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Sexy Labor Day (Part 7)

Continued from Sexy Labor Day (Part 6)

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I awkwardly got off the bench with N’s help. My pussy felt hot and I was still sweating and breathing hard. Leaning down, I whispered, “Thanks,” into Amy’s ear as she continued to get fucked by Stewart.

Prince was in King’s control now. King strapped Prince down to the bench like an expert. When in place, King smacked his belt against his hands and everyone in the barn flinched.

“I’m going to beat Prince now,” said King. “If you don’t want to watch, you should go.”

I wanted to stay but N tugged me away. “Good luck, Prince,” I called as I was hauled away from the barn.

Most stayed but Syd followed N and I out. He walked with N while I trailed behind.

“Almost time, right?” said Syd, looking back at me and winking.

Syd and N made a show up setting up a chair for Syd to use during my birthday spanking.

“Here seems good,” said Syd.

“No, here. The sun will be so bright that people will want to watch from the shade. This way they’ll be able to see it well.”

I rolled my eyes at the two men as they planned where I would be spanked. Taking a moment to myself, I sat down and relaxed. My body was still recovering from the orgasm in the barn. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the afternoon sun on my skin.


Mistress Tracy was standing over me.

“Yes, Mistress?” I said politely.

“Come with me.”

I meekly followed her into the house. She walked purposefully towards the table where she’d placed her gift for me.

“I have two gifts for you, little slut,” she said. Her tone was slightly unfriendly. I tried to smile at her to get her to lighten up but her eyes were like two steel balls, staring at me hard.

“One of the gifts is this present. Open it now.”

I opened it carefully, willing my hands to stop shaking. We were the only people inside of the house and I knew I shouldn’t be scared of her but her demeanor was slightly frightening.

“Where’s Pam?” I asked, hoping to direct her attention elsewhere.

She did not respond.

Inside the box was a large tin of Tiger Balm. I looked at her, first with curiosity and then with fear.

“Are you going to put this on me, Mistress?” I whispered.


If you haven’t heard of Tiger Balm, the thick goo is full of menthol-like stuff that soothes sore muscles when applied to shoulders and thighs. When applied to a woman’s cunt and ass, Tiger Balm is incredibly painful.

Mistress Tracy roughly grabbed me and bent me over the couch. She played with the new butt plug while I moaned before yanking it out of my asshole and setting it aside. Using her hands she rubbed the Tiger Balm all over my pussy around the rim of my asshole.

Within seconds, my entire cunt was burning.

I tried to protest and plea for mercy but she grabbed me by my hair and told me to be quiet. She sat down on the couch and pushed me down on the floor in front of her. I couldn’t think about anything but the burning in my pussy and my ass and I did not struggle as she moved me.

“Your second gift,” Mistress Tracy continued, ignoring my distress, “is a weekend with me. N likes that you’re thinking about playing top sometimes but agrees with me that you’re in need of training. Next weekend you will come stay with Pam and I. I will use you, beat you, and make you serve me, you little slutty girl.”

I shrunk down and whimpered. The burning continued and felt terrible inside my ass. In spite of the pain my brain was still logical and I didn’t see how Mistress Tracy abusing me for a weekend would teach me how to be a domme.

She soon answered my question.

“While I use you, Sadey, I’ll talk to you about why I do things the way I do. It’ll be a free lesson. At the end of the weekend you’ll dominate Pam. Trust me that you’ll be very ready to take on the dominant role after I spend two days torturing you. I’m looking forward to it.”

I groaned as it became clear to me that my fun form of erotica ‘research’ was going to make me suffer under the cruel hands of Mistress Tracy. I didn’t like that N was giving me away for an entire weekend but I couldn’t help that it did arouse me. Playing a dominant role would be just that: play. In my core I am submissive and I would serve Mistress Tracy as best I could.

She got up and patted her thigh. “Crawl after me outside. I think it’s time for your spanking.”

