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Sexy Labor Day (Part 8)

Continued from Sexy Labor Day (Part 7). This is the conclusion to the Labor Day story. Please leave a comment with any thoughts!

Just joining us? Head on over to Sexy Labor Day (Part 1).

Syd took a seat on the chair and looked at me expectantly.

“Come on, now,” he said. “Get your birthday butt over my lap.”

My stomach was full of butterflies and the anticipation was driving me absolutely wild. All at once I was nervous, excited, and incredibly ready. I wasted no time and nearly fell onto Syd’s huge lap.

I heard N laugh at my eagerness and I ignored him. N will never totally understand the feelings a good masochist has when she’s about to be spanked, hard, by a man like Syd. He doesn’t have to understand; all he has to know is that I crave that kind of thing.

I was trembling with excitement and wiggled when Syd put one of his hands on the small of my back, holding me firmly in place.

“So, how old are you Sadey?” he asked.

“Twenty seven.”

His other hand was caressing my ass and I wanted to scream at him to start. I kept quiet.

“Twenty seven,” he repeated. He was taking his damned time and I knew he was just trying to make me suffer. “Well, Sadey, I’ll warm your ass up before I give you your twenty seven whacks. How’s that sound?”

“OK, Syd,” I whispered. I looked out and saw everyone watching. Pam was at Tracy’s feet; she looked captivated. I think she wished it was her over Syd’s lap instead of me.

Syd began slowly. His large hand did, indeed, cover both of my ass cheeks as he worked. I tried to rest my feet on the ground and remain composed but soon I was squirming and moaning in that combination of pleasure and pain that just feels… so good. My feet were making scissor kicks and I couldn’t help but reach my hands back to cover my butt.

Syd slapped them away. “Prince, take her feet,” he said. “Pam, her hands.”

In a short moment Prince held me tight by my ankles and Pam had a strong grip on my wrists. She looked right at me, her eyes glimmering happily.

Syd continued and spanked hard with the help of Prince and Pam holding me in place. I struggled in vain as he slapped my ass. There was no getting out of the spanking and I groaned helplessly. He left no part of my butt or upper thighs out of his spanking and I was sure I was covered in red hand marks by the time he took a second pause to rub my steaming behind.

“How’s that feel, Sadey?” he asked.

“It hurts, Syd,” I moaned.

He dipped a hand in between my legs and gave my cunt a quick rub. “Just like in your book,” he mused. “Dripping wet and in pain.”

I was seriously reconsidering my idea that my friends should read my books for free as, once more, I was reminded that I was not unlike my pain-slut protagonist.

“My next book is gonna be about a big huge male slave,” I shot back. I turned to look up at him and grinned the evillest grin I could manage.

Syd laughed loudly at that and resumed his spanking without another word. I was getting used to it now and I just absorbed each solid slap with small, short moans. Prince and Pam loosened their grips on me a little bit as they recognized my state of mind. I was in subspace and I was not struggling anymore.

“All right, paddling time,” Syd announced, taking another break. He rubbed my butt and I quivered at his gentle touch.

Pam retrieved the paddle from the ground where I’d left it. She handed it to Syd, and Syd said, “Pam, turn around and bend over.”

I looked up and saw Pam rewarded with four quick smacks of the paddle. She has a little bubble butt and it looked good getting spanked.

“Thank you, Syd,” she said politely.

I was still laying over Syd’s lap and hoped he would paddle me just like that. His lap is so comfortable, I could take a nap draped across it.

My wishes were not of his concern. He pulled me up and stood up beside me, reminding me of how large he is for the billionth time that afternoon.

“OK, birthday girl. Bend over. Put your hands on the chair.”

I whined softly, not wanting to have my butt face all of my friends. Syd cocked his head and glared at me and I quickly complied with his command.

