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Two Nights With Mistress Tracy (Part 5)

Continued from Two Nights With Mistress Tracy (Part 4)

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“Rinse yourself off, then come join me. I want to slap you around a little while your skin is nice and wet.”

I rinsed quickly, nervous about the impending pain. Mistress Tracy is known for her sadism. I met her back in her bedroom and she pointed to the bed.

“Lay down on your stomach. Spread eagle, arms and legs out.”

The sound of me gulping was loud in the otherwise silent room. In the time it had taken me to rinse off, Mistress Tracy had dressed herself in her bright red robe and pulled her wet hair back into a tight ponytail. She looked calm. Peaceful. Like she was in a special mental space.

This filled me with great concern.

I placed myself onto the bed, the cover dampening quickly from my dripping wet skin. I kept my eyes on her as I spread my limbs wide, exposing myself to whatever evil plan she’d dreamed up.

She gave me a long, hard stare before bending down and picking up a long, flexible rubber paddle that I’d failed to notice before.

“I’ll stay clear of your thighs for now, provided you take this spanking well,” she said, trailing the tip of the paddle along the spine of my back.

I was trembling and incredibly nervous. The paddle looked severe and I knew Mistress Tracy loves to hurt. “Please, Mistress,” I whispered. “I’ll be good.”

“I know you’ll be good,” she said, smiling down at me. “Count for me, Sadey.”

The first crack of the paddle against my wet flesh was fucking unbelievable. The sound filled the room and a split second later pain seared through my backside. “Holy shit!” I gasped.

“Watch your mouth. Didn’t I tell you that at the store?” She looked amused, but her tone was still strict.

“Sorry, Mistress Tracy.”

“Do you need to have your mouth washed out with soap?”

“No! No, Mistress Tracy.”

“Good. Then shut up and take your spanking like a good girl. Weren’t you supposed to count?”

I knew I was screwing up but my brain was totally gone at that moment. I didn’t know what I was counting to which was a mind fuck in and of itself. That, and I swear like a sailor when I’m being beaten and didn’t know if I could keep my mouth shut. I was sure that if I swore again she would be lathering my mouth with soap, and I didn’t want that to happen.

I took three deep breaths and looked back up at Mistress Tracy. “One,” I whispered.

“Good girl,” she said, raising her arm in the air and bringing the paddle back down against my flesh.

“Oh!” I gasped. It stung so badly! I couldn’t believe what she was doing. At that moment I thought of Nate, and how he would never spank me so hard without warming me up. But then I also thought of him, at his conference, and I imagined he was day dreaming of me. In the hands of Mistress Tracy. I told myself to be good, if only for his sake (and certainly not for mine). “Two,” I said.

She spanked me seven times, hard, and then helped me up and showed me the striking red lines across my butt. I was teary eyed and my mind was a mess but I was still able to process that those were some pretty amazing looking marks.

“Thank you, Mistress Tracy,” I whispered, looking into her eyes through the mirror.

Her expression softened and she smiled. “You’re welcome. Now let’s dress you up for dinner.”

It was odd being her toy. She was clearly loving it and she touched me whenever she could, wherever she could. As we walked to Pam’s closet to get a waitress uniform, she slid her hand in between my legs and I yelped and giggled at the intrusion. At the closet doors, she pushed me against the wall and pinched my nipples hard, twisting them until I begged her to stop.

I was hers to use. This had never happened to me before. Nate and I play with others on occasion, and I’ll usually be told to obey any of the dominants (unless we’re switching things around, which is rare), but we’ve never done anything like this. He’d never lent me to someone to use.

Which is a testament of the respect Nate has for Mistress Tracy. He wouldn’t lend me to just anyone.

She pulled out one of Pam’s uniforms and dressed me up. Pam is slightly smaller than me so the outfit was just a little tight which made Mistress Tracy smile. “Your breasts might fall out of this,” she said, testing the breast-line hem of the halter top with her fingers.

The shorts were absolutely dreadful. They were super tight and were skimpier than a lot of my panties. Mistress Tracy wouldn’t allow me to wear underwear with them so the lines of my pussy lips showed clearly through the fabric. My bottom hung out of the shorts and I could just make out some of the red marks from the paddle.

Wearing the outfit in public would be humiliating.

“Are you really going to ask Pam’s boss to let me work with her?” I whispered, looking at my reflection in wonder. If I thought I looked like a whore earlier, I had been mistaken. This was over the top tramp-wear.

“Of course. I invited Syd to join us.”

“Oh, Jesus,” I muttered. Syd is our enormous friend who is only in town on occasion. He happened to be the one who delivered my birthday spankings last September. I was happy to see him but knew that Mistress Tracy and Syd together was not a good combination.

The drive to the restaurant was twenty minutes, during which Mistress Tracy ordered me to the backseat of her car and told me to masterbate. I found my cunt was slick with my juices already. I thought about the upcoming evening as she drove, knowing that I might be exposing myself to strangers just like Pam does. I hoped they would be strangers, anyway.

When we walked inside the restaurant I looked down at my chest and saw my nipples were hard and pointy and very obvious through the thin black fabric of the halter top. I felt myself blush as some of the customers, mostly all male, turned to look at us.

Pam spotted us from behind the bar and waved excitedly. She grabbed the bartender, pointed at us, and the bartender—a tall, dark guy with a lot of tattoos, grinned. They both waved us over.

