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A day in the gardens

I dislike gardening. Except the harvesting part (aka the fun part). Therefore, N is left with the sweat inducing back-breaking labor of planting, weeding, and tending our acre or so of gardens.

Today, he made me join him. Meh. I whined a bit, but he assured me it was just to keep him company. My hands wouldn’t get very dirty.

I begrudgingly pulled on my overalls and boots and walked outside to meet him. He was rummaging around our garden shed. When he heard me approach, he turned around.

N wore a huge grin on his face.

This was not a good sign.

“Take off your clothes, Sade. I bought you a new gardening outfit!”

In one hand, N held a ridiculously frilly little half-apron. Lace rimmed the edges. Pink, with pale yellow polka-dots.

In the other hand, he held a sun-hat with a humongous rim.

I rolled my eyes and began undressing. “This is totally impractical,” I commented.

“Nah, it’s fun! I need eye candy while I work, or it can get kinda boring. Hurry up, hurry up!”

He helped me tie the apron around my waist and I put the hat on my head. Otherwise, I was completely naked. This is one of the many advantages (or, in some cases, dis-advantages) of living in the country. There are no pesky neighbors to complain about young women gardening nearly nude in their backyards. As long as we’re behind the house, no one can see us from the road.

So, I spent my morning on my knees weeding gardens with N. He loved it. 🙂 I didn’t mind it much. Which is good, since there is so much work to do, N can’t possible get it all done on his own… and being naked actually made it kinda fun. And led to some very… erm, dirty sex.

😉 Happy weekend everyone!

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Pet peeves

N has a super annoying habit of using a new glass for every single beverage he has over the course of the day. I spent a good hour yesterday morning picking up glasses half-filled with water, coffee, or tea, scattered around the house. And the yard. And the shed. And the terrace.

I believe that because N doesn’t wash the dishes, he doesn’t consider the cost of producing so many dirty glasses when he goes to get a new glass from the cupboard.

N, being a sensible person, agrees.


And, we’re compromising people. He has a water glass in all of his work areas now, just one, that I’ll wash every few days or so and replace. On my part, I’m removing about 85% of the cups from our cupboards (we are accumulators of crap we don’t need) to eliminate the feeling of surplus, which I believe is contributing to this insanely annoying habit.

Pet peeves can either be dealt with or can fester on forever.


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Last night N and I were watching our normal hour of TV before bed when he decided I was no longer allowed to talk.

Which is fine, except that N talks a lot during most shows, providing a continual string commentary and thoughts (I’m used to it – but we don’t watch TV with other people for this reason). Last night he was dead wrong about two specific things that were happening in the show and I couldn’t correct him. Arg.

I find not talking difficult. Which is strange since I’m so shy around other people. With N, I need to talk!

He found it very amusing.

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Nettles and tomatoes

In every relationship there are usually divisions of labor that are, as couples connect, defined naturally.

(And of course in some relationships there are divisions of labor that are defined very clearly by the dominant)

N and I have our things that we do or don’t do, and things we both do when we see something needs done. We both make sure the animals get fed, that there is water in the birdbath, and that everything runs smoothly on our little farmstead.

I do not plant things. I’m no good at it. I can keep animals alive, but give me a plant and I will forget about it exactly one second later. I don’t think I actually even notice the house plants we have. (Edit: I asked N about this. We do not have house plants because they are “rarely the best use of resources and time.”)

So, N takes care of making sure the beds are planted with vegetables, the fruit trees get their mulch, and so on.

And, incidentally, N does not harvest things. The limbs on our peach tree can be sagging nearly to the ground from the weight of the fruit and it will not occur to him that we can eat the fruit.

It works out well. Everyone has their strengths, and in this case our differences work out perfectly. N takes care of the planting and I collect the bounty.

This year, however, N decided to plant nettles in our tomato patch. When I saw the first leaves of the nettles form and recognized exactly what the plant was and where it is planted, I ran to find N, worried that some seeds had been mis-planted and hoping he would grab his gardening gloves and yank those suckers out.

Instead, N just shrugged and smiled. “They’re good companion plants.”


Now every day when I go to collect tomatoes for salads and sauces, I have to carefully make my way around the stupid nettles in order to avoid being stung. I write this with a stinging left thumb because this morning I just barely grazed a leaf as I grabbed a few tomatoes to mix with our eggs.

N finds it all very amusing.


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Wake-up call

This morning N woke me up in a … special way.

I was laying on my stomach and suddenly felt him throw off the blankets, straddle my back, and SMACK!

If you’ve ever been spanked in this position, you’ll know it for putting the spankee in a very vulnerable spot. You can’t reach back to block the onslaught, and if the spanker is at all stronger than you, well… you’re stuck.

N spanked me for about five minutes, all the while I cursed him and tried to wiggle away. Then, down went the panties.

“Five more minutes. Watch the clock, Sade.”

Minutes six through eight I continued to struggle, but by minute nine I was exhausted. I just lay there, whimpering, taking the spanking.

After he was done, N hopped up, grinned at me, kissed my forehead, and said, “That was for your new blog! You have something to write about today!”


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Frugal much?

This morning N decided to make another pot of coffee. Since I’m working on finishing up a huge project while simultaneously trying to crank out over 5,000 words today, I thought this was a stellar idea.

But no. N reused the coffee grounds. Why? Because “they must still have some coffee left!”

So now I am drinking a cup of coffee-colored hot water.

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