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Call for Beta Readers

Hey, lovelies!

I’m finishing up final revisions of my latest domestic discipline novella, Bad Girl Good. Early this week, I’ll have the book ready for beta-reading.

If you’re interested in beta-reading, please fill out the form below.

Beta-reading¬†entails reading through the book, taking note of any obvious inconsistencies, and providing general thoughts and feedback. It’s not editing, though I certainly welcome suggestions. Basically, I want to know if you enjoyed the story, if you thought the characters were believable and awesome, and how you felt about the sex and spankings. ūüôā

This story includes: domestic discipline, spankings, M/f romance, a lil’ bit of anal, and a smidgen of humiliation. It’s intense domestic discipline, bordering on BDSM-lite. If anal and humiliation aren’t your thing, you might not like it. If whips and chains are more your style, this might be too tame for you. But if you enjoy a good romance with plenty of dirty sex and punishments, you’ll probably enjoy¬†Bad Girl Good.

It’s around 40,000 words, so it’s a quick read. I’m hoping to have the beta-feedback within ten days of sending the novella out.

Thanks in advance! Here’s the form:

Edit: This call is now closed. Please stay tuned for more calls for help!

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And the Winner is…

Thanks to everyone who commented and tweeted for a chance to win a copy of Under His Roof. 

The winner is…

Lorraine, who says:

New to this, never heard of the term domestic discipline… Methinks I need a chat with hubby… I’ve been lacking in the household goddess department….

Well, Lorraine, you have now heard of domestic discipline. Good luck to you if you have that chat with the hubster. ūüėČ

Here’s one of my favorite recent reviews of¬†Under His Roof from Amazon:

I couldn’t put it down I read the whole thing right after downloading…. It was sooo captivating that i wished David was a real character that I met in real life… The author demonstrated him as hot and wild yet strong and a professional disciplinarian… The character that many women having fantasy with! It also showed the many types of sub women who wants to get spanked and why exactly they feel they need it!

I loved the spanking parts and the way Rachel was falling in love with her authority figure! On the other hand, Rachel (the main character) is a down to earth woman that no matter how strong she appears around her coworkers.. She’s still weakened by a handsome wild man

That story is a delicious mix of pain and pleasure

For those who are curious, two of my projects right now are a sequel to Under His Roof (which I have now written TWICE…third time’s the charm, right?) and… fucking drumroll, please… another Rock Creek book! Yay!


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