My cunt and asshole were burning and I whimpered as I crawled after her. She turned around and told me to be quiet on two different occasions. By the time we were outside the burning subsided slightly making me uncontrollably aroused. I felt tortured in so many ways.

The pain, the humiliation, and the continuous sensations that poured through my cunt…

I was ready for anything.

Syd had arranged his large, straight back chair in front of the eating tables. He stood near N, who was chatting with Stewart. Amy was at their feet. All of the others had seated themselves on a bench facing the chair. I found Prince, the poor thing. He was kneeling by King’s feet and I saw that his cock was rock hard and a cock ring sat at the base. He had his knees spread wide and it was clear King wanted to show him off. He caught me staring and his face turned red.

I grinned and imagined dominating him. I’d be terrible at it. Perhaps lessons with Mistress Tracy were a good idea.

The burning had become manageable and I crawled with what grace I could to kneel at Syd’s feet near Amy. She looked satiated and very happy. I gave her a quick peck on the cheek and she winked at me.

“Sadey, are you ready?” N asked.

“Yes, sir.”

Syd strode to the chair and from behind it pulled out a wrapped gift. He handed it to me and I opened it, slightly scared but more turned on than anything else. To be honest, I couldn’t wait to be over Syd’s knees. His strength and massiveness was such a different thing to me and a huge turn on.

Inside the box was a large paddle. I took it in my hands and guessed (correctly, it turns out) it to be walnut. It felt heavier than it looked. It was smooth, oval shaped, and about twice the size of my hand.

“If you’re very good,” Syd said, “I’ll spank you with it.”

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Sexy Labor Day (Part 6)

Continued from Sexy Labor Day (Part 5)

Just joining us? Head on over to Sexy Labor Day (Part 1)

The barn was dark but enough light poured in to the two dusty windows that I knew my body was well lit as I draped over the wooden spanking bench.

King and Prince added convenient padding in important areas and, as I got settled, I was surprised that the bench is extremely comfortable.

As I extended my thoughts verbally to King, hoping he’d appreciate the complement, he said, “Shut up, Sadey. I know what we make is well-made. I’m glad you like it. But shut up.”

I swallowed and clamped my mouth shut, not used to being treated like a submissive by King. N and I have a variety of friends who are either hetero-flexible, bi, or gay – and King is gay. Gay to the degree that, during one costume party I was at he smirked at my maid outfit and said, “It would look hot. If it were on a guy.”

My mind raced as I processed this. Had he ever hit a woman before? I’d seen him beat Prince on a few occasions and I did not want him to treat my ass the same way he treated his male slave.

I yelped loudly when I heard King yank his belt out from his pants and looked back at him with fear. “Your belt, King? Really?” I said.

“Sadey, SHUT UP!” he said. He was grinning and I heard N laughing too. I relaxed. This was more for fun than anything else. I caught a glimpse of Prince’s expression, though, and he looked scared.

Really scared.

I realized he was fearing his impending beating more than being afraid for my welfare.

King gave me light to firm smacks with his belt while he pointed out the various features of his hand-crafted spanking bench. He placed my hands on the handles below my torso and at level with my torso. He waved N over to show him how to adjust both my knees and my chest to make my ass have varying degrees of tautness. I blushed as he demonstrated how to separate my knees to an uncomfortable degree and I knew everyone there could see my pussy. I stared forward, not wanting to count how many of our guests had migrated to watch this display. From the voices and laughter, my sad guess was that all of my friends were watching.

“If you want to bind her, this metal here is secured tight,” King was saying to N as they both examined the bench together.

I ignored them and tried to ignore the fact that my legs were spread. I carefully dared to look behind me and saw that, indeed, everyone in the entire group had gathered to watch this spectacle. Groaning loudly I turned back around.

I felt him beside me before I heard his voice. Stewart.

“Sadey, don’t you want to use your coupon now? Your pussy is so wet, we can all tell. And it’s very accessible.”

Stewart wanted me to use Amy’s services to lick my cunt until I came. I was caught in between my sub-side of wanting to please Stewart and my domme-ideas of having Amy lick my cunt in a place where I could use my hands to shove her face into my pussy or dictate the position she should have.

