spanker, butt I’m allz good’.

And, to the current beta-readers, THANKS THANKS THANKS, you are all awesome. Nate thought I didn’t need you until I got such excellent, insightful feedback for Slaves on Pertz. I’ve really been floored by all the thoughtful comments I’ve received.



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