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Six Sentence Sunday: Two Nights With Mistress Tracy

I’ve been posting entries lately in my account of two nights with Mistress Tracy. This excerpt is from Part 6 and makes me all warm and tingly…

Pam had her shorts off in a flash and yanked mine down for me. I giggled and helped her undress me, thankful for tinted windows and the darkness of the night. She slid two fingers inside me and I groaned as she curled them just so. I reciprocated, our arms crossing each others, and found her cunt slippery and smooth like mine. Pam moaned happily as I gently pumped in and out of her and Mistress Tracy smiled at us through her review mirror.

When Mistress Tracy pulled into her garage, she ordered Pam to make me cum.

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Social Service: Six Sentence Sunday

I have received wonderful feedback regarding my second novel, Social Service. This book is a sequel to my debut novel Under Order and I’m happy that readers seem to generally enjoy it.

Here is a short snippet from Social Service. Heather, our protagonist, has gone off for a hike with Ingrid. They discuss their home, which is a kink-friendly town, and Heather learns about the ethically questionable ‘Section Seven’.

“I know it’s strange, Heather,” Ingrid said, realizing I was in shock. “The thing is, a lot of the men and women who sign on to be slaves actually really fucking like it. If they were told they could be free at any time, the whole situation would be stripped of its realism. None of them die, and Master told me the ones who are set free have never even tried to do legal damage to Rock Creek. They know what they’re signing on for when they begin their service. Like I said, different strokes for different fucking folks.”

This is my second week participating in Six Sentence Sunday and I think it’s a lot of fun!

An excerpt of Social Service is here.



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Slaves on Pertz: Six Sentence Sunday


Using her long tongue Maia darted in and out of the folds, flicking at her swollen clit. Leslie’s back arched and she tensed once again, now from pleasure instead of pain.

Taking the licking in silence proved to be more torturous than the beating. She stifled moan after moan as Maia’s cat-like tongue worked its magic. When her body started to tense and she was nearly to the edge of her orgasmic cliff, Maia said, “Scream!”, and Leslie screamed as loud as she could.

Her cries crashed through the walls of their home and out to the forested jungle where Jonna diligently worked.


A small, very small, excerpt from Slaves on Pertz, due to be released when I get around to it*. 🙂 This is for Six Sentence Sunday, a fun little meme. Read more here.


*I’m actually trying hard. Really.


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