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Spanking in Popular Media

it is everywhere.

I did some ‘research’ this morning (while listening to Baptist sermons) on spanking in pop culture. Odd morning.

By the way, Baptists are dicks. According to this dude I was listening to, those Islam people are having kids all over the place (while Western Christians are not, which is outrageous); men are the heads of all households and are, like Jesus, the providers and protectors while women are there to assist–even in instances where the men are weaker, less intelligent, or financial losers; gay people getting married is something the world is okay with, but the world doesn’t know anything and we must fight to defeat the heathens; and young people need to stop this ‘dating’ nonsense because it’s outlandish and dangerous to our moral framework as God’s soldiers.
(A reader pointed out that the above might be misinterpreted to be my wording; I have no problem with people who date those who aren’t well off, and would never call people financial losers. Actual phrasing taken from the sermon I listened to.)

Back to spanking. Here’s my favorite clip from today:

I need to watch that show.


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Taking His Hand

Taking His HandI’m excited to announce that Taking His Hand is available for the Amazon Kindle!

This is the second book in the Under His Roof series. Here’s the blurb:

David and Rachel continue along their exploration in domestic discipline.

David, a professional disciplinarian, spanks women for a living. After Rachel, his newest client, came to see him, he couldn’t take his mind off of her. She’s smart, pretty, and very submissive.

Rachel, too, had feelings for David. When he asked her to dinner, she readily accepted. But as she got to know him outside of the professional setting, it was clear that spankings would play an important role in any relationship they had.

Which, however odd it made her feel initially, was a comfortable idea.

Taking His Hand is a domestic discipline novella.

To celebrate, Under His Roof, the first book in the series, is available FREE on Amazon today through Sunday! If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, head on over and download it.

Free is a very good price.



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Two Nights With Mistress Tracy (Part 5)

Continued from Two Nights With Mistress Tracy (Part 4)

Just joining us? Go to the beginning: Two Nights With Mistress Tracy (Part 1)

“Rinse yourself off, then come join me. I want to slap you around a little while your skin is nice and wet.”

I rinsed quickly, nervous about the impending pain. Mistress Tracy is known for her sadism. I met her back in her bedroom and she pointed to the bed.

“Lay down on your stomach. Spread eagle, arms and legs out.”

The sound of me gulping was loud in the otherwise silent room. In the time it had taken me to rinse off, Mistress Tracy had dressed herself in her bright red robe and pulled her wet hair back into a tight ponytail. She looked calm. Peaceful. Like she was in a special mental space.

This filled me with great concern.

I placed myself onto the bed, the cover dampening quickly from my dripping wet skin. I kept my eyes on her as I spread my limbs wide, exposing myself to whatever evil plan she’d dreamed up.

She gave me a long, hard stare before bending down and picking up a long, flexible rubber paddle that I’d failed to notice before.

“I’ll stay clear of your thighs for now, provided you take this spanking well,” she said, trailing the tip of the paddle along the spine of my back.

I was trembling and incredibly nervous. The paddle looked severe and I knew Mistress Tracy loves to hurt. “Please, Mistress,” I whispered. “I’ll be good.”

“I know you’ll be good,” she said, smiling down at me. “Count for me, Sadey.”

The first crack of the paddle against my wet flesh was fucking unbelievable. The sound filled the room and a split second later pain seared through my backside. “Holy shit!” I gasped.

“Watch your mouth. Didn’t I tell you that at the store?” She looked amused, but her tone was still strict.

“Sorry, Mistress Tracy.”

“Do you need to have your mouth washed out with soap?”

“No! No, Mistress Tracy.”

“Good. Then shut up and take your spanking like a good girl. Weren’t you supposed to count?”

I knew I was screwing up but my brain was totally gone at that moment. I didn’t know what I was counting to which was a mind fuck in and of itself. That, and I swear like a sailor when I’m being beaten and didn’t know if I could keep my mouth shut. I was sure that if I swore again she would be lathering my mouth with soap, and I didn’t want that to happen.

I took three deep breaths and looked back up at Mistress Tracy. “One,” I whispered.

“Good girl,” she said, raising her arm in the air and bringing the paddle back down against my flesh.

“Oh!” I gasped. It stung so badly! I couldn’t believe what she was doing. At that moment I thought of Nate, and how he would never spank me so hard without warming me up. But then I also thought of him, at his conference, and I imagined he was day dreaming of me. In the hands of Mistress Tracy. I told myself to be good, if only for his sake (and certainly not for mine). “Two,” I said.