“You look hot, Sadey,” Pam said when we approached.


“This is Patrick. He’s managing tonight. He says it’s cool if you want to take a couple of tables.”

Patrick was staring at my chest and I looked down and saw my left breast had slipped up and part of my aureola was visible. I blushed deeper and adjusted my top. Trying to recover, I took a deep breath and said, “Nice to meet you Patrick.”

“You too. Sadey, right?”

I nodded.

“Come on. I’ll show you what to do.”

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Two Nights With Mistress Tracy (Part 1)

Thursday, 3:00pm

At the moment I’m sitting at Mistress Tracy’s desk. I’m naked, save for my collar, which has been locked to the chair by a thick metal chain. I’ve got clothespins on both of my nipples and a large dildo in my cunt. Metal handcuffs bind my wrists together, with just enough freedom to type.

Pam is kneeling beside me. She’s watching me to make sure I keep writing. If I stop typing for more than ten seconds, she is instructed to go find her Mistress so I can be punished. I am certain that I will not allow this to happen.

She is also instructed to remove the clothespins from my nipples in forty-five minutes. She will then place them on my pussy lips. After forty-five more minutes, if I still have not completed this work, she will place one of the clothespins on my tongue. The other one will be clamped onto my clitoris.

As soon as I am finished with my assignment, I will alert Pam. She will run off to find our owners so I may be released.

The assignment? I’m to tell you, in detail, about my last two nights of serving Mistress Tracy.

Here goes:

On Tuesday morning, Nate announced his plan: “Sade,” he said as he shook me awake. “C’mon. You’re going to spend a couple of nights with Tracy.”

I shot up faster than normal and looked at him in disbelief. “What?”

“You heard me. Get up and shower. She’ll want you clean, I’m sure.”

Shocked and admittedly terrified, I took a quick shower before hurrying to Nate to confirm what he’d said. “You’re leaving me with her… for two nights?”

Nate was busy throwing some of my clothes into an overnight bag. “Yeah.”

“What did I do to you? What did I do wrong?” I couldn’t help myself—I felt panicky. I began to cry.

Nate looked at me and laughed. “She’s not so terrible, Sade.”

“I know. But you can’t leave me alone with her!”

“Pam will be there.”

“Pam does not count.” I sat on the bed beside the overnight bag and frowned.

“Pam counts. Stop being such a brat and get ready to go. Wear something sexy for her.”

I whined softly and was rewarded with a sharp slap to my face. Nate looked down at me with one of the sternest expressions I’ve ever seen him wear and I immediately fixed my attitude—at least outwardly—and got myself ready.

I wore a sleek black dress that fell just below my ass and paired it with my favorite black boots. Nate nodded his approval, threw the bag over his shoulder, and led me out to the car.

It was a long drive to Mistress Tracy’s place, and we mostly spent the time in silence. But finally, when we were just a few blocks away, I whispered, “Why are you doing this?”

Nate sighed and pulled the car to the side of the road. He turned off the engine and stared straight ahead for a moment before turning to face me. “Don’t you want to please me?”

“Of course.”

“And do you think, while I’m at this conference, I’ll enjoy day-dreaming about what Tracy is doing with you?”

Nate loves it when I’m with other women, so the answer to his question was obvious. “Yeah. You’ll like thinking about us,” I said. I felt my cheeks get warm with shame and silently cursed myself for being such a whiner. “I’m sorry.”

He touched my collar, then tickled me behind my ear, and then lightly massaged the crook of my neck that’s so often tense. “When you gave yourself to me, you said you trusted me. You still trust me, and I trust Tracy. She’ll take good care of you.”

“She’s just so…”

“Yes. She’s sadistic. You’ll love it. Besides,” Nate said, starting the engine again, “she’s been looking forward to this for weeks.”

“For weeks?!” I couldn’t help but glare at him for keeping their plan a secret from me and he just laughed.

We pulled into her driveway and I reluctantly got out of the car, though I tried my best to appear compliant and happy about the arrangement. Pam, Mistress Tracy’s slave, answered the door wearing her bathrobe and I gave her a hug and a kiss.

“I’m glad you’re here,” she whispered as she led us to the kitchen.

Yeah, I thought to myself, I’m a welcome distraction.

And there was Mistress Tracy. She was pouring herself a cup of coffee, her long brown hair still wet from her morning shower. Her red silk robe seemed to be the costume of the Devil, though she was missing the horns and the tail.

“Hello, Nate,” she said, greeting my Master while ignoring me. She gave him a kiss on the cheek, standing on her tip-toes to reach his face.

“Hey, Tracy. Listen, I can’t stay long. My plane leaves in a couple hours.”

“Of course. Thanks for dropping her off.” Mistress Tracy looked at me and flashed me an evil grin. “I’ll take good care of her.”

“I’m sure you will.” He set my bag down by the kitchen counter and I looked at him, shocked he was leaving so abruptly. He chuckled, pulled me to his chest, and kissed the top of my head. “I’ll see you Thursday afternoon, Sade.”

I felt like I might cry again and I bit my lip to force the tears away. But Nate can read me like a book. He held me at an arm’s length and gave me his killer smile of reassurance. “Be good, ‘K?”

I nodded.

It was like he was deserting me and it was all happening so fast. Then, he was gone and I heard the car start and knew he was pulling away. He was abandoning me, leaving me to the will and whims of the most sadistic woman I’ve ever known.

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