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No! Not *that*!

Yesterday I sent out Odyssey for Passion to my lovely team of amazing readers who offer feedback, insight, and general thoughts about the crazy stuff I write.

The time after clicking ‘send’ and waiting for feedback is slightly nerve-wracking, but it’s worth the wait. With the help of beta-readers, I’ve avoided silly errors (like having someone order a salad and later be eating a cheeseburger). I’ve changed endings (from a comment that said, ‘Well, the story was fine… but that ending was really weak). And, check this out: I avoided having a main character commit a huge fashion faux pas. David, from Under His Roof, was almost arrested by the Fashion Police for doing the unspeakable, the unthinkable!

Socks with sandals. This is an exact quote from a very observant reader:

When Rachel arrived David was sitting on the porch and he was wearing socks. When they return from their walk he kicks off his sandals…
Please tell me he wasn’t wearing socks with sandals!!!?!


I just googled ‘Socks with Sandals’ for fun. So glad I did. Please watch this video:


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