She spanked me seven times, hard, and then helped me up and showed me the striking red lines across my butt. I was teary eyed and my mind was a mess but I was still able to process that those were some pretty amazing looking marks.

“Thank you, Mistress Tracy,” I whispered, looking into her eyes through the mirror.

Her expression softened and she smiled. “You’re welcome. Now let’s dress you up for dinner.”

It was odd being her toy. She was clearly loving it and she touched me whenever she could, wherever she could. As we walked to Pam’s closet to get a waitress uniform, she slid her hand in between my legs and I yelped and giggled at the intrusion. At the closet doors, she pushed me against the wall and pinched my nipples hard, twisting them until I begged her to stop.

I was hers to use. This had never happened to me before. Nate and I play with others on occasion, and I’ll usually be told to obey any of the dominants (unless we’re switching things around, which is rare), but we’ve never done anything like this. He’d never lent me to someone to use.

Which is a testament of the respect Nate has for Mistress Tracy. He wouldn’t lend me to just anyone.

She pulled out one of Pam’s uniforms and dressed me up. Pam is slightly smaller than me so the outfit was just a little tight which made Mistress Tracy smile. “Your breasts might fall out of this,” she said, testing the breast-line hem of the halter top with her fingers.

The shorts were absolutely dreadful. They were super tight and were skimpier than a lot of my panties. Mistress Tracy wouldn’t allow me to wear underwear with them so the lines of my pussy lips showed clearly through the fabric. My bottom hung out of the shorts and I could just make out some of the red marks from the paddle.

Wearing the outfit in public would be humiliating.

“Are you really going to ask Pam’s boss to let me work with her?” I whispered, looking at my reflection in wonder. If I thought I looked like a whore earlier, I had been mistaken. This was over the top tramp-wear.

“Of course. I invited Syd to join us.”

“Oh, Jesus,” I muttered. Syd is our enormous friend who is only in town on occasion. He happened to be the one who delivered my birthday spankings last September. I was happy to see him but knew that Mistress Tracy and Syd together was not a good combination.

The drive to the restaurant was twenty minutes, during which Mistress Tracy ordered me to the backseat of her car and told me to masterbate. I found my cunt was slick with my juices already. I thought about the upcoming evening as she drove, knowing that I might be exposing myself to strangers just like Pam does. I hoped they would be strangers, anyway.

When we walked inside the restaurant I looked down at my chest and saw my nipples were hard and pointy and very obvious through the thin black fabric of the halter top. I felt myself blush as some of the customers, mostly all male, turned to look at us.

Pam spotted us from behind the bar and waved excitedly. She grabbed the bartender, pointed at us, and the bartender—a tall, dark guy with a lot of tattoos, grinned. They both waved us over.

“You look hot, Sadey,” Pam said when we approached.


“This is Patrick. He’s managing tonight. He says it’s cool if you want to take a couple of tables.”

Patrick was staring at my chest and I looked down and saw my left breast had slipped up and part of my aureola was visible. I blushed deeper and adjusted my top. Trying to recover, I took a deep breath and said, “Nice to meet you Patrick.”

“You too. Sadey, right?”

I nodded.

“Come on. I’ll show you what to do.”

 continued at Two Nights With Mistress Tracy (Part 6)


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Sexy Labor Day (Part 7)

Continued from Sexy Labor Day (Part 6)

Just joining us? Head on over to Sexy Labor Day (Part 1)

I awkwardly got off the bench with N’s help. My pussy felt hot and I was still sweating and breathing hard. Leaning down, I whispered, “Thanks,” into Amy’s ear as she continued to get fucked by Stewart.

Prince was in King’s control now. King strapped Prince down to the bench like an expert. When in place, King smacked his belt against his hands and everyone in the barn flinched.

“I’m going to beat Prince now,” said King. “If you don’t want to watch, you should go.”

I wanted to stay but N tugged me away. “Good luck, Prince,” I called as I was hauled away from the barn.

Most stayed but Syd followed N and I out. He walked with N while I trailed behind.

“Almost time, right?” said Syd, looking back at me and winking.

Syd and N made a show up setting up a chair for Syd to use during my birthday spanking.

“Here seems good,” said Syd.

“No, here. The sun will be so bright that people will want to watch from the shade. This way they’ll be able to see it well.”

