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GTFOOHWTB: Twitter adventures continue

Last night, sleepily, before going to bed I noticed that someone had tweeted something with a weird hashtag:


So, I asked on twitter,

what the hell does #GTFOHWTBS mean?

Innocent enough. I immediately forgot about it, shut my computer and went to dreamland.

This morning, I checked my @mentions on twitter to discover that @DomSignshad mentioned me in a tweet:

@ladybugsadey Get The Fuck Out Of Here With That Bull Shit.

?! So Sad! Why would he say that? 😦

I quickly checked my recent tweets to figure out what I had said to make him angry, and realized he was just answering my question. Oops.

I’m pretty web-savvy, but social networking is kinda new to me. So the adventure continues!

Today N is taking me to ACity, the closest large city – a two hour drive. Should be both fun and a lot of work, since we usually only go to town with a huge supply list. And occasionally to meet up with friends.

Fun-Thursdays! Hoping to check out a new Lebanese restaurant! 🙂

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Horny for Twitter: #BDSM hashtags

So yesterday I followed a bunch of people on twitter that I found via fetlife, fetish blogs, and other erotic realms of the web.

Now my feed is… well… kinda making me horny. *teehee!*

This has something to do with clicking on a particular hashtag: #fucktoyfriday. Hashtags are still a bit mysterious to me though I think I’m getting the hang of it. I was wondering, though, what other hashtags exhist for bdsm related topics?

I gathered the following with about five minutes of extensive internet research:

Am I missing anything interesting?

P.s. Readers, if you’re on twitter let me know your username so I can follow you! I’m @ladybugsadey.


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Discovering hashtags

My first few days using twitter have been… educational.

Not only can I refer to an account using the @ symbol (I’m @ladybugsadey, by the way) – but I can also refer to specific topics by using a hashtag. Also known as a number sign.


So one of my tweets yesterday had to do with my current wordcount for a novel I’m working on (details soon!), and how I hadn’t quite met my goal by noon:

19920! words before noon. Too bad my goal was 20k. Hmm… maybe the author of bdsm erotica should get a #spank for missing goals! 🙂

To which someone replied:

@ladybugsadey you like a good disciplinary spanking?

!!! wow! Social networking is interesting. No wonder it’s all some people can talk about.

And, why yes I would, Mr. [Undisclosed twitter username]!

Any advice for me on twitter, facebook, and other social sites?

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So it begins!

A few weeks ago I began writing an erotic story, mostly for fun. But then a strange thing happened:

I wrote a freaking novel.

All my years of daydreaming about sex, and, erm, having sex, has made me quite the creative sex writer!

The greatest discovery I’ve had as I write this book is how I can sort of go into a meditative state and let my fingers type and my brain spill out storyline. I don’t need to stop to think very often at all. Just. Write.

So anyway, I’ve been investigating self-publishing methods and I think I’m going to try to upload versions for both the Kindle and the Nook, as well as publish on Smashwords – a really nice site that converts files so that authors don’t have to think about a whole lot except their words and stories.

Smashwords does make some helpful hints for new authors; one of which inspired me to create this blog. They say, ‘get out there, authors! Expose yourself!’

“Mmm,” I thought. “I kinda like exposing myself…”

So I made this blog and I also created a twitter account: @ladybugsadey

Let’s enjoy the ride!

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