I thought for awhile before nodding. “OK.”

“Tell her,” he said. He motioned to Amy and she crawled over.

“Amy,” I said, “did you see how wet my pussy is?”

She nodded.

“Do you want to lick me until I cum?”

Again, she nodded.

“In front of everyone?”


“Lick my cunt, Amy,” I said.

Her hands gently gripped my legs as she crouched behind me. She moved slowly, purposefully. I’d only been eaten once before by another woman and my heart was beating hard as she centered her attention on my trembling pussy.

It was a weird combination of nervousness and excitement. Not to mention being fully exposed to ten of my friends. I closed my mind and tried to block out the audience while Amy began to lick.

She was good, and I was very horny. Before long her attention to my clit started really working and I was getting close to cumming. N came up to stand beside me. He stroked my hair and I looked up at him.

“Let me,” I whispered, licking my lips.

N is very smart and knew exactly what I meant. He unzipped his khakis and pulled out his dick. He was only semi-hard and I looked up at him quizzically.

“How are you not totally hard, watching this?” I asked.

He laughed. “Shut up and suck.”

I took him in my mouth and felt him grow. I love the feeling of him getting hard inside of me. Amy was still working hard and I was too, both on sucking N’s cock and trying to delay my orgasm so I could cum with him.

I took a break to tell Amy that and she replied, “It’s OK, I’m having fun.”

I giggled. Now I barely cared who was watching. My world was just Amy and N. Until I heard Syd say, “Stewart, you should fuck Amy. Then the picture would be complete.”

I laughed out loud and was having fun. Amy moaned against my pussy and I knew Stewart had gladly taken Syd’s advice. She was licking harder and fuck, I was so close.

“Please fuck me, N,” I said. I needed him to fuck my mouth. For some reason when N is forceful with his cock in my face it puts me into an incredibly submissive state of mind.

He didn’t need me to ask twice and in an instant his cock was slamming into my mouth. He had his hands in my hair and I just tried to relax while he fucked my face.

I guessed Amy had three fingers in my pussy and her lips were kissing, nibbling, and licking my clit. All at once her gift to me – the coupons that would allow me to feel her again and again – plus the spanking bench, plus the butt plug, plus the face-fucking – all of this coursed through me and I came hard, screaming around N’s cock.

My screams pushed N to orgasm and he came in my mouth.

Sweating over the spanking bench, cum dripping out of my mouth, I smiled. This Labor Day was going down in history.

… continued at Sexy Labor Day (Part 7)


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Sexy Labor Day (Part 2)

Continued from Sexy Labor Day (Part 1)

N had me wear my small yellow sundress. The fabric is thin and soft. The end of the dress falls just below my butt, and the top is low cut. Any bending of any kind would become a fairly explicit show for anyone watching.

“No underwear, Sade. If I even need to say it.”

Our first friends arrived just a little after ten. It was Amy and Stewart. Amy and I have been friends for years, and Stewart is her new boyfriend (and Dom). I gave her a big hug – I hadn’t seen her in months. She had gone off on a Europe vacation and I’d been so busy with everything that we just never seemed to find a chance to be in the same place at the same time.

Amy handed me a wrapped box.

“Hey! I thought we said no gifts…” I protested.

You said no gifts. N send us an e-mail saying some gifts would be welcomed. Sorry, Sade,” she said, shrugging. “This was Stewart’s idea, not mine.”

She joined me in the kitchen to help me prepare some of the snacks I would set out first. I considered checking N’s outbox to see what he had sent to our friends but decided against it.