I rolled my eyes at the two men as they planned where I would be spanked. Taking a moment to myself, I sat down and relaxed. My body was still recovering from the orgasm in the barn. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the afternoon sun on my skin.


Mistress Tracy was standing over me.

“Yes, Mistress?” I said politely.

“Come with me.”

I meekly followed her into the house. She walked purposefully towards the table where she’d placed her gift for me.

“I have two gifts for you, little slut,” she said. Her tone was slightly unfriendly. I tried to smile at her to get her to lighten up but her eyes were like two steel balls, staring at me hard.

“One of the gifts is this present. Open it now.”

I opened it carefully, willing my hands to stop shaking. We were the only people inside of the house and I knew I shouldn’t be scared of her but her demeanor was slightly frightening.

“Where’s Pam?” I asked, hoping to direct her attention elsewhere.

She did not respond.

Inside the box was a large tin of Tiger Balm. I looked at her, first with curiosity and then with fear.

“Are you going to put this on me, Mistress?” I whispered.


If you haven’t heard of Tiger Balm, the thick goo is full of menthol-like stuff that soothes sore muscles when applied to shoulders and thighs. When applied to a woman’s cunt and ass, Tiger Balm is incredibly painful.

Mistress Tracy roughly grabbed me and bent me over the couch. She played with the new butt plug while I moaned before yanking it out of my asshole and setting it aside. Using her hands she rubbed the Tiger Balm all over my pussy around the rim of my asshole.

Within seconds, my entire cunt was burning.

I tried to protest and plea for mercy but she grabbed me by my hair and told me to be quiet. She sat down on the couch and pushed me down on the floor in front of her. I couldn’t think about anything but the burning in my pussy and my ass and I did not struggle as she moved me.

“Your second gift,” Mistress Tracy continued, ignoring my distress, “is a weekend with me. N likes that you’re thinking about playing top sometimes but agrees with me that you’re in need of training. Next weekend you will come stay with Pam and I. I will use you, beat you, and make you serve me, you little slutty girl.”

I shrunk down and whimpered. The burning continued and felt terrible inside my ass. In spite of the pain my brain was still logical and I didn’t see how Mistress Tracy abusing me for a weekend would teach me how to be a domme.

She soon answered my question.

“While I use you, Sadey, I’ll talk to you about why I do things the way I do. It’ll be a free lesson. At the end of the weekend you’ll dominate Pam. Trust me that you’ll be very ready to take on the dominant role after I spend two days torturing you. I’m looking forward to it.”

I groaned as it became clear to me that my fun form of erotica ‘research’ was going to make me suffer under the cruel hands of Mistress Tracy. I didn’t like that N was giving me away for an entire weekend but I couldn’t help that it did arouse me. Playing a dominant role would be just that: play. In my core I am submissive and I would serve Mistress Tracy as best I could.

She got up and patted her thigh. “Crawl after me outside. I think it’s time for your spanking.”

My cunt and asshole were burning and I whimpered as I crawled after her. She turned around and told me to be quiet on two different occasions. By the time we were outside the burning subsided slightly making me uncontrollably aroused. I felt tortured in so many ways.

The pain, the humiliation, and the continuous sensations that poured through my cunt…

I was ready for anything.

Syd had arranged his large, straight back chair in front of the eating tables. He stood near N, who was chatting with Stewart. Amy was at their feet. All of the others had seated themselves on a bench facing the chair. I found Prince, the poor thing. He was kneeling by King’s feet and I saw that his cock was rock hard and a cock ring sat at the base. He had his knees spread wide and it was clear King wanted to show him off. He caught me staring and his face turned red.

I grinned and imagined dominating him. I’d be terrible at it. Perhaps lessons with Mistress Tracy were a good idea.

The burning had become manageable and I crawled with what grace I could to kneel at Syd’s feet near Amy. She looked satiated and very happy. I gave her a quick peck on the cheek and she winked at me.

“Sadey, are you ready?” N asked.

“Yes, sir.”

Syd strode to the chair and from behind it pulled out a wrapped gift. He handed it to me and I opened it, slightly scared but more turned on than anything else. To be honest, I couldn’t wait to be over Syd’s knees. His strength and massiveness was such a different thing to me and a huge turn on.

Inside the box was a large paddle. I took it in my hands and guessed (correctly, it turns out) it to be walnut. It felt heavier than it looked. It was smooth, oval shaped, and about twice the size of my hand.

“If you’re very good,” Syd said, “I’ll spank you with it.”