I heard the click of a camera and turned my head to see N taking photos. Whimpering some more and blushing with sudden humiliation of being so exposed (why I hadn’t been more humiliated over Syd’s lap, I have no idea…), I quietly asked him to stop taking photos. He came to me and bent over to whisper into my ear: “It’s my job to take photos of my horny little slut.”

Blushing more, I faced the back of the chair. My friends moved themselves in order to see what they wanted to see. Tracy, Pam, Stewart and Amy moved around to the front so they could see my face as I was paddled. The others stayed on the picnic bench to watch my ass.

“Twenty seven spanks is what you’re owed, Sadey,” Syd said, stroking my already stinging bottom. “Do you think you can stay still for me?”

“Yes, Syd,” I said. I would try.

“We’ll see.”

The first whack send a sharp sting from my ass to my pussy and to my brain.

“OUCH! FUCK!” I cried out, shooting up and grabbing my ass.

Syd laughed and I heard N snapping photos. I glared at N and whirled around to face Syd. “That was hard!”

He only shrugged and smiled. I stomped my foot and took my position.

“That was one,” Syd said, reminding me that I had many more to go.

He spanked me softer for the next few whacks and I managed to stay in place. My ass was on fire and I hated the new paddle he’d given me. It hurt so much.

As he worked he increased the intensity of each spank. I was gripping the chair as hard as I could to stay in place. My arms were tense and my face was furrowed in concentration. Amy told me later that I looked like I was a constipated student studying for a tough exam.

Her assessment made me laugh, but at the time my world only consisted of Syd, the paddle, the chair, and my stinging ass. All of our guests, in my mind, had disappeared. N’s camera, which ended up taking over a hundred photos of my spanking, was no longer a part of my experience.

“Twenty, Sadey. Seven more. Count them for me.”

The last seven spanks seemed to last forever. I counted them dutifully and help myself in place. I imagined my ass was bruised and battered by now, but I did not cry or scream.

“Twenty seven!” I cried out when he executed the final stroke.

Syd pried my hands off the chair and gave me a big hug before passing me off to N. N held me tight. He whispered, “Good girl, Sade. You took that like a champ,” while I sniffled into his chest.

The party resumed without us as N and Syd took me inside to see my butt. To my dismay I was hardly bruising at all, though the redness was impressive.

“Are you having a nice birthday?” asked N, looking at me through the bathroom mirror.

I nodded.

“Thank Syd.”

“Thank you, Syd,” I said sincerely.

“You’re welcome, Sadey,” Syd replied.

“Would you like to fuck her?” N asked casually.

Syd smiled. “I’d love to, but later. Let’s eat.”

We joined the rest of the group outside. I was relieved that I’d opened all of my gifts, though I knew there was much more fun and trouble to be had.

Our meal was filled with friendly conversation. I sat on a cushion beside Amy and marveled at what wonderful friends I have. Half of the people around the table wore no clothes and the slaves wore their collars with pride. I realized it’s no wonder I like to write about communities where alternative sexuality is accepted and appreciated. I never feel better than when I’m among my truest friends.

My friends who know me, the real me, are the best friends I’ve ever had.

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Excerpt from Under Order: A Dirty Chill

Like a total doof, I posted a chapter from my latest novel in pretty much every forum except my own blog. Oops.

Here you go!

M/f, MM/f, humiliation, spanking, punishment

Heather Green is a young workaholic lawyer with no time for a relationship. Until she meets Mark. Mark’s dominance, his commands, and his expectations soon lead Heather down a path she never dreamed possible. As Mark and Heather grow to know one another, Heather learns pieces of the lifestyle Mark is leading her towards. Will a BDSM intentional community make a slave free?


The walk went quickly. Ralph’s was just a block from my apartment. All of my work to disguise myself was for nothing; hardly anyone was outside.

Mark was dressed very casually in old blue jeans and a black t-shirt. Instead of his usual BMW, he had a brown, dented Honda. He kissed me when I arrived, then stood back to look at me.

“Didn’t I tell you to wear the dress and nothing more?” he asked.

