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Twisted: Bondage Erotica, Anyone?


A billion months ago, I wrote a little bondage story and sent it over to Ms. Alison Tyler–who is, as it happens, the editor of the very first book of erotic stories I read as I was starting to write smut. I love her stories, and love her compilations. She works a lot with Cleis Press, so if you’re in the mood for some kinky fiction, check out her stuff and Cleis Press in general.

My story was accepted for publication, and I just realized that the book actually got published–woot! Twisted is available for Kindle, and will be released in paperback in February.

The Sadey story is called ‘Justice’, and sets a scenario in which prisoners are sexually tortured by a mechanical robot, at the hands of paying voyeurs.

Because that’s how I roll.

The list of other contributors is here. A nice line-up, I’m happy to be part of it!




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