… Click to read the finale, Sexy Labor Day (Part 8)


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Excerpt from Under Order: A Dirty Chill

Like a total doof, I posted a chapter from my latest novel in pretty much every forum except my own blog. Oops.

Here you go!

M/f, MM/f, humiliation, spanking, punishment

Heather Green is a young workaholic lawyer with no time for a relationship. Until she meets Mark. Mark’s dominance, his commands, and his expectations soon lead Heather down a path she never dreamed possible. As Mark and Heather grow to know one another, Heather learns pieces of the lifestyle Mark is leading her towards. Will a BDSM intentional community make a slave free?


The walk went quickly. Ralph’s was just a block from my apartment. All of my work to disguise myself was for nothing; hardly anyone was outside.

Mark was dressed very casually in old blue jeans and a black t-shirt. Instead of his usual BMW, he had a brown, dented Honda. He kissed me when I arrived, then stood back to look at me.

“Didn’t I tell you to wear the dress and nothing more?” he asked.

“I’m not wearing anything else,” I said.

“Take off the sunglasses and the hat.”

I took them off sheepishly, knowing I hadn’t done as he had asked.

“Wait here,” he said. He went into Ralph’s and I waited impatiently. It was still very light outside and I was worried that I would see someone I knew.

Mark returned. “Follow me,” he said. He led us around to the back of the store and unlocked the men’s bathroom door. He pushed me inside and locked the door behind us.

“Bend over and put your hands on the sink, Heather.”

I looked at him, then at the sink, then back to him. “Really?” I asked. The sink didn’t appear to be very clean.

Without a word, Mark pushed me forcefully down to the sink. I used my hands to catch myself and he covered them with his. I felt his whole body around me, his strength and power so obvious. His hands were so much bigger than mine, holding me down.

“If you move these fucking hands before I’m done, you will be a very sorry little slave,” he growled softly into my ear. I shuddered under him. I was scared.

“Did you think that I wanted you to wear a little disguise along with your outfit, Heather?” he asked, standing up and positioning himself behind me.

“No,” I admitted.

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice that you disobeyed?”

“I… I didn’t know. I didn’t know if you were serious,” I said. I looked down at the sink and saw rings of mineral deposits. I decided I did not like men’s bathrooms.

“Look back at me, Heather,” he said. I looked at him and was relieved to see he had a small smile on his face. “You can rest assured, my dear, for any future commands that I give you, that I am always very serious.”

He reached to his back pocket and produced a wooden spoon. “This,” he said, “is something I usually carry when I’m going out with a slave or submissive girl. In public, it is very difficult to discretely give a naughty girl a proper punishment. But I can use this quite effectively without producing a lot of noise. As long as you keep quiet, Heather, your neighborhood shopkeeper won’t be the wiser. You may face forward now.”

I looked forward, a bit annoyed. I didn’t want to be punished. It seemed so unfair that he would spank me for a simple misunderstanding.

Mark pulled my dress up over my ass, bunching it up at my waist. He wasted no time and used the spoon to pepper my butt with a series of spanks.

I bit my lip to keep myself from crying out. It was worse then his hand, and maybe even worse then the paddle Jasmine used to spank me. It stung. I clutched the sides of the sink as hard as I could, not knowing if I would be able to keep myself from using my hands to block the blows. Before long I was hopping from foot to foot, moving my ass around to try to avoid his spanks.

He stopped and I breathed a sigh of relief. His hands grazed my skin softly. “Do you think you’ve been punished enough, Heather?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said quickly. Definitely.

“I disagree, but I prefer a change in venue. Wash your hands.”

I washed my hands thoroughly. Mark pulled my dress down and led me back out to the parking lot.

“Get in. I’ll return the bathroom key to Ralph,” he said, unlocking the door to the car.

We drove for over a half hour. I realized he was taking us to one of the sketchy parts of town. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been to this area. He pulled into street parking and gestured to a restaurant across the road. It was a diner that desperately needed new siding. On the glass door entrance was a neon ‘open’ sign.

“Do you think a lot of your colleagues go to restaurants like this?”

“Um, no,” I said.

“Or friends?”


“Or estranged Mormon relatives?” he said, looking at me and smiling.

“More likely scenario, but no. I don’t think so.”

“Good. Let’s go.”

“Like this? Here?” I asked nervously, looking down at my outfit. My dress barely covered my tits and my ass, and my boots and makeup just made the outfit over the top. In this part of town, I’d be assumed to be an actual prostitute wearing this kind of thing.

