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Heather, Ingrid, Or Someone New?

Rock Creek is on my mind. I often daydream about my kinky community. What are they up to? How’s Ingrid doing in Section Seven? Is Heather still happy with Mark and Rebecca?

I keep starting new books set in Rock Creek, but always come up short. I’ve realized why. There are a few reasons, actually.

  1. These Domestic Discipline Romances are nice, but totally throwing me off my BDSM-game. 🙂
  2. I’m writing fluffy happy stories. Rock Creek has happiness, but it’s also dark. It’s seedy. There’s corruption, there’s unfairness, and there’s manipulation. I like that there’s not always a happily-ever-after in Rock Creek.
  3. I keep starting books with new characters. New is fine, but I want to continue with Heather. Or perhaps Ingrid. I love those women, and I want to find out what happens next!

I’m going to write quick synopses of three potential books: Heather, post-Social Service. Ingrid, pre-Under Order. Ingrid, in Section Seven. One of those will be next for Rock Creek.

This lovely reader is the one who reminded me that there’s more to tell regarding Heather. Check out her review of Under Order on ‘Travel Nurse Toybox’. A snippet:

I can easily suggest this one and it’s sequel to all who are interested in or actively practicing BDSM. The sex scenes are definitely hot and the dominate/submissive relationship is an eye opener.

Reviews really help indie-authors! If you have a kink-friendly account on Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes and Noble, please be sure to review your favorite erotica!



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A Butterfly’s Joy on Under Order and Social Service

Joy from A Butterfly’s Joy (a great blog you should follow) recently wrote up some of her thoughts about Under Order and Social Service.

I got all emotional reading them, to be honest. She’s such a passionate writer. It’s an honor that she took time to share her thoughts with the world.

From her review of Under Order:

I find Miss Sadey’s book a little bit closer to the “French school” since she isn’t making kink too smooth and justified for the audience. The scenes are sexy in a brutal way. The tests are hard, and the pains are so raw.

I won’t quote directly from her review of Social Service because it contains some spoilers for those who haven’t read Under Order. But I’ll quote a little aside at the end of her review that I found particularly interesting:

Finally one comment on the Under Order. Today my thought wandered to Fifty Shades of Grey and how different my world is from it–even from the time I read it a year ago. One of the most powerful scenes in the Under Order  is when Mark beats Heather with his belt. I wonder what the Fifty fans would think about this scene–reading it in comparison with E.L. James making Ana to leave when things become real. Maybe that’s why Ana and Christian never grow up. They are Barbie dolls in that billionaire fairy-tale. We readers should know better than that.

Thank you, Joy! I’m happy we became friends on the e-mail/twitter planes of the internet. 🙂 Perhaps one day in real life too!





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Social Service: Free August 26-30

A friendly reminder that Social Service is free from today through Thursday, August 30. If you haven’t read it and you might like a BDSM story about a kinky community doing all sorts of freaky shit, head on over to Amazon and download a copy.


The giveaway for Under Order went well with one tiny, yet very important exception: I tend to get positive feedback in the form of e-mails and comments, and negative feedback in the form of reviews.

I love both kinds of feedback. Really. But part of the bummer of writing in this genre is that many folks who enjoy the books don’t have kink-friendly accounts to express their enjoyment to the world! Meh! People who hate the books are usually happy to use their ‘normal’ accounts to bash any subject that most people consider taboo.

Ah, well. The great thing is I know lots of people enjoyed Under Order, not only from personal feedback I got, but because sales for the sequel skyrocketed last week. So it is being enjoyed by many. And everything is bound to be hated by a few. Right?


Click here to download a copy of Social Service for your Kindle or Kindle App (which is also free, download here).

Spanktastic will be free August 31-September 4.

Labor Day is coming up. Just a year ago, I wrote Sexy Labor Day — one of my first attempts at kink-fantasy fiction. It’s amazing it’s just been one year. What a trip.



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Social Service: Six Sentence Sunday

I have received wonderful feedback regarding my second novel, Social Service. This book is a sequel to my debut novel Under Order and I’m happy that readers seem to generally enjoy it.

Here is a short snippet from Social Service. Heather, our protagonist, has gone off for a hike with Ingrid. They discuss their home, which is a kink-friendly town, and Heather learns about the ethically questionable ‘Section Seven’.

“I know it’s strange, Heather,” Ingrid said, realizing I was in shock. “The thing is, a lot of the men and women who sign on to be slaves actually really fucking like it. If they were told they could be free at any time, the whole situation would be stripped of its realism. None of them die, and Master told me the ones who are set free have never even tried to do legal damage to Rock Creek. They know what they’re signing on for when they begin their service. Like I said, different strokes for different fucking folks.”

This is my second week participating in Six Sentence Sunday and I think it’s a lot of fun!

An excerpt of Social Service is here.



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Social Service: Free on Amazon.com

Today you can download a copy of my erotic novel, Social Service, for free on Amazon.com!

Social Service is the sequel to my debut novel, Under Order. 

This story is about Heather Green’s first six weeks with a kink-friendly community and with her owners.

She is introduced, she is shared, and she feels more owned than ever.

Meanwhile, the community is preparing for Saturnalia, an annual event where the Masters and slaves switch places for a day. What will happen when everything turns upside down?

While this is a sequel book, it is not necessary to have read Under Order to enjoy Social Service.


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Under Order: Print Edition Released!

Under Order is now available in print!

And, as always, it’s available for the Kindle as well.

Under Order is a novel about a young woman’s discovery of submission and of a kink-friendly community. It’s fun, a little bit twisted, and very sexy. 🙂

And if you’re on Amazon this Sunday (tomorrow!), you can download a free copy of the sequel to Under Order: Social Service.

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