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Under His Roof: Free Through Sunday


I love new months. Love ’em. On occasion, I’m slightly jarred by the mind-numbingly fast pace of the world around me…but new months mean new goals and beginnings.

Or, whatever. Maybe it’s just a new day.


Under His Roof is FREE on Amazon through Sunday! Be sure to grab a copy, if spankings and discipline are your cup of tea. You can check out the blurb and read an excerpt here.


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Social Service: Free August 26-30

A friendly reminder that Social Service is free from today through Thursday, August 30. If you haven’t read it and you might like a BDSM story about a kinky community doing all sorts of freaky shit, head on over to Amazon and download a copy.


The giveaway for Under Order went well with one tiny, yet very important exception: I tend to get positive feedback in the form of e-mails and comments, and negative feedback in the form of reviews.

I love both kinds of feedback. Really. But part of the bummer of writing in this genre is that many folks who enjoy the books don’t have kink-friendly accounts to express their enjoyment to the world! Meh! People who hate the books are usually happy to use their ‘normal’ accounts to bash any subject that most people consider taboo.

Ah, well. The great thing is I know lots of people enjoyed Under Order, not only from personal feedback I got, but because sales for the sequel skyrocketed last week. So it is being enjoyed by many. And everything is bound to be hated by a few. Right?


Click here to download a copy of Social Service for your Kindle or Kindle App (which is also free, download here).

Spanktastic will be free August 31-September 4.

Labor Day is coming up. Just a year ago, I wrote Sexy Labor Day — one of my first attempts at kink-fantasy fiction. It’s amazing it’s just been one year. What a trip.



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