“I’m not wearing anything else,” I said.

“Take off the sunglasses and the hat.”

I took them off sheepishly, knowing I hadn’t done as he had asked.

“Wait here,” he said. He went into Ralph’s and I waited impatiently. It was still very light outside and I was worried that I would see someone I knew.

Mark returned. “Follow me,” he said. He led us around to the back of the store and unlocked the men’s bathroom door. He pushed me inside and locked the door behind us.

“Bend over and put your hands on the sink, Heather.”

I looked at him, then at the sink, then back to him. “Really?” I asked. The sink didn’t appear to be very clean.

Without a word, Mark pushed me forcefully down to the sink. I used my hands to catch myself and he covered them with his. I felt his whole body around me, his strength and power so obvious. His hands were so much bigger than mine, holding me down.

“If you move these fucking hands before I’m done, you will be a very sorry little slave,” he growled softly into my ear. I shuddered under him. I was scared.

“Did you think that I wanted you to wear a little disguise along with your outfit, Heather?” he asked, standing up and positioning himself behind me.

“No,” I admitted.

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice that you disobeyed?”

“I… I didn’t know. I didn’t know if you were serious,” I said. I looked down at the sink and saw rings of mineral deposits. I decided I did not like men’s bathrooms.

“Look back at me, Heather,” he said. I looked at him and was relieved to see he had a small smile on his face. “You can rest assured, my dear, for any future commands that I give you, that I am always very serious.”

He reached to his back pocket and produced a wooden spoon. “This,” he said, “is something I usually carry when I’m going out with a slave or submissive girl. In public, it is very difficult to discretely give a naughty girl a proper punishment. But I can use this quite effectively without producing a lot of noise. As long as you keep quiet, Heather, your neighborhood shopkeeper won’t be the wiser. You may face forward now.”

I looked forward, a bit annoyed. I didn’t want to be punished. It seemed so unfair that he would spank me for a simple misunderstanding.

Mark pulled my dress up over my ass, bunching it up at my waist. He wasted no time and used the spoon to pepper my butt with a series of spanks.

I bit my lip to keep myself from crying out. It was worse then his hand, and maybe even worse then the paddle Jasmine used to spank me. It stung. I clutched the sides of the sink as hard as I could, not knowing if I would be able to keep myself from using my hands to block the blows. Before long I was hopping from foot to foot, moving my ass around to try to avoid his spanks.

He stopped and I breathed a sigh of relief. His hands grazed my skin softly. “Do you think you’ve been punished enough, Heather?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said quickly. Definitely.

“I disagree, but I prefer a change in venue. Wash your hands.”

I washed my hands thoroughly. Mark pulled my dress down and led me back out to the parking lot.

“Get in. I’ll return the bathroom key to Ralph,” he said, unlocking the door to the car.

We drove for over a half hour. I realized he was taking us to one of the sketchy parts of town. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been to this area. He pulled into street parking and gestured to a restaurant across the road. It was a diner that desperately needed new siding. On the glass door entrance was a neon ‘open’ sign.

“Do you think a lot of your colleagues go to restaurants like this?”

“Um, no,” I said.

“Or friends?”


“Or estranged Mormon relatives?” he said, looking at me and smiling.

“More likely scenario, but no. I don’t think so.”

“Good. Let’s go.”

“Like this? Here?” I asked nervously, looking down at my outfit. My dress barely covered my tits and my ass, and my boots and makeup just made the outfit over the top. In this part of town, I’d be assumed to be an actual prostitute wearing this kind of thing.

“Ah. Your hesitation reminds me that you still deserve a little more punishment. And I love embarrassing you. It’s so easy. Come on, follow me. I have an idea.”

I reluctantly followed Mark as he quickly walked across the street and into the restaurant. It was crowded, to my disappointment, and I felt the eyes of the customers on me as we entered. Mark signaled a waitress and asked to speak to the manager.

Seconds later, a man around 50 years old with a bit of a gut sauntered up to us.