“Ah. Your hesitation reminds me that you still deserve a little more punishment. And I love embarrassing you. It’s so easy. Come on, follow me. I have an idea.”

I reluctantly followed Mark as he quickly walked across the street and into the restaurant. It was crowded, to my disappointment, and I felt the eyes of the customers on me as we entered. Mark signaled a waitress and asked to speak to the manager.

Seconds later, a man around 50 years old with a bit of a gut sauntered up to us.

“What do you want?” he grumbled, glaring at Mark and eying me with lust. He spoke with a bit of an accent that could only be described as ‘rural’. I stepped behind Mark a little bit more, trying to hide from the man’s gaze.

“Hello, sir,” Mark began, reaching out to shake the man’s hand. “Listen, I have an odd question for you. Do you have an office where we can speak privately?”

The man looked Mark up and down and asked, “Is you a cop?”

“No, sir.”

“Fine, then. I’m Wayne. I don’t got no personal office. You want private… we could talk in the refrigerator. It’s a walk-in fridge, just got ‘er installed last week.”

“That would be perfect,” said Mark. We followed Wayne back into the kitchen, which was surprisingly clean. He opened the large, steel door of the fridge and shouted out to the cooks, “HEY – WE’S GOT A PRIVATE DISCUSSION TO HAVE. STAY OUTTA HERE FOR A FEW MINUTES.”

The three cooks murmured and nodded, not paying much attention to their boss. We all entered the refrigerator, and Wayne shut the door behind us and turned on the light. My nipples immediately hardened from the cold and I shivered in my skimpy dress. The light was florescent and bright. I wished Wayne had an office. A dimply lit office would befit him well.

“Do you wanna sit down on something? There’s buckets under that shelf,” he said.

“No, I don’t think that’s necessary,” replied Mark.

“So what do you want?” Wayne asked, his voice slightly irritable. He was staring directly at me though speaking to Mark.

“Well, I’ve got a bit of a problem,” Mark began. “This young lady is on a date with me. She’s been a bit naughty. I want to give her a spanking, but I’m just too far from home to spank her in private. I know this is a really strange request, but would you mind if we spank her here?”

My jaw dropped open. I couldn’t believe these words were flowing so easily out of Mark’s mouth.

“Well I’ll be goddamned,” said Wayne. I looked at him, wondering if he would kick us out immediately. “You sure you ain’t a cop?” he asked.

“I’m not a cop,” said Mark.

“And her neither?” he asked, leering at me.

“She’s a waitress.”

“Yeah, figures,” said Wayne. “I got half a mind to spank some of the waitresses here, spillin’ every damned thing and takin’ thirty minute cigarette breaks. Like they’re queens or somethin’, right?”

“That’s exactly right,” said Mark.

“Well, you wanna spank her in this here ‘frigerator, well you can go right ahead. Only thing is I get to watch.”

My stomach turned over and I looked at Mark, desperately wanting him to take me away from this terrible situation. He looked back at me and smiled slyly.

“Actually,” Mark said, “if you don’t mind, I think it would do her good to get a spanking from you.”

Wayne looked at Mark, then at me, and back to Mark. A broad smile formed across his face. “Well I’ll be goddamned,” he said again. “This day sure is turnin’ around. I had my best cook quit this mornin’, and the wife’s all angry at me about somethin’ stupid or other. If it wouldn’t suit me to spank your pretty little girlfriend, I dunno what would. Goddamn.”

“All right then. Do you mind doing it here?” Mark asked.

“I don’t mind one tiny lil’ bit,” said Wayne.

“Very good. Darling, please take your dress off and bend over. You can rest your hands on your knees.”

In spite of the cool temperature of the refrigerator I could feel my cheeks burning with shame. I pulled my dress off and handed it to Mark. Then I turned towards the walls behind us and bent over. My mind was spinning with the humiliation of being so exposed to this stranger. The only comfort I felt was that I knew I’d never see this man again.

Wayne let out a long, low whistle. “Boy, does your girl have a nice ass.”

“She does… but she definitely needs it reddened on occasion. It helps to keep her in line,” Mark explained. “Have you spanked a girl before, Wayne?”

“Well not just like this, that’s for sure. I’s smacked my wife good and hard on the ass once in awhile, but only when I’m screwin’ her,” he said.