Amy filled me in on the new boyfriend and Europe while we worked. They met online and chatted for a long time before he finally convinced her to meet him in real life. Now they’ve been dating for two months. I’m happy for her – she seems quite content. And it turns out that Stewart is deliciously evil. 😉

Four friends showed up next, a bit after eleven. I greeted them all and was handed two more ‘presents’. Two of the friends were a Domme/sub couple, Mistress Tracy and Pam, who N and I play with occasionally. Even if I meet Mistress Tracy by chance at a grocery store she makes me call her ‘Mistress’ (which has proved to be quite embarrassing). She is one of the most sadistic people I’ve ever met. When she handed me the wrapped present she leaned over and whispered in my ear, “This is going to be fun, slut.”

Her comment sent my brain spinning. I knew N planned for me to be spanked by Syd, and I knew other kinky things would happen given the crowd, but I had no idea what was up his sleeve. I went to find him.

We had our backyard set up for the gathering. Since we have no neighbors and we’re fairly far back from the road, our space is very private. All our friends knew they could play as they wanted. When I walked outside I saw Amy naked, kneeling at Stewart’s feet. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

N was lighting the grill. When he saw me approach he made the hand gesture that means ‘crawl’, and I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled over to him.

“Um, sir?” I said tentatively.


“Can I ask you what you told them to bring as gifts?” I asked.

“You can.”

I rolled my eyes. “What did you tell them to bring as gifts?”

He crouched down to my side and pulled me up so I was kneeling, facing him. “I told them,” he said, “that if they wanted to bring you a birthday present, it should be something that they can use on you today.”

I swallowed hard and felt my pussy tingle a little bit when I realized he’d given them all permission to play with me. I wasn’t particularly surprised. However, on quickly reviewing the dominants that would be in attendance, I started getting a bit nervous. Even with just Mistress Tracy and Syd, I’d be in for a hell of a painful afternoon.

Other friends showed up between eleven and twelve, making us a group of thirteen people all together. Apart from Stewart, all of them have been long time friends of N and I. I loved watching as some of the subs fell into their roles, kneeling or serving their dominants openly.

When Syd arrived he found me in the kitchen preparing a cooler with beer and white wine. I was bent over, stacking the bottles around the ice, when I felt him behind me.

“Not a bad view,” he said.

I jumped up and spun around to face him. I knew I was blushing…

“Hey, Syd,” I said, smiling at him.

To reiterate, Syd is a big guy. I looked up at him and felt like a dwarf. He pulled me into a big bear hug, making me giggle when he tickled my side a bit. Then, without any warning, he pushed me over the kitchen counter and began to pepper my ass with his huge hand. I squealed and wiggled, helplessly trying to escape the assault.

When he stopped and let me up, I stood, rubbing my butt with my hands.

“That hurt,” I said, trying my best to make a pouty face.

“That, dear, was a preview,” he replied. He pointed to the cooler. “Want me to carry this outside?”


Mistress Tracy waved me over to her when I went back outside. She was chatting with N. Pam was at her feet.

“Your Master and I thought it would be nice if you and Pam serve us all some drinks,” she said. “You can serve us first.”

Pam and I scurried off to the cooler. I opened N a beer and Pam poured Mistress Tracy a glass of white wine.

“Do you know what she got me?” I whispered.

“Yeah…” she said.

“Well!?” I asked. My tone bordered on urgent.

“Not allowed to say,” she replied.

We returned to them and gave them their drinks.

“Hands up in the air,” said N, setting his beer down. He pulled my dress off of me, leaving me completely naked, save for the collar. “That’s better. Go serve the rest of our friends.”

Pam and I quickly got everyone their drinks. She spilled a little bit of wine on Syd’s shirt and was rewarded with five firm smacks to her butt.

(I asked her later if she did that on purpose. She claims she didn’t, but I’m still suspicious. Every sub wonders what it would be like to be spanked by Syd.)

I poured Pam and myself a glass of wine and we both surveyed our small crowd. In addition to the friends I’ve mentioned, there were three more couples. One, a gay D/s couple who go by (in complete seriousness) King and Prince. Along with Prince, the other sub male of the group was David, with his Domme, Angie. And then Richard and Tonya, two amazing people who both simply like kinky, open sex.

…continued in Sexy Labor Day (Part 3)


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