“What do you want?” he grumbled, glaring at Mark and eying me with lust. He spoke with a bit of an accent that could only be described as ‘rural’. I stepped behind Mark a little bit more, trying to hide from the man’s gaze.

“Hello, sir,” Mark began, reaching out to shake the man’s hand. “Listen, I have an odd question for you. Do you have an office where we can speak privately?”

The man looked Mark up and down and asked, “Is you a cop?”

“No, sir.”

“Fine, then. I’m Wayne. I don’t got no personal office. You want private… we could talk in the refrigerator. It’s a walk-in fridge, just got ‘er installed last week.”

“That would be perfect,” said Mark. We followed Wayne back into the kitchen, which was surprisingly clean. He opened the large, steel door of the fridge and shouted out to the cooks, “HEY – WE’S GOT A PRIVATE DISCUSSION TO HAVE. STAY OUTTA HERE FOR A FEW MINUTES.”

The three cooks murmured and nodded, not paying much attention to their boss. We all entered the refrigerator, and Wayne shut the door behind us and turned on the light. My nipples immediately hardened from the cold and I shivered in my skimpy dress. The light was florescent and bright. I wished Wayne had an office. A dimply lit office would befit him well.

“Do you wanna sit down on something? There’s buckets under that shelf,” he said.

“No, I don’t think that’s necessary,” replied Mark.

“So what do you want?” Wayne asked, his voice slightly irritable. He was staring directly at me though speaking to Mark.

“Well, I’ve got a bit of a problem,” Mark began. “This young lady is on a date with me. She’s been a bit naughty. I want to give her a spanking, but I’m just too far from home to spank her in private. I know this is a really strange request, but would you mind if we spank her here?”

My jaw dropped open. I couldn’t believe these words were flowing so easily out of Mark’s mouth.

“Well I’ll be goddamned,” said Wayne. I looked at him, wondering if he would kick us out immediately. “You sure you ain’t a cop?” he asked.

“I’m not a cop,” said Mark.

“And her neither?” he asked, leering at me.

“She’s a waitress.”

“Yeah, figures,” said Wayne. “I got half a mind to spank some of the waitresses here, spillin’ every damned thing and takin’ thirty minute cigarette breaks. Like they’re queens or somethin’, right?”

“That’s exactly right,” said Mark.

“Well, you wanna spank her in this here ‘frigerator, well you can go right ahead. Only thing is I get to watch.”

My stomach turned over and I looked at Mark, desperately wanting him to take me away from this terrible situation. He looked back at me and smiled slyly.

“Actually,” Mark said, “if you don’t mind, I think it would do her good to get a spanking from you.”

Wayne looked at Mark, then at me, and back to Mark. A broad smile formed across his face. “Well I’ll be goddamned,” he said again. “This day sure is turnin’ around. I had my best cook quit this mornin’, and the wife’s all angry at me about somethin’ stupid or other. If it wouldn’t suit me to spank your pretty little girlfriend, I dunno what would. Goddamn.”

“All right then. Do you mind doing it here?” Mark asked.

“I don’t mind one tiny lil’ bit,” said Wayne.

“Very good. Darling, please take your dress off and bend over. You can rest your hands on your knees.”

In spite of the cool temperature of the refrigerator I could feel my cheeks burning with shame. I pulled my dress off and handed it to Mark. Then I turned towards the walls behind us and bent over. My mind was spinning with the humiliation of being so exposed to this stranger. The only comfort I felt was that I knew I’d never see this man again.

Wayne let out a long, low whistle. “Boy, does your girl have a nice ass.”

“She does… but she definitely needs it reddened on occasion. It helps to keep her in line,” Mark explained. “Have you spanked a girl before, Wayne?”

“Well not just like this, that’s for sure. I’s smacked my wife good and hard on the ass once in awhile, but only when I’m screwin’ her,” he said.