“OK. Go on and give this naughty girl a few spanks,” Mark said. I cringed, dreading this man touching me more than the pain of the spanking to come. Two astonishingly light spanks fell on my ass, followed by a quick grope of both of my ass and then two more light spanks.

“Here,” said Mark. I looked up to see him holding his hand cupped a little for Wayne, demonstrating. “Try it like this.”


“Ow!” I cried as Mark spanked me hard.

Wayne let out another low whistle. “Well I’ll be damned,” he said.

“Just give her a few like that, and then rub her butt for awhile. Then a few more, and so on,” Mark said helpfully. I shot a glare back at him and he grinned at me.

Wayne was a quick student and did just as Mark said, alternating firm smacks on my ass with copious amounts of rubbing and groping. I was cold and ashamed and wanted nothing more than for this punishment to be over. The heat of the spanking only relieved the cold feeling on my ass. I shivered from both the pain and the chill and I couldn’t tell the difference between the two sensations.

“I think that’s pretty good, Wayne,” Mark finally said. I breathed deeply with a rush of relief. “Stand up and thank him, darling.”

I stood up and turned around, debating whether I should cover my tits or my bare cunt from Wayne’s creepy eyes. I tried to cover both, using my left hand and arm to conceal my breasts and my right hand to hide my pussy. I looked up at Mark and saw his eyebrows furrowing. He shook his head and I sighed, placing my hands at my sides. He wanted to show me off to this man.

“Thank you, Wayne, for spanking me,” I said.

“You sure are welcome, girl,” Wayne replied. “Hell, I’ll spank you anytime.”

“Here’s your dress, put it on now,” said Mark.

As fast as I could, I put on the dress and pulled it as far down over my butt as I could.

“We’re going to grab a bite to eat here, Wayne. Anything on your menu that you recommend we try?” asked Mark.

Wayne opened the door and I nearly ran out to the kitchen. I was cold. All three of the people working in the kitchen looked up at us when we left the walk-in refrigerator. Had they heard anything? Had they heard everything?

I barely listened as Wayne droned on and on about the food. He led us back to a corner booth in the front of the restaurant and handed us both laminated menus. There were windows all around us, brightly lighting our table.

“Well it was sure nice meetin’ you both. What did you say your names are?”

“I’m Steven,” said Mark quickly. “And this is Kate.”

“All right. You two enjoy your meal. Ya’lls welcome back, anytime.” Wayne paused before leaving us, taking a few inappropriate seconds to look at me. I shrunk down into the booth.

Click to read more on Smashwords, or to buy Under Order on Amazon.com.


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Sexy Labor Day (Part 5)

Continued from Sexy Labor Day (Part 4)

Just joining us? Head on over to Sexy Labor Day (Part 1)

I excused myself to go to freshen up and took my time. Since I’m trying to explore a lot of different aspects of BDSM (research! For the books! That’s why, I swear!), I wondered if David would ever let me try to top him. I know he doesn’t like being topped by others in a group setting, and probably wouldn’t want to be topped by N or any men. But maybe if it were just Angie and I …

Back outside, the group was returning, done playing with the new flogger for the moment. N was stationed by the grill. I saw Prince pouring wine and went to help out.

He had red lines on his back. I grinned.

“Did you like the flogger?” I asked.

“Yeah!” he said enthusiastically. “That’s a really nice toy.”

I agreed and took some of the glasses from him. I followed him as he made the rounds, serving everyone a new drink.

The vibe was friendly and definitely sexy. Amy was down on her knees, naked, and looked like she was in blissful subspace by Stewart’s feet. Stewart occasionally dropped his hand down to pet her head. When I brought her a glass of wine, Stewart looked at me and casually said, “Put her wine in a bowl, please.”

Amy’s face turned red but she smiled up at him. I smiled and retrieved a tiny cat dish (note that we do not own cats). I poured her wine in the dish and set it by her knees.

“Thanks, Sade,” she said.

“Should we give her our gift now?” Stewart asked, looking down at Amy.

“Sure,” she said. She crawled to the house to find where I had placed their gift. As she crawled back as we both watched her intently. She really is a beautiful woman and crawling for her is just … natural.

She handed me the box and I looked at her suspiciously.

“Do I want to open this?” I asked her.

“I don’t think it matters if you do or not,” she coyly replied.

I nodded agreement, smiling at her, and opened the box. Then I burst out laughing. It was so cliche yet so sweet and kinky that I wanted to tackle them both with hugs and kisses.