“OK. Go on and give this naughty girl a few spanks,” Mark said. I cringed, dreading this man touching me more than the pain of the spanking to come. Two astonishingly light spanks fell on my ass, followed by a quick grope of both of my ass and then two more light spanks.

“Here,” said Mark. I looked up to see him holding his hand cupped a little for Wayne, demonstrating. “Try it like this.”


“Ow!” I cried as Mark spanked me hard.

Wayne let out another low whistle. “Well I’ll be damned,” he said.

“Just give her a few like that, and then rub her butt for awhile. Then a few more, and so on,” Mark said helpfully. I shot a glare back at him and he grinned at me.

Wayne was a quick student and did just as Mark said, alternating firm smacks on my ass with copious amounts of rubbing and groping. I was cold and ashamed and wanted nothing more than for this punishment to be over. The heat of the spanking only relieved the cold feeling on my ass. I shivered from both the pain and the chill and I couldn’t tell the difference between the two sensations.

“I think that’s pretty good, Wayne,” Mark finally said. I breathed deeply with a rush of relief. “Stand up and thank him, darling.”

I stood up and turned around, debating whether I should cover my tits or my bare cunt from Wayne’s creepy eyes. I tried to cover both, using my left hand and arm to conceal my breasts and my right hand to hide my pussy. I looked up at Mark and saw his eyebrows furrowing. He shook his head and I sighed, placing my hands at my sides. He wanted to show me off to this man.

“Thank you, Wayne, for spanking me,” I said.

“You sure are welcome, girl,” Wayne replied. “Hell, I’ll spank you anytime.”

“Here’s your dress, put it on now,” said Mark.

As fast as I could, I put on the dress and pulled it as far down over my butt as I could.

“We’re going to grab a bite to eat here, Wayne. Anything on your menu that you recommend we try?” asked Mark.

Wayne opened the door and I nearly ran out to the kitchen. I was cold. All three of the people working in the kitchen looked up at us when we left the walk-in refrigerator. Had they heard anything? Had they heard everything?

I barely listened as Wayne droned on and on about the food. He led us back to a corner booth in the front of the restaurant and handed us both laminated menus. There were windows all around us, brightly lighting our table.

“Well it was sure nice meetin’ you both. What did you say your names are?”

“I’m Steven,” said Mark quickly. “And this is Kate.”

“All right. You two enjoy your meal. Ya’lls welcome back, anytime.” Wayne paused before leaving us, taking a few inappropriate seconds to look at me. I shrunk down into the booth.

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Sexy Labor Day (Part 3)

Continued from Sexy Labor Day (Part 2)

Just join us? Head on over to Sexy Labor Day (Part 1)

Clothes were starting to fall off the subs, and those who remained dressed were definitely not dressed for the main public. Prince was decked out in a leather thong, and King was wearing a tight black shirt and leather pants. I knew they weren’t attracted to women but god sometimes I wished they were.

Tonya was wearing a tight see-through tank top. She bounced over to me when she saw I was free to chat and gave me a hug.

“Congratulations on the book,” she said. “I read most of it with Richard… it gave us some fun ideas.”

“Good!” I said, happy to hear this. We chatted for awhile, watching our friends interact around us. It’s always oddly surreal to have a conversation about something normal (in this case, the gardens in our backyard) while watching people engage sexually.

I heard clinking of glasses and saw N standing, getting everyone’s attention.

“Welcome back, friends!” he said. “Please help yourselves to food and beverages. I’ll start grilling in a couple of hours, but until then there are plenty of snacks to enjoy. As you all know, you’re free to have my slave get you anything you need. Are any other slaves available for this today?”

Amy, Pam, and Prince were promptly volunteered.

“And for those that brought special gifts for Sadey, you’re welcome to have her open them whenever you’d like. Syd, when will the birthday spanking happen?”

I blushed and fidgeted a bit. I’m used to being naked in front of people, but having direct attention on me always makes me incredibly nervous.