They’d made me a coupon book. The first coupon in the stack expired that day. It read: ‘Free cunt licking from Amy.’

The rest of the coupons are a secret. I promised Amy I wouldn’t tell. But I suspect that all four of us (Stewart, N, Amy and I) will have quite a bit of fun as we make our way through all of the coupons they gave me.

I was tempted to use the expiring coupon immediately but decided to wait. I felt the twinging weirdness of domme-hood as I realized I could order Amy to her knees to lick my pussy whenever I wanted. Amy is one of my best friends and we’ve never really played together. But knowing she was probably pretty up for it, based on some of the coupons she gave me, made me extremely horny. And she knew I wanted to explore trying to top people. The fact that she would offer herself to me gave me great pleasure.

I looked down at her, and she gazed up at me – I saw sparkles in her eyes.

“I can’t wait until you lick my cunt,” I told her, doing my best to make my voice hard and stern. “But first I need help with some of the side dishes. Come with me, it’s almost time to eat.”

Amy looked to Stewart for approval and then scampered to her feet and followed closely behind me as I led her into the kitchen. We were both giggling; we were high from arousal and the alcohol. I tweaked her nipples playfully and, forgetting herself, she moaned.

Then her face turned bright red.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” I said. “Your gift is my favorite one yet. Topping you will be super fun. N and Stewart are gonna love it.”

She grinned and took the cabbage salad out of my hands. We set the salads and other sides (this was a huge feast) onto the large buffet table N had placed outside by the grill. All of my sides were vegetarian since Tracy and Pam don’t eat meat.

Here is what I made:

  • Cabbage salad – like coleslaw, but a thousand times more awesome
  • Lettuce and veggie salad tossed with creamy blue cheese dressing
  • Black bean salad
  • Chard wraps (Swiss chard blanched quickly, then wrapped over a small hunk of good cheese and steamed until the cheese melts. I toss the wraps in a spicy tomato sauce before serving.)
  • Lentils smothered in peanut sauce
  • Tomato, basil, and mozzarella stacks (If you haven’t made this, please do. Get a nice big heirloom tomato. Slice it into half inch slabs. Put a piece of cheese and a piece of basil on top, and drizzle a tiny bit of salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the whole thing. I swear that I could live on this stuff. If you add grilled eggplant to the stack you’ve got heaven on a plate.)

So Amy and I set all of the sides out carefully, covering them with plates until we would sit down to eat. As I turned after setting out the black bean salad, I ran straight into King who had placed himself by my side.

“Oof!” I said, stepping back.

“Happy birthday,” he replied. He handed me his gift.

My heart rate sped up as I slowly unwrapped the small box. Inside was a piece of paper, and I half expected that I’d received more coupons from my kinky friends. But instead, it said: ‘Treasure hunt, slutty pornographer. What cums every day but Sunday?’

I showed the clue to Amy who exclaimed: “The mail!”

We ran out to the front yard together, checking quickly to see if any cars were headed in our direction as we made our naked way to the mailbox. I flipped it open and yanked out the next clue.

Clue by clue, Amy and I ran around the yard as we figured out the treasure hunt. The last clue read: ‘Sadey is nimble, Sadey is quick …’

I shouted, “The candles! The barn!”, and Amy and I took off running towards the small barn behind the house.

(It is more of a storage shed then a barn to be completely honest.)

Inside the barn is where N and I keep a number of things, including our large supply of homemade candles. We made them two years ago and have been slowly using them when needed – for the usual stuff, like power outages or hot wax play. 😉

In the middle of the main room of the barn sat a handmade spanking bench. I whirled around to face King and Prince who, knowing I was on my last clue, had followed me to the barn.

“This is too much,” I protested. The wood alone must have cost them much more than I would consider appropriate for a birthday gift – not to mention the time it took them to put it together.

“No, it’s not too much,” said King. He stepped forward and growled right into my ear: “I may be gay, but I’m sadistic first. N promised me I can come give you a workout on this bench whenever I want. I’ll put Prince on it first, then you, then him again – I’ll just go back and forth until I’m exhausted. I know I can’t spank you too hard today, but get your little horny body over that bench so I can give you a preview.”

My jaw dropped at his words. Before now King had never expressed any interest in playing with women. Prince placed himself at King’s feet, and I saw N’s frame in the doorway. I had to obey.

… continued at Sexy Labor Day (Part 6)  …


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Sexy Labor Day (Part 4)

Continued from Sexy Labor Day (Part 3)

Just join us? Head on over to Sexy Labor Day (Part 1)

Angie and David were both fully clothed, meaning I was the only naked person sitting at the table. I tried to ignore this but I kept catching David looking at my boobs.

Angie noticed, too, and finally said to him: “David, would you like to sit here naked so that Sadey can stare at your crotch?”

David turned red. “No, Angie,” he whispered.

“Good.” She turned back to N and I tried to send a comforting, don’t-worry-about-it look to David. But he was staring down at the table and I couldn’t catch his eye.

Angie is a trained botanist, and N and her always get into long plant discussions whenever they are together. Which I find interesting for about ten minutes. Then, my brain starts to wander. I sipped my beer and thought about my kinky friends and how we all had to hide our behavior from everyone else. It’s kind of frustrating.

How did anyone meet kinky people before the internet? I always knew I was into pain and humiliation and that I wanted to be controlled. Ever since I was little, there’d always been hints of my kinky self poking out into the world. I’d re-read punishment scenes in children’s books over and over again, fascinated, wondering what it would be like to be punished. When I got old enough to understand sex, I daydreamed about being thrown down, tied up, controlled and used.

I’m kinky to my very core, but if it weren’t for the internet I would never have known there were other people out there, like me, who craved these unspeakable things. Reading stories online helped me be OK with myself and understand that I’m not alone.

And I wonder how many people hide their feelings; their submission, or their dominance, for the sake of normalcy. How many people are stuck in relationships of equality when all they want is power and control or service and submission?

As I watched Amy get flogged on the far end of the yard and saw the spectators – Pam naked at Tracy’s feet, Syd fondling Tonya while Richard did the flogging – I felt content. These are the people who I can be myself with. At this gathering, I wasn’t going to make anyone feel awkward with my sexual openness or my submission. And among these people, there was simply an understanding of acceptance. We all know David doesn’t want to submit to anyone but Angie, and we know that Richard and Tonya are open to touch but never to sex. Being aware of small boundaries makes us so much more free to have fun and play.

I shifted my mind back to N and Angie, still chattering on about some sort of mulch technique that works well for peach trees. Angie glanced in my direction and smiled.

“Sorry, we’re just boring you to death, aren’t we?” she said.

“No, no, not at all. My mind is just wandering a bit.”

“Why don’t you and David go get your present? I left it in the living room.”

“Do you know what it is?” I whispered as we went inside.

“Yeah, I picked it out,” David said. He grinned at me mischievously.

I groaned inwardly but tried not to show it. David has a huge butt fetish. I do not. I was hoping his domme had selected the gift.

He grabbed it and brushed his hand against my ass. “I wonder if Angie will let me give you a spanking,” he mused as he handed me the small box.

I shivered and quickly led us back outside.

“Go on, now. Open it,” Angie said when we returned.

I unwrapped the box carefully (yes – I’m one of those people who actually saves wrapping paper) and opened it up. Inside was a small glass butt plug, mostly clear with just a few soft, red swirls going through it. I’m not the type to be fascinated by butt plugs, but this one is actually very pretty.

“Bend over David’s lap, Sadey,” said Angie. “He wants to put it in.”

I looked at N who was sitting back and smiling.

David scooted his chair back and patted his legs. “Come on,” he said.

I bent myself over his lap, so glad that everyone else was at the rig with the new flogger. David rubbed my ass for awhile and let his fingers graze my pussy lightly, making me moan. I wiggled under his hands, knowing that seeing my ass move around on his lap would turn him on even more.

Then, he parted my ass cheeks and touched my asshole softly. I squirmed, not used to being touched there. He got his hands wet with my pussy juices and used my own wetness to lube up my ass.

I was breathing heavily, turned on by his touch and the situation. I felt the plug at my asshole, and moaned in pain as he pressed it into me. He didn’t go slowly at all, and held my waist firmly as I squirmed against his treatment.

“It looks nice in her,” he commented after he got the butt plug into place. I felt Angie’s hands on my ass and I groaned as she turned the plug around, testing it.

“All right, then. Let her up,” said Angie.

I got up and faced the three of them, me naked and humiliated and them clothed and seated. I blushed and sat down awkwardly, getting used to the feeling of the plug in my butt.

“Thank you for the gift, Angie and David,” I said quietly.

“You’re welcome,” said Angie.

… continued at Sexy Labor Day (Part 5)


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