N, of course, knows this. He was watching me, enjoying my discomfort.

“How about just before we eat? You tell me when,” said Syd.

“OK – Sadey’s birthday spanking will be given to her by Syd at two o’clock. And it goes without saying that you’re all welcome to give her some birthday spankings before then as well. Just keep in mind she’s going to be getting a beating. Go easy on her ass.”

Amy told me later that my face was cherry red at this point. But, my embarrassment soon gave way to nervousness when Tonya handed me her empty glass.

“Why don’t you get me a refill? Ask Richard if he’d like anything, too.” she said. Her smile was small and her look was firm. “I’ll go get our gift for you. Meet us at the rig.”

The rig is simply a metal, upside down U that was set in the ground using concrete. It’s nine feet tall and, when we’re having special company, N usually puts hooks in place at various intervals. For the vanilla folks who bother to inquire about it, we call it a horse holder. N finds this lie completely hilarious, since we do not have horses and even if we did, we wouldn’t use the rig for animals.

No, the rig is only for the humans. N had put a few pieces of rope by it this morning in anticipation of it being put to use.

Richard requested a glass of water and I obliged. I met them at the rig with their drinks. Tonya held a long, thin box towards me.

“Happy Birthday,” she said.

I opened it slowly. Inside was a black flogger.

“It’s beautiful,” I said softly, picking it up to feel the weight in my hand. The strands were leather and very soft. From my basic experience with floggers, I knew this one could range from sensual to painful, depending on who was using it.

“It’s one of our favorites,” Richard said. “I asked N if you had this one… when he said no, we ordered it for you guys immediately.”

“Wow,” I said. They have good taste, and I knew this flogger had to have been expensive. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome, Sadey,” said Tonya. “Want to try it out?”

I nodded.

Richard gently tied rope around my hands, then hooked the rope through the top of the U so my arms were both reaching up towards the sky. He pulled me up further until I was just barely able to touch my heels to the ground.

I looked up and saw that most of the group had migrated to watch me be flogged. I felt goosebumps on my skin though I didn’t feel cold at all. Tonya held the flogger in her hands and began guiding the tails along my stomach, then my back, letting me feel the soft touch of the leather.

The first strokes landed on my back. I gasped softly with each one before I fell into her rhythm and began to anticipate when I would feel the kiss of the flogger. She was flogging me lightly and I pushed myself into her strokes, the masochist in me so turned on and wanting more.

Richard took his turn after awhile and moved to my front. Before he began he felt my pussy and whispered into my ear what I already knew: “You’re very wet.”

His strokes started soft but quickly grew harder, making me moan in pain. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations, wanting to absorb every feeling I was getting from this new toy. When I opened my eyes I saw that Stewart was standing behind Amy, holding her tight and fingering her while they watched.

Richard slowed down and went back to a gentle flogging before stopping completely. He released me from the U, hugged me, and whispered, “Do you mind if others use this toy today?”

“Of course not,” I whispered back. “Amy should be next.”

I winked at Amy as I walked back towards the house. N caught up to me.

“That was hot,” he said, grabbing my hand.

“Yeah… sir…” I said hesitantly, not wanting to say what I was thinking.

“How badly do you want to cum right now?” he asked, reading my mind.

“SO badly!”

“Lay down then, make yourself cum,” he said, stopping in the middle of the yard.

I looked at him to see if he was serious. He definitely was. Sighing, and hoping there weren’t many bugs on the grass, I lay down at his feet and started rubbing my clit. I was so wet that I knew this wouldn’t take long.

N put his booted foot on my naked chest and pressed down on me lightly. He’d never done that to me before, but for some reason it just pushed me over the edge and I came hard, crying out loudly as my whole body shook.

He gave me a few seconds to rest and then held his hand down to help me up.

“Let’s go chat with Angie and David. I haven’t had a chance to catch up with them, and they’re the only ones not at the flogging show.”

… continued in Sexy Labor Day (Part 4)


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